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  1. and us retired/Ex military folks who did any demolitions calculations will remember P=Plenty (of demo!)
  2. Happy Birthday Don!

    thanks for all the birthday wishes. looking forward to the big show in June
  3. Happy Easter from the Kennells

    last picture caption: Dang it! I could make a 3 point except for this "lawn mower" in the way!!
  4. Help! First time buyer C-121

    like Richard stated: looks like Kohler replacement motor? as they were painted gray. gearshift looks like Cue ball? 36" Rear discharge deck. seat was replaced at some time. choke cable looks wankkee?!! Go buy it! it looks like a keeper for the amount they are asking! check the fluids. make sure the 8 speed tranny is not full of water. etc etc
  5. Deck id and service

    looks good. but dig into the slots for baffles. original paint? they had some baffles on some other different decks over the years. i guess they tried to improved mulching? the problem came with clippings collecting in the dead space of the baffles.
  6. Deck id and service

    obviously, re bend back the height adjuster and it looks like the main lift bar looks a bit bent too. I love my 36 RD deck, I feel it was the best cutting deck. typical rust /rot areas where they put baffles in on some of the RD decks. clippings would collect in there and rot out the deck lift bolts. How is the underside?
  7. Round one of this Nor’easter is done!

    Snow? what is that? SouthCentral PA has got mostly 1-2 inchs at a time. just dustings to me. only had the plow out once and I could have waited 1 day and it would have melted, sigh
  8. Saw My old 210H on CL

    buy it back!
  9. looks like a deck for a vertical shaft set up and converted to horizontal shaft engine. I did that on a couple decks.
  10. Opinions wanted

    get the 520 with the 2 stage thrower. snow is the enemy
  11. Opinions wanted

    What are your needs? mowing only? how many acres? want to plow snow? or blow it? do want to turn over and cultivate a garden? these questions and many more will determine what to look for. also these are "old" machines. tinkering is part of the fun.
  12. C161 plowing, first timer

    welcome aboard! I grew up in Cheshire, CT look to add wheel weights to the front at the very least. keeps the fronts from skidding to the sides. others will suggest a single bicycle like chain on each wheel others like tri rib tires etc etc
  13. Winter Battle, getting ready, advice / tires

    I'm using the rubber tire chain on both the 520 thrower and the 416 blade rear tires. running front wheel weights on the plow rig made all the difference!
  14. Bring on the leaves!!!

    and Made in the "Whale of a state": Connecticut!