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  1. My new snow plow

    I have owned my workhorse gt-1848 for about a year now and just acquired an actual wheel horse plow for it. I needed to make a small plate for the back of the plow frame to mount to, but other than that she fits up perfectly! Just wanted to share some pics! I made the bracket myself, it was my first time ever using a welder, so I was happy with myself! This is the end of my snowplow frame Uploaded with ImageShack.us This is the snowplow that I acquired! Uploaded with ImageShack.us This is the bracket that I made! Another view of the bracket By rogerj07 at 2011-07-04 This is just a pic of my baby By rogerj07 at 2011-07-04
  2. Thats looking real good! I would definitely like to see pictures of it when you are done. =D
  3. Your doing an awesome job!! Looks awesome, keep up the good job
  4. Do you have a full decal set for the workhorse gt-1848? I am looking at getting all new decals for mine. Thanks a bunch Roger
  5. No spark from plugs

    Yes the coil was in fact marked, however, I had over looked that and installed it the first way that I threw it on. After 3 hours of wasted time messing with things I realized that I read on here before that they need to go a certain way. Then after tearing the coil back off and investigating, I realized that I had it on wrong. She works wonderfully now though!! I am gone for the weekend working at the moment however, but as soon as I get home Sunday I am going to finish working on her! Thanks for the suggestion on the coil as well TT! That is the one that I ended up buying. Thanks again for everything guys
  6. No spark from plugs

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I had installed the magneto upside down. After looking at it and switching it around, I know have spark. This was my own fault, I just assumed that it went on the way I had it originally since the wires going to the plugs were coming out of the "top" of the magneto. Come to find out, that is not correct. Thank you so much for all your help everyone, I was ignorant while making these last few posts! Thanks again
  7. No spark from plugs

    I unhooked everything from the switch except the battery and start. This was in assumption that the wire to the mag is just to kill it by grounding it, so that was disconnected for purposes of checking to see if there was spark or not. Then when I turn the key switch to start the lawn tractor the engine rolls over, and very well for that matter. However, I do not seem to get any spark from the magneto at all. I was holding the end that snaps onto the plug and felt nothing. The magnet stills seems to be good on the flywheel, the mag will immediately stick to it when they are near each other. I am completely out of ideas, this is the 2nd magneto that I have put on this tractor trying to get her to fire again, I wouldn't think that there is much of anything else that would cause it not to have spark, it is an old and very simple design.
  8. No spark from plugs

    I ordered the new magneto and installed it, made sure that no power was applied to the magneto and I still have no spark!! Any suggestions from there? I triple checked everything before I hooked it up, there has to be something else at play here. Could a bad switch allow it to turn over and still not allow spark to the plugs? I don't know, I am completely clueless. I was told something about if the key went bad on the flywheel that it wouldn't allow it to spark, but I can not get the flywheel nut off to check this. Any suggestions?!?!?
  9. No spark from plugs

    Will the smallest and quickest jolt of energy ruin the magneto? I might have accidentally crossed a hot wire with the magneto wire earlier this summer, that is a very good possibility. I guess I will pick up a new magneto and try that, thanks for everything and I will let you know what I find out! Thanks again for all your help
  10. No spark from plugs

    I flipped the magneto over and tried and still nothing. I may have possibly applied power to it and not realized it earlier this year when I was messing with it. Is there anyway that I can test the magneto to see whether it is bad or not? I appreciate all your help with everything TT!
  11. No spark from plugs

    Ok, thanks I will make sure to cut one of those off. Yes I set the gap for the magneto and I have not applied power to this magneto, I do not believe. The magnets are still working anyways, if that makes a difference. They try and attach to the flywheel when it gets close. I do not know if that would be useful information or not. As far as for the alternator, Yes I see that one of the wires is black and one red, sharing the white connector. So the black one powers the lights, then that goes directly to my switch for my lights? As far as the red, that goes to the rectifier part of the key switch? I am referring back to the wiring diagram (manual) that you previously supplied me with.
  12. No spark from plugs

    I have a workhorse gt 1848, I acquired this lawnmower and it had some problems. I have recently rewired it from a diagram for this model and replaced the magneto. There are 2 wires however coming off of the magneto that i do not know where they go. I believe it is for grounding purposes to kill the engine, if that is the case, do I hook the one wire to the magneto wire coming off of the key switch and then do I ground the other end of the wire? Also, there seems to be two wires coming from behind my flywheel, I believe these may be for the charging system. Does anyone know where I hook these up at so that the battery charges? My main concern is the fact that I am not getting any spark to my plugs! Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Wiring diagram for workhorse gt-1848

    Thank you very much to both of you!!! I am going to give this a try and will let you know what I come up with! Thanks again for all your help, it was greatly appreciated.