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  1. Wheel Horse D 200

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Wheel Horse D 200

    D 200 with 550 Ark loader. It has a 3 pt hitch with approximately 350 lbs steel counter balance weight that the 3 pt will lift. Tractor also has the PTO shaft.
  3. Garden Plow

    Joebag, You can add the Coulter wheel but it won't really keep the plow straight. It's just designed to cut the sod. The slide on the bottom of the plow will keep it straight if you get it adjusted properly and down in the ground.
  4. JackC, I had the same questions when I found my cylinders leaking on my new Ark loader. Here is a thread to my rebuild and it worked well. The only difference is I have retaining rings that need to be "peeled" out of mine but other members have reported theirs are different. Take a look and see if the thread helps. Brandon
  5. Locking a 8 speed

    Hello All, I have been considering locking the trans (by pairing the pinions) on a worker C 165 I use for pulling a plow, disc and cultivator in the field. This is fairly open ground and I think it would help quite a bit to have the extra traction. Obviously I'm not worried about tearing up the grass and this would be a dedicated tractor for ground engagement. My question - those who have done this, was the improvement in traction substantial? I know I will at times loose my "line" and I'm fine with that but I'm tired of getting stuck and having to lift the attachment - especially when the first two to three inches gets broken up and the traction is reduced. Please share experiences if you have had one locked. Thanks, Brandon
  6. Trailed Grass Collector

    Griff, I have one that is very similar. My guess is you need to get the height set right to allow the brush to rotate properly when pulling forward. Try raising it up where just the tips of the brushes touch the grass and see how it works.
  7. Here is a "depth Guide" I found on a parts D I picked up. The slide to the right of the driver has marks to indicate how low/deep your attachment is.
  8. Wheel Horse D180 with Loader weight

    BMW1 - I had the same problem when I purchased my D and loader - how to haul it around? From the back of the tires to the front of the loader when resting on the ground is about 10'. If you have a weight box on the back (or in my case counter weight steel skid I pick up with the 3 PT) you might want to allow for more length. As far as weight the tractors dry weight I believe is like 1025 plus the FEL is probably 300 pounds or so. If you add 300 pounds out back and some wheel weight you should probably plan on 1800 pounds or so. If purchasing a trailer, I'd make it at least 12' and rated at 2K myself.
  9. Increasing Charging System Output

    WVHillbilly, I like that hanger.... it looks nice and clean and I like the ability to quickly pull the weights to get the hood open. I've been thinking of building one of those and have been keeping an eye out for some weights on CL. Thanks,
  10. D Series Blade

    I thought about buying that blade a couple of years ago myself but didn't think I would ever use it since I have a FEL mounted on the D and already have a blade for the C's. Glad you got it!
  11. 4x6 Trailer

    Very nice trailer! And it gets pretty vertical which would make it dump better than most and ought to be very useful.
  12. Increasing Charging System Output

    Sounds like I need to just get a bigger battery. I might take the battery out of the D and use it to see how it will keep up with heavier use. I do have 3-PT on the D as well but it has the loader mounted and I built this 3-PT to be able to use with the 8 speed. I always wanted a strong lift on the back of this C as I thought it would be a great combination with the 8 speed. Only thing it needs now is more weight on the front. I purchased a big cultivator and box blade with my parts D and they are pretty heavy but they lift with ease with this actuator. It just gets a little light on the front even with the front wheel weights. Thanks Guys!
  13. Increasing Charging System Output

    My battery is a U1P-7 from Walmart rated at 275 CCA - not sure the amp hour rating. The charging system has never given me a problem in the past and when checked with a volt meter it reads somewhere between 14.5 and 16 depending on how fast I'm running the engine. That seems high to me. Is there a better way to check the charging output than using a volt meter on the battery when running? Thanks,
  14. Hello All, I recently built a 3 PT for my '80 C165-8 and am using a linear actuator for the lift. Everything works well and I'm pleased with the performance but found a problem yesterday when working the lift frequently. I was working a box blade in a small area and lifted/lowered the blade often and noticed the tractor engine missing after a while. Then I noticed the lift wasn't working well and when I would cycle the actuator the engine would spudder - like it's starving the engine of spark. I quit running the lift and pulled into the garage and checked the battery voltage to find it was down to 11.5 volts. My question is this...... can I increase the output of the horses' charging system to keep up better? Thanks in advance!

    Steve - you hit the nail on the head!!! I HATE when Brent is calling a football game. That guy is just an idiot! Hard to believe they still let him call the games after all the stupid things he says. Sometimes I wonder if he is even watching the same game and he is constantly jumping to conclusions! OU had a chance last night but I could see early on that we were in trouble as our O line looked weak and couldn't slow down the pass rush. I don't blame Mayfield for the two pics as he was in trouble running for his life most of the night. A little better protection and that game would have been a lot different. I'm with you on the National Championship game - Go Clemson.