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  1. Snow plow info

    Rollerman, I have it hooked to the actual lift knob for the mower deck which I think is wrong I looked at the diagram and did not realize those holes were put on there for the attachments I am going to try hooking it in the front hole I think that is where my mistake was. I am going to try that to see if it raises any easier cause right now it feels like I am lifting a ten ton truck from the front of the tractor. Witty
  2. Snow plow info

    Hello, I am having a few lift problems with my blade I have a 310-8 series tractor. When lifting the snow blade it feels like it is about 5 tons with the mower lift lever. I have gotten an older blade from a relative that had the blade sitting in the barn for quite sometime I have it all hooked up but had to manufacture a small piece of metal part 27 for the attachment. I don't want to ruin the mower deck arm at all possible need some help. Any help would be appreciated. Witty