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  1. wider tires

    I don't trust crafstman because one time my dad ordered weigts for the R12 because it wasn't doing well plowing snow and we first got them and they were the wrong size. Then we got the right size but 1 only came so we finally got the other one. It took 1 week for each delivery and we had to travel 50 miles to get them at sears.
  2. Need Work?

  3. Raider 12 Light Cover

    nothing with the bucket justthe light cover.
  4. :WRS: I wanted to know because i wanted to bring my Raider 12 into a pulling tractor or just make it faster tomow grass with. Overall i want to drive it on the road when i am 16. I think its a 6 speed.
  5. Raider 12 Light Cover

    Found IT!
  6. Raider 12 Light Cover

    I Found This On Ebay But I Want the Lights To Work.
  7. Raider 12 Light Cover

    I wanted to know if where you could find a light cover 70's and 80s' wheel horses like the one below because when i was a little kid i done something stupid. I got a hammer and busted the light cover and broke the peices offf of it. Now Just Little bits of cover swrewed on it. OH YES THAT IS NOT MY PICTURE JUST AN EXAMPLE TILL I PUT IT ON HERE!!!!
  8. What paint to use

    I don't Know much about the wheel horse paint but i tested out some official gravely paint and it has a lot of simularitys with the old paint. I sprayed it on a 1970 RAider 12 and it was a little rusted up but on the hoods inside it looked like gravely paint. Soo i spayed a little on the hatch where you out the trailer and other attachments. It looked so close as the first orginal wheel horse paint.