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  1. Fuel tank cleaner

    Okay, its not for a Wheel Horse, but I still think this is one of the best places to ask questions about small engines. I have 2 B&S engines with plastic fuel tanks. Both have developed "crud" in their gas tank. When emptied out through a clean shop rag it looks almost like white paint chips, but it is not hard. First question: What should I use to make certain all of the crud is out of the tanks (about 2 quarts) ? Just keep adding gas and agitating ? Second question: Any ideas what is causing this white flakey crud ?
  2. I have a few Chilton plastic gas cans, 2 - 6 gallon and 1 - 1 gallon. Sure they are a few years old but they are in good shape. Except for the spouts. I have found out that Chilton was bought out by Blitz, but I having a very hard time finding a simple replacement spout for these cans. I know the EPA and CARB have gotten together and made all sorts of rules about gas cans. Does this mean I will just have to buy new ones ? Anyone know where I can find a replacement ?
  3. Filler primer on a chassis and trans ? This thing is going to be amazing !!
  4. Water soluble garden fertilizer

    I like using water soluble fertilizer in my garden and shrubbery especially in mid summer. Walmart used to sell a less expensive brand than Miracle Grow, but they no longer carry it. Any recommendations on alternatives ?
  5. leak down tester

    The old thing your ears can not tell is how fast the cylinder is leaking down ! Those are all good tips.
  6. leak down tester

    Leak down test is the way to go ! It has the capability of tell you more than a compression test. Tester are for sale on eBay or Google it. On small engines, you might need to lock down the crank so it does not turn.
  7. Toro mower

    Good tip ! I'll remember it if I ever have to take that apart again. Confession time. I screwed up when I put it back together ! I put the Clutch Washer (part 23 in diagram; white nylon, engages the key Terry is talking about) in backwards. I don't know how it worked at all ! I might have missed it a second time, if I hadn't just had my son's Toro apart. Thanks again !!
  8. Toro mower

    Living in suburbia, my little 1/4 acre lot just doesn't have enough space to let a horse "run" and my 2 car garage is already full. So I am stuck (currently) with a 3 speed Toro walk behind mower (Super Recycler, Model #20470). Last year, the transmission failed and I bought a used one off of eBay. It works fine, but some how I must have messed up reinstalling the drive wheel/gears (which act as a differential) because now one side or the other slip/skips (does not drive the wheel). The diagrams are not the best for re-assembly. Does anyone have any tips ?
  9. High speed

    Without too many gory details, can you explain the difference between FIOS and FTTH ? AT&T just got done doing FTTN in SE MI last year. I think that was a mistake and they will have to do the "last mile" in fiber soon.
  10. High speed

    AT&T has some great deals on DSL starting as low as $15/month. My advice is to upgrade to a bit higher speed because it should include a free (after rebate) DSL/wired/wireless router like this. It works fine for web browsing including picture and You Tube videos. I don't know about downloading movies. Also AT&T now sells DSL even if you do NOT have a land line !
  11. What a day.

    I know the feeling. I've bee retired for 4 years, the wife for 2. Less communication now a days than ever before. Sigh
  12. B&S carb expert

    My son and I both have newer McLane Edgers with 3.5 HP B&S Industrial engines. These engines look quite different from most B&S small engines because they have a gas tank that covers the entire top of the engine and use a different carb than the old 5 HP horizontal shaft. Last year, I did a complete rebuild on my carb because the previous owner had let the fuel in the tank turn into something really nasty. (The dregs look a bit like cottage cheese). After re-assembly it ran like a top. The last couple of times I used it was on gas with Stabil. I turned off the fuel and let the engine run until it quit before putting it away for the winter. Now, this spring, it won't run "smooth" unless the choke is half on (governor keeps reving it up as it wants to die). I know from experience that there is some spec of dirt somewhere in the carb. My son's is doing the same thing. Now it is not that big of a deal, but pulling the carb is time consuming as you have to remove the gas tank, the tank mounting bracket and the over-sized air cleaner and the air cleaner mounting bracket. What did I do wrong on my winterization and how do I prevent this from re-occurring ?
  13. Serious tractor business

    Working outside in winter with a beard produces some interesting icicles !
  14. Surprised at what I found.

    B&S used aluminum keys on many engines. If the engine stopped suddenly, the flywheel would shear off the key and not the end of the crank ! Many "no starts" on old B&S engines are because the key is sheared, the flywheel has moved relative to the key way and the timing is off !