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  1. The Ugliest Tractor Award?

    It has Puke orange wheels somone Welded on the hubs They must of lost the lug nuts and had a welding rod handy i dont know This is my kubota showing it who is the boss in the back yard Its lucky i dont have the back hoe Attachment i mite see how far i can throw it Oh well Few more parts to strip and its off to Scrap yard
  2. My newest 416h

    Yeah hey Duke Long time no talk you seen my other 416H i was parker behind you at 08 WHCC show I think we even stayed at the same hotel
  3. The Ugliest Tractor Award?

    :ychain: Are you really going to make me say it John deere
  4. My newest 416h

    I think the price was a lil firm 980hrs few small holes in the deck but it has new blades on it and he thru in a set for the other 416 and it has all 4 crome hub caps and no holes in seat 700$
  5. My newest 416h

    I picked this one up cheap now i have two
  6. Jonserd Chainsaw

    What model Ducky? I love jonserd saws Echo Egh Im not going to comment lol But Jonserds are good saws and I guess you can call it a turbo its a neat desin to say the least
  7. Last nite There was a Discussion on Jonserd Chainsaws. I Belive i may of mistaken The word "Turbo" I think some how i mistaked Turbo Chager Insted of Turbo air cleaing After Further Research i concluded that jonserd turbo uses centrifugal force for baiscly a air filter cleaner I aint trying to be Pompass or Rude I just Rember a Previous discussion i had with a jonserd owner and He said his saw was turbo charged And they are in some way Well i dont know how to conclude this topic :ychain:
  8. Wheel Weights

    I just got me some Plastic/Concrete wheel weights four to be Exact two are a matching set 35lbs The other two are mix matched 35lbs and the other 55lbs I wonder how 35lbs will work on one side and 55lbs on the other I mean for four wheel weights 50$ i couldent pass up that deal the matching set is worth that :ychain:
  9. Penetrating oil

    You have to admit its hard to pick a favorite

    Oh i Know the homesteder model dont involve jacobsen But some of the bigger model homelites do Oh well i posted on Wrong Thread

    This was a Jacobsen GT 10 but its seen better days We was building a Chicken Coop in this picture and used the Jake and box Blade to make a level spot Since i dident have non of my wheel horses with me at the time

    Jacobsens are Ford Homelites But allis chalmers are Realeated to homelite So i guess ur right Its weird cause jacobsen is homlite, Ford, Oliver,Cockshut, You can always tell a jacobsen by there Tube steel frame the early model fords are just like them
  13. My snow removal team

    What do you use first the Plow or the blower?
  14. Locating Parasitic Battery Drain

    Hey i havent Read all of this forum but i would like to Add my way of Locating a Draw is with my Snap on Test like It will not work unless there is more then 6 volts presant It would be a Quick way to locate the source in my opinion The differnce is Cars are supposed to have some what of a Mili amp draw I guess wheel horses shouldent have any Hope i dident loose anyone I like the Scematic up there I would go with that and start with test lite and known good ground and then breack out the volt meter Just my two cents