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  1. new toy

    i just got a bolens G16X1 i cant get it to run yet i have no fire i had to pull the engine so that i could pull the shroud off to see what i have to do to get fire
  2. sears suburban restoration

    had to put the restoration on hold put will do more when i can
  3. sears suburban restoration

    thanks for the link that looks like it now i need to fegerout if a 12 hp kohlor will fit it
  4. sears suburban restoration

    got more done draind the trans it had water in it i put wider tiers on it put the trans back in so that i can power wash it
  5. sears suburban restoration

    that is what i have been guessing on the year there is no tag on it to find out the year im going to try and do more on it today or tonight it is suposto have a 12 hp techomsy on it but would like to put a 12 hp kohlor but dont know if it will fit the back tiers are no good the front wheels and tiers are no good as will more pics to come
  6. sears suburban restoration

    i have had this garden tractor for a few years finaly decided to start the restoration still dont know the year still dont have a engine for it
  7. Small haul for the weekend

    what would you want for the one that burnt :thumbs:
  8. More Pics of My New Horse!!

    very sharp looking it looks like its new wish i could get another :D
  9. homelite t-10

    i have two homelites a ct-10 and a t-10 what is wrong with the t-10 the one i have it keeps shering the keyway on the flywheel :D
  10. More progress of my Dodge

    i have cheacked that it looks good i had to replace 4 of the fueable links with inline fuses becaouse i cant get the fuseabl links for this truck been thanking about taking all the electronic stuff out and going back to the old school way
  11. More progress of my Dodge

    i have a 1989 dodge d-150 truck it has the 3.9 v6 in it and im having trouble with it blowing fuses when it blows the fuse it shutsdown the engine can anyone help
  12. New addition

    what year is it i have a 1992 312-8 it has i little tic to it what could it be
  13. Mower blade source....

    i sell lawn mower blades where are you at i can get you a price of the blade and shipping if i have the blades you need
  14. newbie hello

    :thumbs: :ROTF:
  15. What dis???

    its a David Bradley :banghead: