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  1. Great forum!

    Very nice looking machine, your upgrades look awesome on it. Welcome to the forum, I'll warn ya like I do all the new members, they're nasty, mean , no help people on this thing, I was so taken back by it that I became a supporter because I couldn't believe how mean they are. Even after all this I'm still in shock, so be forewarned. Look around at all the different posts and you'll see for yourself,. They won't help ya with anything, no information, nothing, (my fingers get tired every time I do this...) Looking forward to the progress on your machine. Chris
  2. Happy Birthday Fred

    BRF I tried, I really tried to cue em () up about your birthday in the earlier thread about your new tractor..... Man they can be a slow bunch when they want to be, geez Louise...... At any rate, please do take care of the congestion situation and get yourself back up to spec. Leave the tractor in the garage alone and give yourself a day or two to recoup. And I wish you Happy Birthday Again seeing how this is the OFFICIAL BRF BIRTHDAY posting area...... (if you watch the happy faces long enough, it makes you go cross-eyed). Chris
  3. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    I had NO idea that Wh's cost that much back then. I agree they have significant steel involved but they didn't do any major design "changes" every other year either which means you don't have to "retool". I've owned Cub Cadets, Massey Ferguson which were both shaft drive. Wheel horse's deficiency then was the lack of shaft drive (or so I thought). Now that I've owned one (or three) I can't say as there is much difference. I used to pull full size hay-wagons (for kicker bales) around the yard with the Ferguson. I suspect a Wh could do the same. I remember speaking to a Ferguson Rep at Empire Farm Days cause they dropped the garden tractor line and parts were becoming unavailable. He said at the time, Ferguson was in a state of "Barely surviving" and they needed the financial support from the sale of their garden tractor line, to continue to operate. I honestly thought that the fact that Wh didn't constantly change their design that they could maintain a lower price point. All the comments above , when taken together , present a pretty good argument for their fading. Perhaps its our advantage, I'm still hoping that with new machining and fabrication technology that we can find new "Parts" resources so we can keep them going. We've got the "knowledge and support" part of the equation nailed on this forum. (You guys are still mean , grumblely, nasty, no-help , untalented (can't compliment you too much, it will go to your head), people.... I thank everybody for the thoughtful and informative replies, (regardless of what I write this is an amazing forum) Chris
  4. Congratulations on becoming a supporter and thanks for the blow by blow on the rebuild.
  5. Jeff, I thought about your reply, I would need 2 shafts , one going to the jack shaft and then one from the jack shaft to the clevis hitch. And Ed, Your point about the extra movement is spot on. Going to take some tin off the tractor again to take a closer look. I'm also considering building a mid blade but was kind a looking for the extra lift clearance the back blade would provide. Not giving up on it yet. (And thanks for the pictures, helps the thinking process) Chris
  6. Anybody ever attempt to put a shaft from the lift lever back to the jack shaft versus a cable ? I took the tin off my 310 to see if there is a chance this could be done. There are a few clearance issues,(shift lever, boot, offset of lift lever arm) but it looks like it might just be do-able. Was thinking this spring of building a back blade with teeth and then I could induce some down pressure with the shaft versus the cable. The tractor is a manual tranny.
  7. My GT14

    That's the entire point of these tractors. The design worked, probably got tweaked over the years but they stayed the same. I'm thinking that's why they are such a good candidate for doing rebuilds. So much similar that its easy to get familiar with everything and pass it along. Not to mention that the tractors do their job to full expectation. I plowed my 1000' driveway yesterday with a 310, not a bit of problem except for the soft ground underneath. I grew up on a dairy farm and plowed with all sorts of stuff and the little 310 amazes me as to how it works so well, given its size. Watching Richie do his magic on some of the design is just the icing on the cake, (Although I won't admit it in public). Thank goodness you guys are so miserable and not helpful and grumpy, this site would be too nice to get away from if it were any other way. Thanks for putting up with us Richie.. Chris
  8. My GT14

    Nothing special about the sign, just your typical laser cut piece of steel with perfectly symmetrical spacing of indexed holes with minute steel holding center hub detail, including recessed placing of indexed support screws with a flawless application of paint......can't say as I'm impressed ($%#&^%$%#*) no big deal, ($%#&%*&^%) See this kind of thing every day.... I'm not humbled or anything............. Unbelievable, just frigging unbelievable.... Chris
  9. Happy Birthday Achto

    Now that you're OLDER, are you going to have trouble remembering where all those parts go that were on the floor (in the pictures) in your current restoration??? Happy Birthday Chris
  10. Cub Cadet Original

    VIBRATION.... Regardless of the patch you chose, you might think about putting some rubber line in between the tank and the fuel line. Maybe scratch the whole "fuel bowl thing" and put a inline filter in. The tank is small enough where the leak could be brazed lIke Eric is suggesting. If its welded (gas) you might have to make a reinforcement piece (like a washer) to get a purchase onto some good metal. But that hard line hookup is probably vibrating to all get out so its going to keep testing the fix. Just went back and looked at the picture again, take the sediment bowl off, get a inline shutoff and get a new outlet bung welded into the tank. I'm thinking the weight of the bowl assembly combined with the shakes is causing the problem to revisit you.
  11. I need Help

    Maybe some one in your area could weld in new metal, even maybe washers. Its not like its a high speed application . Try talking to somebody at a body shop. I don't think it would be too expensive. I looked closer at your picture. I think the irregularity of your tire chains might have contributed to the failure. Good luck to you regardless, hope you find a fix.
  12. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    Well, I've read all the replies at least 2 times and every one of them makes a valid point. I don't know if I would have been so supportive of wheel horse had I not owned one. I didn't know it would turn out to be the tractor that it is. I've used mine for just about everything from keeping my driveway clear to building my house. I grew up on a dairy farm so I was around equipment all my life, Was raking hay with a MF 50 when I was 8. I guess that's the best we can do and hope others or some one amongst us has the means to fill in the gap as the vendors do and make stuff available to keep our machines running. It just seems a shame that such a good design with so much history of successful performance is passed by . Any decent mini tractor is going to cost at least 10K, not exactly chump change. And the stuff they sell today that they call Garden tractors isn't even close to the what the WHs have to offer. With all the new technology out there, I'm hoping it gets easier to manufacture parts in small quantities at less cost, ( 3d printers, mini cnc machines) . I have realized one thing as a result of this forum, there is a tremendous amount of exceptionally in-genius talent out there mechanically speaking and the place to tap into it is right here.
  13. Regretted Projects

    Factory called for something like 15 lbs in the front tires and 35 lbs in the back. If you switched them and didn't adjust the pressure it was an absolute nightmare to control the car. I did it once and almost went entirely off the road within 25' of leaving the dirt road on our farm and getting on the blacktop road. Scared the bejesus out of me, I never forgot the experience. Shortly after that my brother started teasing me about the car being "unsafe at any speed" (title of Ralph Nader's book). I took the book out of the school library and read it cover to cover. The first chapter was about the Corvair's tendency to roll over if the rear swing arms went too low and typically would cut the drivers arm off during the event. Plus the car had a leak that destroyed the floor and I could never find the cause. I ended up buying a brand new 73 Vega GT, (that's another story.......) Which also fits into this thread, (You picked a winner Dan!!!!) One thing I'll say that hasn't been a bad investment is becoming a supporter to this forum, This is like buying extended family without all the hassle of an extended family. There is a tremendous bunch of really decent people on this site. (Please don't repeat that, I have an image to maintain...) Chris
  14. Sarà un wheel horse?

    This forum never ceases to amaze me, I saw the topic and had to look. I suppose its not a big thing to have messages translated but to me its just amazing. All this over these tractors, simply blows me away. Its an honor to be a small part of this. Welcome to the forum Maurizio, and thank you for the demonstration of your beautiful language. (would one of you guys that translated previously please pass this message along) Thanks so much Chris
  15. Regretted Projects

    I had a 64, I'm going to ask you a question that ONLY a Corvair owner would know how to answer.... Did you ever switch the Front tires back to the rear WITHOUT checking and adjusting the air pressure and if so how did it go????