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  1. "Barn Fresh" '60 Suburban

    Nice looking patina!!!
  2. Trojan Toraktor UK built in early 60s

    Looks like a mini Fordson!
  3. Pics of my shed

    Very nice building!
  4. New to RedSquare southwest CT

    Good to see you posting Johnny,glad your happy with the old girl.One of the best i ever owned!
  5. c-160

    Welcome,and good luck with the hunt!
  6. A new RedSquare record!

    If i see a WH and talk to the owner, i tell them all about RS and encourage them to join.Happy to hear numbers are up!!!
  7. Bolens 1886!

    Just put the front blade on!
  8. Bolens 1886!

    We got home with it late last night,here's a cpl. pics next to my 310-8!This thing is a BEAST!910lbs. bare tractor shipping weight!!!Best part is the original brochure and manuals....
  9. My little girls B-Day today....

    Just had lunch at Friendly's,now she's getting her nails done!She want's her own tractor,one of these days....
  10. She turned 5 today(thinks she's 15!).Amazing how fast time fly's....
  11. Bolens 1886!

    Matt i have a bunch of people asking what i want for it already...lol.I sold my C120 plow rig to get this.A new member here bought it,so i'll need the big Bolens to plow with just in case it snows.
  12. Bolens 1886!

    I'll have a side by side pic. Saturday.
  13. Bolens 1886!

    HorseNUT,i have no clue what i'm gonna do with it yet???I've always wanted a large frame Bolens,for now the plan is to play with it for a bit!
  14. Bolens 1886!

    Rollerman parts are available(i checked first!),and Ken that's the one.The guy got it for free when the original owner moved to Florida!He did some dump runs and this was his payment.Some people get lucky...I picked it up for much less than the asking price so i cant complain.It has 582 hours!