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  1. Ouch ! Glad you're OK, . . . the tie-rods must have snapped off their sockets, I hope that was all.
  2. Three editions: #1, 2000 - #2, 2008, and - #3, 2012 (#2 & #3 also came with CD audio tapes). The final/last one, #3 is still available from the author, and Mike is an active member here on Red Square and does attend the big Wheel Horse show in PA in June. I've seen edition #1 actually sell for nearly $200 on eBay & there is one selling on Amazon right now for $499, (, a real good useful investment. (The 3rd edition is listed for sale in the 'Venders section' right here on RS: ..
  3. Picture from Lars, our Norwegian Wheel Horse brother, preparing his garden for planting by picking up rocks . . . (Or better yet, having his spouse do it while he takes the pictures 😇).
  4. Looking at the manual (free download here on Red Square), there are two more major parts that attach onto your deck plus a special pulley. Anything is possible for a talented person, but space might be tight on that 36" deck to fit the additional parts. I'm thinking that that bagger was only designed for the 42" SD deck, . . . with mine, just one part was missing and it took years to find that large side-blower (which is very heavy). Next question, do you have enough hp?
  5. From another site, CCI -- this video and several following are small RC tractors doing work:
  6. Just noticed the washer (#9) in your diagram, that's something I've never used, didn't realize there should be one, if used, could be replaced with a thin one.
  7. The total rain forecast doesn't look like much, less than 1/10th inch . . . and how accurate are these forecasts anyway. Wished I had a job where I could be 10%, 50%, 80%, or 90% accurate. Even if it rains for just 20 minutes in the whole day, they still forecast rain, it may be mostly warm & sunny . . . it's still well worth the attendance. If it does rain, maybe sellers will give better deals, have a bigger selection, may be less crowded, and more time for talking too. - - - the field is well grown with grass, very little mud, and the people are Great!
  8. Normal Hardware stores (& Lowes) have thinner 3/4" nuts (our regular nuts are about 1/2" thick, they have ones that are just over 1/4" thick too, but be sure the thread count is correct). •• Be sure to use an 'anti-stick' or 'Litho grease' on the threads, the direction of spinning tends to tighten up the nut. •• Don't use a 'pipe wrench' on the nuts, as in first photo, it strips the outside ---- pawn shops usually have a good selection of quality long-handled 11/8" wrenches, inexpensively; use a 'box-end' on the outside nut and 'open-end' for under the blades on the spindle nut.
  9. -- A big THANKS to all who have served. MEMORIAL DAY Keep it moving, please, even if you've seen it before. It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble. It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the VETERAN, not the politician, Who has given us the right to vote. It is the VETERAN who salutes the Flag, It is the VETERAN who serves under the Flag, ETERNAL REST GRANT THEM O LORD, AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON THEM.
  10. Wheel Horse made a special wrench just for that, 11/8" with a thinner head to fit under the blade to hold the spindle while a second wrench loosens the nut. Here some for sale today on eBay under "Wheel Horse wrench":
  11. Also, lubricating the Shaft - - - WD-40 will help loosen the shaft temporarily and dislodge the crud binding it up, slowing down its engagement, but that WD-40 will not last, and it does not lubricate. We need to grease that shaft so it can move easily.
  12. MTD ( est. 1932, Modern Tool & Die Company, near Cleveland Ohio ) does make a lot of different products and is huge, they make Cub Cadet, Bolens & Troy-Bilt tractors as well as YardMan, they are a "contract manufacturer". Over the past years MTD has been subcontracted to make models of garden tractors for many other companies for a year or two, MTD can make very cheap models or very good quality models, it's all what the company ordering them wants to pay. MTD doesn't sell or have a retail outlet system so all their tractors are sold via someone else, and those box-stores need their markup. I'm not aware of Wheel Horse ever having whole tractors made there, but MTD did make parts for WH; also, in the mid-60's Wheel Horse did have the John Deere Company make complete mower decks for them for some models for a couple of years until the WH factory got geared up (decks were Red & to exact WH specifications, can't tell apart).
  13. Making repro parts or selling off Parts from parters is not going to get anyone rich, it's just a part-time fun-time occupation, to make a significant profit is very unlikely, you'll just make a few extra bucks . . . . To make a profit, you have to factor in: transportation/travel time (gas & wear), trailer & related equipment like storage & covers, electricity, workshop & tool use and biggest of all, your time (when you could be doing something else constructive too). Time from family and spouse must be factored in, and customers always want something at an inconvenient time. Most people really appreciate what you may be offering, but them sometimes someone will let you know they are unhappy & you need a thick skin. The only 100% full-time Wheel Horse person I'm aware of is Gene Strickland in KY, selling parts plus restoring Wheel Horses to perfect original, but then he is really hustling and probably working at least 60-70 hours/week ( For me, there is a lot of satisfaction in making people happy, especially when they say so and proudly show off their projects (baby). For me to go to the Big Show in PA in June will easily cost $1,000 in expenses (gas, motel, food, thank gosh I have my wife to help), but the rush of happy eager faces is worth it. In the end, I'm having a lot of quality fun and enjoying it. I've seen many people offer a needed item, maybe sell a couple, and then cease, -- most items will be a very slow low-volume sell and take time. Re: HAPCO, Brandon, the owner is mainly a fun-time big-time farmer, but Kate & Mike do run the magazine and the business full time for him. They have taken a risk on having some needed items remanufactured (seats & toys), I would think they are doing OK but are not big profit makers. FYI: I did check in on having some 1:24 scale Wheel Horse 312 tractors made in China, like ERTLs are; it was $25,000 up front for 1,000 pieces. Any item remanufactured by a big business will have a significant up-front price or a large minimum order, again, paid upfront, if anyone of us is going to take a big financial risk, we want a guaranteed significant RTO, which may put the retail price up to $100. Some members have access to a machine shop at work and may be able to use on their own time, that can save a ton of cost. Sometimes a Wheel Horse part is the exact same as also used for another brand of garden tractor or something unique, and a inventory is found somewhere for cheap. (for example: K-91 engines were used in oil fields, and lots of spare parts are being found now).
  14. If that tag is unreadable, and the numbers were stamped in (pressed in), use the old "tombstone rubbing" method: lightly clean it first, lay a piece of thin paper over it and rub lightly back & forth with the side of a pencil lead, the depressed area with the numbers should appear white on a dark background now.
  15. This situation opens up the opportunity for members to start manufacturing replacements themselves, as many of us have. The quantities will be small, much too small for the big boys to reproduce. Many of us may have special knowledges to do this, it does provide an opportunity to make a little extra money and "stay out of trouble" with the spouses. It does not take a big investment if we start small and conservative, utilizing just what we may have. Red Square and the Venders Section provides a great opportunity to advertise and we have a great community to help promote our replacements. From someone who has been happily doing this for 17 years now; start small, very small and listen to input. You're not going to get a lot of sales the next week, it takes time for people to start purchasing your items. Good Luck . . . .