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  1. Opinions on loading tires and what to load them with

    ••• I like RimGuard, not just because it's made in Michigan and with our Beet Juice, but I believe it is the most heavy liquid/gallon for weight in our tires, organic, safe for the environment, safe for metal and actually has a food-value for plants. ••• If you do use tubes with 'RimGuard', be sure they are USA made tubes. This juice does corrod the glue used in the rubber stem-patches used in all the non-USA tubes, (google this to verify, it's also in the RimGuard instructions on the net). ••• The price per gallon and the labor cost to fill tires can vary a lot, check around and ask on the total/final cost. Seems like there is one price for "city boys" and another, lower price, for "country boys & truckers". ••• I would recommend tubes, and to fill tires only 80% full as you still need some air pressure in there. ••• If you do use liquid, you devote this pair of tires to always being heavy (60–100# each), and you may need to have an extra set of light-weight tires & wheels for Summer mowing. Heavy tires can damage, compact & may leave ruts in moist lawns in the Spring.
  2. Those Springs are still available, same a is used on rear tillers: (see the Venders section. Glen Pettit Restoration Parts ) (exact specifications are in there also).
  3. They are made by an Amish family in PA, and they only offer four-link, but you can purchase 20 more individual links (strap, 2-U clips, & 2 sets of nuts) to install between the straps to get this 2-link, ––– and 2-link is much much smoother than just 4-link. After only 4 hours of use last Winter (Snowblower), there is barely any visible wear on the rubber, at this rate, I'm sure I'll get 10-15 years use out of this rubber-chain. I also ran a large o-ring with many clips on both sides to keep the chain taunght (tight/snug). Remember: weight, weight, weight –– is everything. For hills, metal diamond-chain is the absolute best, some ATV chain dealers do have a very open diamond-chain, but not nearly as heavy-duty or dense as what 'Sarge' posted (wonder what that chain costs). Glen
  4. These are 'Rubber Tire Chains" and work very well on asphalt, with weight in the tire . . . . fronts are weighted also (Rim Guard, molasses). Note: smaller tires with less contact on the ground will provide the most traction. Tires with more 'Pounds per Square Inch' can dig-down and grip the ground; a smaller footprint concentrates the weight on a smaller area, a big larger tire footprint spreads the weight over a larger area and almost sits on top the snow or ice For Summer mowing you want a large-wider-lighter-flater tire to ride on and not dig in the grass (tire pressure: 20psi in Winter, 8–10psi in Summer).
  5. Front AG tires?

    Added weight on the front would be the first thing I'ld do. I have exactly the same tires as you do on the front. (1) liquid in the tires (Rim-guard is best, anti-freeze, windshield washer . . . ), (2) weight on the tires (like you have on the back ones), (3) weight hanging in front or on the front axle (chains, barbell, . . . ). With the blade down pushing, the front-end is actually very light, you need the extra weight up there for steering control, not on the 'A' frame of the plow but on the tractor but so the wheels are held down on the ground better. Your bar-lugs or chains will greatly reduce side-slippage with the added weight to hold them down. Good Luck & have fun this Winter . . . Glen
  7. Need advise on freight in the US

    Love to see even more pictures in time: loading up the containers, securing them in there, the dock, and then when they get to Denmark and where they may be going. I really enjoy seeing the building & insides over there, new owners, the Danish countryside, homes, farms, workshops, tools and their new horses working . . . keep 'em coming g hopefully . . . Glen
  8. I take it to mean: When there is a difference of opinion, rather than 'dig in' and ignore him or it . . . just broaden our thinking -- considering many more factors = bigger circle of input, and to not criticize their suggestion but to try and build on and respect it . . . even if it is wrong. Not many people are always right 100% of the time, if we "gang up" on one person when they may be wrong, we might eliminate any future input or cooperation, or worse yet, create an anti-social or destructive person like we're seeing more of in the news lately. just my 2¢, Glen
  9. Now, if you really wanted to go big:
  10. Mega 300+ Tractors to be sold at auction 9/16

    Would sure love to see lots of photos, and maybe get an idea what some of these sell for. With that many Wheel Horses, same place same time, might be some great deals there, gosh--darn it -- so so far.
  11. Headlight Lenses available:

    Yes. We have Rubber Hub Caps with the WH Logo that fit onto a 2" Hub ( 2"OD, but some models of front wheel hubs cannot use these, hub must be a uniform smooth round, not have contours & different thicknesses ). These Hub Caps are 1" deep and 2"ID, available in Red, White or Black with solid logos, $20/pair + $3 shipping.
  12. Headlight Lenses available:

    Yes, we have all lenses available except the HL-5 small lenses (but will have those by Jan. 01, '18).
  13. Mega 300+ Tractors to be sold at auction 9/16

    Talked with the owner of these 300 tractors up for auction next week, and asked "how he got that many" (he's on the A-C site . . . ) : No,none of us were dealers. All 3 of us are farmers with a major AC addiction. Gary is a super nice fella, he goes to lots of auctions and buys mainly AC stuff. My brother and I have purchased stuff from Gary. He has a lot of lawn mowers of all kinds. The most that I have seen. Just giving him a little hard time. It's great to have someone in our area with some neat stuff for sale. He also has some neat Oliver tractors. I bought a 4 bottom AC semi mount plow from him this spring. Post Options Thanks(0) Quote Reply Posted: 10 hours 57 minutes ago at 9:48pm Used to average about 40 auctions a year,think my personal one day record was 12 garden tractors at the Marion PA auction one Wednesday.Been gathering up old tractors since around 1975.Have had a lot of fun and have met a whole lot of nice folks thru the years many are on here.
  14. Posted July 20 (edited) There are Three editions: #1, 2000 - #2, 2008, and - #3, 2012 (#2 & #3 also came with CD audio tapes). The final/last one, #3 is still available from the author, and Mike is an active member here on Red Square and does attend the big Wheel Horse show in PA in June. I've seen edition #1 actually sell for nearly $200 on eBay & there is one selling on Amazon right now for $499, (, a real good useful investment. (The 3rd edition is listed for sale in the 'Venders section' right here on RS: .. Edited July 20 by GlenPettit
  15. The author and the book are fantastic, fast and excellent service, you'll enjoy and keep the book forever, like all of us do. Glen