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  1. Now, if you really wanted to go big:
  2. Mega 300+ Tractors to be sold at auction 9/16

    Would sure love to see lots of photos, and maybe get an idea what some of these sell for. With that many Wheel Horses, same place same time, might be some great deals there, gosh--darn it -- so so far.
  3. Headlight Lenses available:

    Yes. We have Rubber Hub Caps with the WH Logo that fit onto a 2" Hub ( 2"OD, but some models of front wheel hubs cannot use these, hub must be a uniform smooth round, not have contours & different thicknesses ). These Hub Caps are 1" deep and 2"ID, available in Red, White or Black with solid logos, $20/pair + $3 shipping.
  4. Headlight Lenses available:

    Yes, we have all lenses available except the HL-5 small lenses (but will have those by Jan. 01, '18).
  5. Mega 300+ Tractors to be sold at auction 9/16

    Talked with the owner of these 300 tractors up for auction next week, and asked "how he got that many" (he's on the A-C site . . . ) : No,none of us were dealers. All 3 of us are farmers with a major AC addiction. Gary is a super nice fella, he goes to lots of auctions and buys mainly AC stuff. My brother and I have purchased stuff from Gary. He has a lot of lawn mowers of all kinds. The most that I have seen. Just giving him a little hard time. It's great to have someone in our area with some neat stuff for sale. He also has some neat Oliver tractors. I bought a 4 bottom AC semi mount plow from him this spring. Post Options Thanks(0) Quote Reply Posted: 10 hours 57 minutes ago at 9:48pm Used to average about 40 auctions a year,think my personal one day record was 12 garden tractors at the Marion PA auction one Wednesday.Been gathering up old tractors since around 1975.Have had a lot of fun and have met a whole lot of nice folks thru the years many are on here.
  6. Posted July 20 (edited) There are Three editions: #1, 2000 - #2, 2008, and - #3, 2012 (#2 & #3 also came with CD audio tapes). The final/last one, #3 is still available from the author, and Mike is an active member here on Red Square and does attend the big Wheel Horse show in PA in June. I've seen edition #1 actually sell for nearly $200 on eBay & there is one selling on Amazon right now for $499, (https://www.amazon.com/Straight-horses-mouth-Wheel-Horse/dp/0970666802), a real good useful investment. (The 3rd edition is listed for sale in the 'Venders section' right here on RS: https://wheelhorsestory.com/home/8-straight-from-the-horse-s-mouth-the-wheel-horse-story.html). .. Edited July 20 by GlenPettit
  7. The author and the book are fantastic, fast and excellent service, you'll enjoy and keep the book forever, like all of us do. Glen
  8. Need advise on freight in the US

    About 12 years ago I worked with (Ole Skou in Kondrup, DK), his Company shipped items over here in containers (Nickleson tools) and the containers returned to Denmark empty. He had a friend in Maryland receive, collect and store Wheel Horses until they had a container full, then his friend put them all in one container, secured them, then this container was shipped back to Denmark where they paid the import fee for these tractors. There was a handling fee for the extra weight, a few hundred, but I understood that that was all until the import fee. There are a lot of Wheel Horses in Denmark (and was a Wheel Horse clubhouse which burned in '05), unfortunately some of the Wheel Horses are being used as pullers and racers. (Google: Wheel Horse, tractor racing, in Denmark - + you tube). also for the club, try: http.//web.archive.org/web/*wheelhorse.dk too old.
  9. Craig: I'm easily moving around a 3,000# trailer on a reasonably level gravel drive, backing up and turning it (with lug tires and a weighted front), I'm sure the tongue weight is 5-600# but then a little bounce will make that well over 1,000# -- and this receiver system has absolutely no problem handling it. I have had two of these hitches for last 3-years and they are great, highly recommend them. Especially like the extended hitch distance when towing a cart, much easier to turn (but it can be a shin nicker, from experience). Note: With weight behind the axle, it will lighten the front some and reduce steering, especially in snow, must have extra weight up front too. Glen That's a 7/8" tractor hitch pin with d-rings holding the receiver to the tranny (TSC - $10, not supposed to freeze/rust in place) and the hitch was for ATV's, with 3 uses.
  10. 42" deck: 2 styles ?

    Lane: I think you may have hit on one of my major problems with the 'U' link being on the wrong side, will correct that. It looks like I will have to make and have new 'trunnion tabs' welded on (I do have a MIG welder, 110, don't know it that is big enough to do this job . . . any thoughts ? Garry: Thank you, any idea when there are two different positions for the trunnion (left & right of center by 2") for these 42" RD deck models, was the tractor they went on any different ? Will correct the leveler bars. Feeling much better on understanding what's happening now. Thanks again. Glen
  11. 42" deck: 2 styles ?

    Here's a pair of 'straight down-center' pictures, hard to tell when camera is at an angle, using a straight-edge, everything looks straight and all bolts are tight. Still wondering why two different hanger positions. Lift bar in second/older picture looks slightly curved, but it's the camera angle again. ( Garry, where art thou? ). Crack free; had three 1/8" thick by six inches diameter 'spindle reinforcement plates' welded on both decks prior to restoring, you can just see them welded on top of both decks, to eliminate cracking there. Glen
  12. I have four 42" RD decks, but they have two different trunnion mount levers and in different positions (see photo): The one I restored (bright red) easily fits and mounts on my 312's, where the 'well used' one kinda fits but just doesn't work well, unhooks easily and doesn't really adjust -- so it's not made for my tractors, what do I have? Bright Red that fits/works perfect (model 0542MR04, '88), 'well used' (model 1542RC01, '89). The tab on the long Gauge Wheel rod that the trunnion actually fits into is in a 4" different position than the other deck and the leveler assembly is also off center (but if flipped can work with either deck). The two tabs are also in different angles and lengths. Does anyone know why or what they are for? I haven't been able to find an answer. *** I have two of each style, they appear identical except for the "trunnion tab" position and size. I'm considering making new tabs to match the tab on the correct deck and having those welded in the correct position to match my restored correct deck, and also flipping the 'Leveler assembly bracket'. I think that that is all I need to do to have a perfect match. Both use the exact same belts. Any comments or suggestions, please. I used the 'wrong' deck while I restored the 'correct deck', actually I had so much of a problem with the wrong-wrong deck, I rushed the restoration (maybe good), right now I'm using a 42" SD deck for the fields which has long very overgrown grass. Glen
  13. Do you still have GT 14 dash plates?

  14. shifter knob

    "Expansion-Contraction": Much easier to let physics work with us, remove when it's cool (early morning), or cool down the knob & lever somehow, and using the above suggestions. The insert that is inside the knob ball is probably Brass, which helps hold it on the shift lever, but a slow steady turning force should allow it to loosen/give. Good Luck,
  15. Happy Birthday Glen!

    OMG, Thanks everyone. I sure don't feel 74, everytime I get on one of our Wheel Horses I really do feel like a kid again, I mean, like a teenager taking his Dads tractor out when he is gone and doesn't know what I'm doing . . . fun, fun, fun . . . .