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  1. Enjoy: Foto-DeExceptie.pps
  2. Hello Glen,

    My name i Frank Suski and I'm interested in purchasing a dash plate for my '71 800 Special.  Please reply with the total cost plus shipping.

    Reply to Frank at :

    161esperance@gmail .com


    Thanks, FTS

    1. GlenPettit



      Thanks for checking in, yes, we have your 701 Dash; total with shipping would be be $24 via PayPal, use my eMail as payee name.  

      Be sure your address is on the invoice, allow 3 days to arrive.



    2. Esperance



      Great!  Do you by any chance have a line on where I might get throttle & choke cables for my '71 800 Special?



    3. GlenPettit


      Cables:  Chuck McColley,  Wabash, IN,  (765) 661-6850


  3. Can't find my photos of it, but saw a guy with a rear mount crane, using a Wheel Horse 'A-Frame' as the main beam (the snow plow frame from beneath the tractor), looked very neat and like it should be there.
  4. Yes, we have those. An exact match to the original and including the correct length roll-pin: just $15 (+3 delivery): (Look under Venders for ordering info)
  5. Probably a travel holder for the hand-held spray wand, – sprayer tank would be towed while tractor pulled it through the orchard/vineyard/patch.
  6. IndianaJohn: In the process of making the PTO Handle, the New Style firm-rubber one but with the Horse Head Logo on it, with a 1/2" core, (just $15), as shown below: Find us under VENDERS . . .
  7. "Wheel Spacer" $65, eBay name: "1965Dodge2013", Bourbon, IN ... was item #321381519761 (But, this was 9 years ago). Google: "Garden Tractor", Wheel Spacers to see a variety of different methods. There maybe/should be other people making those spacers now ??? I've seen where people use a 2" wide piece of 12" White Plastic PVC pipe (which has very thick walls), for several years & were happy with it. Glen
  8. (1) Power: Your older 12hp would be about equal to a newer 20-22hp tractor today; small engines used to rated on horsepower and today are more on just speed (as I understand it). But, engines wear down in time, so a 50 year old unrestored 12hp engine may only have 8–10hp of output today. (2) Traction: That aerator is very heavy and with the prongs going down 3-4" into the ground, that creates a lot of drag, your Wheel Horse does have a transmission that is very strong can can pull it, but you need all your horse power going to it and excellent traction to keep your rear wheels down and "bitting in" without spinning (good 'lug' tires and lots of weight at the rear wheels, plus some weight on the front for steering). (3) On flat fairly dry ground, your tractor may be able to pull it, but even the turns will be a chore for it. (4) You can purchase a new "pull plug aerator" from the box stores for about $200, no motor, maybe 50# empty, with each turn the new soil goes up the tube pushing out the former soil. With 2-3 cement blocks on it for extra weight and in normal slightly moist soil, it will do a very good job. The plungers will plug up, (for me, maybe just once every 8-10 minutes that I have to stop and unplug a stone from one the plunger tubes, my soil is mostly clay, not stones), but I have this aerator whenever I want it. On our 4-acre pasture I always pull a "spike aerator" ($100) when I mow, to cut little slits in the soil, maybe 2" deep and about 4-5" apart. Must drive slow in 1st gear for the de-plugger, but for spikes I run in 2nd while mowing.
  9. Step 1: Take some pictures of it, both sides and rear to front . . . then post them here, we'll be able to tell you exactly what model it is then; also post any numbers you see on the side decals (that's the model), . . . the serial number is on a small metal-looking tag usually on the dash tower or the seat pan. Does your tractor run OK, and how does it sound when you change engine speed ? All your manuals and Operating booklets are available here as a free download, you can also see pictures of all Wheel Horse models in the pictures section, listed by year. ** Tires are an easy fix, easy to remove and put on the wheels (the heavy metal in center of tire), and you can get the (black rubber) tires and the mounting of the tire to the wheels done at many places (like Discount Tire = lowest prices usually). Welcome to Red Square
  10. Glen:


    I sent an order via PM and email. Thanks!


  11. Yes, we have those 'exact replacement' Springs, they are extra strong (in Venders section). Also, two of the Hardware Store Springs will certainly work, together, probably almost as well as the heavy original. Lowell Scholljegerdes in MN is making the "Flags", and a lot of other 'hard-to-find' WH parts, also check his listing of all of the replacement parts he has down in the Venders section ( or Glen
  12. TSC stores have a nice 5/8" diameter by 10" long 'Eye Bolt' that works perfectly for this, it leaves a 71/2" space to fit onto the Tac-a-Matic nicely (measured between the nut/washer and its 'eye'). Looks nice, and is plated to reduce rusting. The regular 5/8" bolts most places have in stock seem to only go up to a 6" length, . . . or you could purchase a3 foot long 5/8" round rod, cut it to length and drill a hole on each end for a cotter pin.
  13. ActionHorse: Could you also post photos of the sides and rear of your 520, I would also like to see those side-lights and decals. Very nice looking tractor modifications, and your closeup photos and descriptions (thread subject) is very helpful & timely. Glen
  14. I hope I'm not repeating/reposting this, I just came across it, from our UKWheelHorseBloke, who just got a D200 over there in England: (there are more videos of him on the YouTube sidebar).
  15. Yes (and no), there's a big mechanical advantage ––– you're using the large lever on the left plus a strong 'helper spring' (and a 'flag') underneath, so just your left arm while sitting can raise the snowblower easily. Ask him to keep searching and keep a big eye open –– it's those little small parts that are often left behind that have become so valuable and hard to find, and even harder to reproduce, like the small 'flag' and 'Spring', etc.