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  1. 420-LSE

    Changed Price to 1400
  2. 420-LSE

    Here's a video I took of it running.
  3. 420-LSE

    I have never ran it for extended periods of time personally so I can't say 1qt for x hours but it lets off a noticeable puff occasionally.
  4. 420-LSE

    Make me some offers guys!
  5. 420-LSE

    Changed Price to 2000
  6. 420-LSE

    878 hours and I also have the owners manual and owners manual case for the tractor. This is number 70/200
  7. 420-LSE

    Wheel Horse 420-LSE runs and drives as it should, burns some oil and has been used so there's some normal scratches and wear. Located in Columbus, IN 47203 $1600 or will consider trades for non Harley style motorcycles. Comes with original manual case and chrome mule drive. Others attachments available at additional cost. Please text or call anytime between 9am-9pm Serial number 70/200
  8. Work Horse GT-1100

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Work Horse GT-1100

    Selling a GT-1100 Work Horse by Wheel Horse 8 speed gear drive, with a 36" (I think) rear discharge mower deck. Runs good and drives good, original tires and paint. Deck sounds like it has a bearing going out but it mows good. I will not ship, local pickup only zip code 47203 Columbus, IN
  10. 1982, 83, 84 Workhorse Series

    This one fell in my lap today. It's a little dirty but I think it will clean up nicely.
  11. WH 518-H questions

    You should be able to find a 520 roller for less than $400 with frequency in Indiana or Ohio. I have a 520 and a 518 and I like them both. My 518 was dealer converted to the Eaton 1100 as Wheel Horse issued a recall (I think or maybe it was only a service bulletin?) on the Eaton 700's and paid dealers to swap them out. If you see a 518 with an oil filter above the rear axle like a 520 then it has been upgraded. A 518 is a slightly simpler machine than a 520 and for overall longevity if it has the Eaton 1100, it's probably a "better" tractor. The 18 and 20hp Onans were basically the same engine save for a few minor carburetor differences. The 518 has a manual lift and the 520 has a hydraulic lift. I think that would be the one thing that would steer me to one tractor over the other and maybe the 60" deck on a 520 if I was going to mow a lot. I also would say maybe spend some time and save a little extra and try to find one (either size) that's running with new tires. The tires on a 520 alone will set you back about $200 and most that I see in roller condition need them badly. I see a lot of rollers for $3-400 but I see a lot of decent looking running tractors for $7-800, if you add $200 for tires and $100 for engine parts (which would be low end and lucky) you've already bought a good running tractor. I think there's a 520 in the classifieds right now in Greensburg, IN (that's about an hour west of Cincinnati) the guy is asking $895obo. That would be a better buy than a $400 roller unless it was in mighty fine shape.
  12. Secure 520 Throttle Lever Knob

    Drill out the pivot point with a 1/4” drill bit and use a 1/4-20 bolt with a lock nut and the problem is fixed for cheap. New throttle cables can loosen and have the same issue in a short period of time depending on the quality and placement of the rivet.

    Put a top coat of 7271 and they’ll look like factory
  14. Looks like it needs grease!

    There will (or should be) be a grease zerk on top of all three spindles. The middle spindle has a tendency to rub on the lift rod on a lot of decks, it may have worn off the zerk. There is also a zerk on the base of the shaft that goes to the steering wheel around the geared block. It's sometimes caked in grease and difficult to find but it's there. You can find it referenced on page 22-23 of the owners manuals.