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  1. Looks like it needs grease!

    There will (or should be) be a grease zerk on top of all three spindles. The middle spindle has a tendency to rub on the lift rod on a lot of decks, it may have worn off the zerk. There is also a zerk on the base of the shaft that goes to the steering wheel around the geared block. It's sometimes caked in grease and difficult to find but it's there. You can find it referenced on page 22-23 of the owners manuals.
  2. Front Mower Carrier

  3. 520h "surging?"

    I think you can do most of it without taking the carb off as I recall. Take off the air filter housing and the top end of the carb will give you access to the jets. Make sure to close the throttle and the choke in case you drop the screws.
  4. 520h "surging?"

    You don't want to run carb cleaner through a carburetor without taking it apart btw. Carb cleaner will swell up rubber pieces and make them no longer work properly.
  5. 520h "surging?"

    Sounds most like a dirty carb, probably need to clean the jets and the bowl. I would also make sure the fuel filter is new/clean and check the fuel line and make sure the fuel tank is clean.
  6. Wanted 420-LSE Armrest

    not opposed to something nice either
  7. Green Vertical Shaft?

    I picked up a Z930M John Deere Ztrak this spring with a 25hp kawasaki vertical shaft motor that's got over 2800 hours on what appears to be an original engine. It's a heck of a mower. It's been converted to propane, some say that's easier on the motor than gas, I'm not sure but it runs well still.
  8. Wanted 420-LSE Armrest

    Looking to buy 420-LSE armrest, doesn't need to be NOS or immaculate so long as it looks decent, this one isn't a show piece.
  9. Models not made by Wheel Horse

    Very interesting, I did a quick web search on these and found a quote (sourced by Glen Pettit lol) from Ed Cole about them.
  10. Models not made by Wheel Horse

    The 724Z was made by Dixie Chopper, the 616Z was made by Wheel Horse from what I've heard. There were none made by Dixon as far as I'm aware. I think the Dixie Chopper and 724Z is pretty easy to see if you compare some of the early Dixie Choppers to the 724-Z.
  11. Models not made by Wheel Horse

    Now we're just getting into semantics.
  12. 520-H Engine

    The valve seat issue seems to normally happen around 1200-1500 hours from what I've seen and heard. I'm sure there is a guy with one that had an issue at 300 hours and another guy that's got 2000+ and no issue but I see a lot in that range that have the problem.
  13. Models not made by Wheel Horse

    Interesting. Is there a Gutbrod that is similar to a D-250?
  14. Models not made by Wheel Horse

    Who did make the D-250 then? I thought some of the E-series were made by Wheel Horse and some were made by GE... I've heard conflicting reports on the "GE made" units that Wheel Horse made the metal/frames and shipped them to GE to finish. Hopefully someone can chime in with some experience.
  15. In the years prior to Toro what models of Wheel Horse tractors were not made by Wheel Horse? I know Dixie Chopper made the larger zero turn. I think I heard someone (maybe MTD) made some rear engine riders? I tried searching the forums but didn't pull up anything. This is all stemming from a Facebook conversation where a guy is claiming a 200 series wasn't made by Wheel Horse, which I know is of course not true. I'm just trying to find a definitive list of what wasn't made by them.