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  1. So... what are they after here?

    After a half dozen beers I can talk exactly like that!
  2. Well...Maynard I agree about so much telephone talk....I'm not a big fan of electronics...specially this week .BUT LET me add this one piece of advice A SERIOUS WARNING TO ALL TIN SEAT WHEEL HORSE OWNERS! I have a Iphone 4 .......only because gramma made me carry one. (Just in case I get lost in the Senioran Desert).... I do like it for taking pictures, and I have a nice gps setup in it....and I like when my grandaughter texts me. But gramma insists I take it with me when I'm in the airplane, or on the tractors, even though I cant hear it ring.....So I clip it on the seat when I'm putzing around. BUT DON'T leave it just sitting on the seat of a running RJ.........because when your back is turned it is going to vibrate right off the seat onto the ground....and then you're going to step on it when you go to get back on the tractor....... Final replacement cost including the extra tough cover she made me buy---> $150.00
  3. A little fun with old pictures

    well,about 1965 sorry about the green and then about 1968... it is me and my daughter who is now almost 50 years old! (holy crap!) on a Jacobsen I just repainted... wow, I forgot i used to have hair! and this is her daughter 25 years later.... she is now 23 yo and my grandson about 10 years ago the same dude now love it......life goes on! Redbirdman
  4. I have been working the last few days just cleaning the garage and garage cabinets. In one cabinet I keep all my saws; A Stil chop saw, a miter saw, two 7" Skil saws and a very old aluminum (or white metal?)electric jig saw.....I noticed a big pile of what looked like black dust like what you would get after sawing up old tires. It covered the jig saw and was sprinkled below the miter saw. When you touched it it would smudge just like coal tar. I was baffled where it came from since I can't remember cutting any tires up? When I picked up the jig saw I noticed it actually dissolved the metal to what looked like black rust. It even ate some of the aluminum on my good miter saw. I wore rubber gloves and swept the whole cabinet out with a wet chlorox rag and disposed of everything (rags and trash) in a sealed plastic bag. Ironically, in the same cabinet I kept a spray bottle of "MOLD AWAY" leftover from New Jersey that I used in the damp basement when I lived back there. I sprayed everything with that and let it all dry in the sun. I wrapped the jig saw in double plastic and put in shed. I never saw a mold that could eat aluminum. If it was really mold or just aluminum going bad in the heat???? It was under the miter saw stand too, and that had a lot of sawdust stuck there. (from projects back in Jersey). I also wonder if it came from that wood dust. It did not eat cardboard or wood, but actually dissolved the metal on the jig saw. I sure hope its not some stacky botrus virus or something. And I sure don't want to get it around my aluminum airplane, Any Ideas? ED
  5. Tractor Seat Stools

    Well, I admire your idea. But I have to tell you about a problem I see with it. Forty years ago, (or thereabouts) I was seduced into believing 'green and yellow' was the ultimate garden tractor. As a result I bought almost exactly the same 'ultimate seat' for sitting around the shop. It was green and yellow and had a nice logo cushion. But I never thought about my son. He was 10 then and almost 50 now. He decided it would be so very cool to show 'pop' he could coast down the drive-way while sitting on that cool seat. Of course, he blasted past the garage and continued down the hill at about 50 mph before plastering himself against the barn wall. I guess it cost about a thousand bucks by the time we fixed all his teeth and the broken bones. When we moved to Arizona 10 years ago I gave him that seat. Of course, he lives in a flat part of south Jersey now and there is no chance my grandson can do the same stupid thing. But it makes a good story to tell my grandson. And why he should stay away from anything green and yellow! ED
  6. Yep... I said it before too; 'so many places around the world look so similar' But did anybody notice the satellite dish points 'down'! I guess if you lived in Guatemala a satellite dish would point straight up like a bird bath ???? ed
  7. Huge Christmas tree moved by a dog!

    " I did learn to drive truck on a '52 Mack pumper at our local firehouse"...... Yessir, they were the days. I'd give anything to relive that first fire I responded to with ol Captain Regge Ronco in that LG. It was 1965, It had no cab top, the captain rang the bell with a rope and the sireen was an old mechanical job that you whirred up with your foot on a floor switch. I was so proud driving to that fire that turned out to be just a stupid garbage can on fire! Here is a great video of a beautiful LG: But just before that I ran for Sea land pulling containers with that damn shake and bake crackerbox: kinda pisses me off that today I am confined to videos and a friggen lawn chair ...............................oh well! Live your life LOUD and strong when you can my friends........ ED .......
  8. News about Stevasuarus

    I have been watching the "WORLDS DUMBEST" programs and wonder when your episode will air??? hehe................get well soon man...... ed
  9. Huge Christmas tree moved by a dog!

    Oh yeah! And that was where the 'look of a bulldog' came from I believe. My dad drove one just like that hauling nursery stock and farm produce back and forth from Trenton NJ to Market Street in Newark right around when that Mack in the video was new. He said if the chain broke or flipped off you would lose all your brakes because the brake drum was before the final drive. I remember him saying (back around 1990) "Why sonny, it took pert near TWO hours to drive that 'ol bulldog from Newark to Trenton back in those days!" I said back :"Pop, it takes THREE hours now!" Redbird..... .....damn, now you got me rootin around in all them dam boxes stored in the hanger looking for my old 'bulldog'..
  10. Huge Christmas tree moved by a dog!

    Well, you know what they say about Mack truck drivers? Just one A 'hole looking at another A 'hole!............. But I would never give up the times I spent behind my 'ol dog....a million miles were on my R model, and the old DM...and the RJ ??? and my dad in his chain drive 'bulldog'....... TG for MACK! 'poppadawg'.........er, I mean Redbird :help:
  11. Questions to ponder...

    Why is it so hard to get the price tag off a teflon pan? ed :thumbs2:
  12. INCIDENT on the runway today

    Yes..true (and I'm not sure of the exact rules) But a Lycoming with a gear reducing front end only has to be rebuilt in the gear reduction section and inspected beyond. A Continental has an easily cracked crank so the crank has to be replaced and engine rebuilt completely. One way or the other I think I would want everything done! Last summer a guy in an older low wing twin let one wheel drop off the edge of the taxiway.... he did not even notice it but people at the gas pump heard the prop go zzzzzzzing..... Total cost prop and engine rebuild: $50.000.00 ed :thumbs2:
  13. Well, a little excitement this morning. Thankfully nobody was hurt at all.. But the quiet whoosh of a beautiful older airplane coming over the fence to touchdown was interrupted by the terrible sound of a buzz saw hitting a metal spike followed by the short screech of aluminum and fiberglass sliding down pavement. A photo taken a week before the accident And about 0ne minute after the crunch
  14. Finished my RJ today!

    well, personally I prefer the original old front tires with chunks missing, and really stained greasy axel hubs. I dont like the belt guard or the heat sheild since not one real working tractor ever had them after they were a week old. I like rattlely hoods and leaking gas tanks and rusty paint and wobbly seats with smoking engines.....and of course the steering wheel must be crooked from fat guys pushing down on them as they get off the tractor.........and dirt.Wheres the dirt??? Ok, I guess your restoration is fair, maybe ok. Okkkk Its beautiful! ed :D
  15. YIKES>>>>>>THIS gives me the creeps An 86-year-old man is lucky to be alive after he accidentally impaled himself with pruning shears. Arizona's University Medical Centre said yesterday that Leroy Luetscher was working in his yard on July 30 when he dropped a pair of pruning shears, which landed point-side down in the ground. When he went to pick them up, he lost his balance and fell face-down on the handle. The handle penetrated his eye socket and went down into his neck, resting on the external carotid artery. Half the shears were left in his head, while the other half was sticking out. Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/world/gardeners-s...l#ixzz1WXEFnsfy What a shame the 'ol geezer gets to live this long and then ends up in this kinda acccident......My mom used to say: "why don't ya just sit on a bench and relax so you wont get hurt"........with my luck the bench would fall over backwards into traffic. But that kind of accident makes you wanna just sit still. Ed :banghead: