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  1. K181 Covered In Oil

    I dug a little deeper and found that the head gasket was shot but I don't believe that is where the oil was coming from. I pulled the tin from around the motor, there was some oil residue build up but not much. I don't think that the crank seal is bad. I replaced the head gasket and put it all back together. I guess I'll have to wait and see if the oil comes back or not. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm thinking if it does come back, it'll have to be a crack in the block. The cooling fins and most everything on that side is pretty dry and clean. But there is oil underneath the flywheel which is why I am guessing its a cracked block or cylinder. Thanks for your help guys, we'll see if the oil returns.........
  2. K181 Covered In Oil

    So since last year, I've had oil all over the engine from the exhaust pipe down all the way to the frame and eventually the ground. At first glance, it seemed as if it was a bad head gasket... Well, I've cleaned it up a bit and realized that the head gasket appears to be just fine. Where else could this oil be coming from? It will drip on my garage floor while its sitting but not excessively at all. Is it oil coming from the exhaust? What originally made me think it was the head gasket is I when I start it, exhaust comes out from near the exhaust pipe, but then stops when its running. Do I have a cracked engine block? I don't see any other cracks or wear on the engine. Or could it still be a bad head gasket that I'm not seeing where its damaged...? My only problem with a bad gasket it that the oil doesn't start to show in the engine there, it starts showing a couple inches below it... Any suggestions to keep me from bringing it to the local small engine repair shop would be appreciated... Thanks!
  3. HELP! B-80 and a Tiller

    4StarCstms, What size belt is that?
  4. 36in Tiller Hookup

    Thanks for the link Kelly! Now, looking at it, I think It should be pretty simple to get an idler welded onto the tiller to keep it under the axle.
  5. 36in Tiller Hookup

    Interesting. I've never seen one like this! Where the bar the goes across, is right in front of where the tiller hooks into the slots to its not the fact that its in my way, just trying to rig something up to get it under the axle without hitting it. Randy, do you have any pictures of your set up I could look at?
  6. 36in Tiller Hookup

    Did it look like this one? Because the guy that I bought the tiller from, sold this with it...
  7. 36in Tiller Hookup

    Okay, I'm nice and full. In the first picture, you can see its pretty tight in there and not much room for the belt. So you're saying that the idler pulley goes between the drive pulley for the tiller and the front of the tiller? Do you have any pictures of yours Randy?
  8. 36in Tiller Hookup

    Thanks guys for the help... I think that I might have to weld a pulley onto the tiller like Randy's. I think it might be easiest and only require 1 extra pulley... I know it was last August when I promised these but here are the pictures of it... The first picture is where I have my problem... as you can see, its slightly congested... Okay, well apparently I need to read the "how to" section on uploading photos... I'll read up on that after dinner and get the pictures uploaded..
  9. I hate being away so long... Now I have a ton to catch up on!

  10. Just the Carb?

    Thanks guys! She purrs like a kitten again. I just took it apart, cleaned it up a bit and adjusted the screws a bit to get the fuel/air mixture right again! Saved me a couple hundred bucks!
  11. Just the Carb?

    Thanks Jim. I'll try that today and hopefully that will fix the problem! I can't let the wife show me up any longer than necessary!
  12. Just the Carb?

    For some reason, all of a sudden, I have to keep the choke on a bit to keep my tractor running. (And it runs crappy with the choke up.) I've done some searching on this site in regards to this issue and came up with the fact that the carb needs a good cleaning. So then I did some research on that. In my head, this should be a fairly easy project but as I'm looking at some of the info and documents, its seems to be a little bit more than just an easy project. Now, since I have NEVER worked on a carb before, (Crazy, right?) is this a difficult thing to do? Would I be better off bringing it to my local small engine repair place here in town? The oil also gets really 'sooty' and dirty quickly. Is this part of the carb problem or do I have another issue on my hands? I bought it a year ago and the guy I bought it from, said that it had just been tuned up by a Wheel Horse guy in Southern MN a couple years prior to my purchase. Any ideas? My wife is giving me crap because this is mine and hers is running great... I gotta get this bad boy fixed AND FAST!
  13. 36in Tiller Hookup

    I'll get some pictures uploaded today of everything I have with it... I dont have any problem fabbing something up if need be...
  14. 36in Tiller Hookup

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a tiller (1960's I believe) and the setup is almost complete. I have two pairs of pulley's but not entirely sure it will work around the transmission. I have the pulleys that will bring the belt down below the footrest but I dont see much clearance for it to fit around the axle. I've seen pics while searching and saw that there might be a pulley that would eliminate the belt from going over/under the transmission but the one I saw was mounted to the tiller. I'm not seeing any holes where one may have been mounted... Any ideas how this would work? Or should I just fab up a pulley on the tiller to bring the belt under the axle? I'll try to get pics uploaded sometime tonight with all the parts that came with it... Thanks!
  15. Scored a snowblower!

    Maybe its just me but I'm 165 pounds soaking wet and when I have my blower on my B-80 and my B-100, it's a cinch to lift up and down... even without an assist spring. And I'm right handed! Am I superhuman?