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    charity,mo. north of springfield.
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    1976 b80, building a puller. lookin to buy a another wheel or 2. bigger.
  1. pulling

    yes i used a 3 speed in my b80. with a 8 horse kohler. i broke my 3 speed after the 3rd pull. i dont know whether the added weight or just the heavy tow. i up graded to the 8 speed 1 1/8 axles. so much better hooks pulls good till the front end comes of the ground and it stalls lol just about 143.67 feet.
  2. looks like i got the the 10 pinyon . hubs goes same direction. oh well imma put it in and go from there. i reubild my old 3 on the tree. lol thanks so much for info.
  3. I just bot a hi/lo 8 speed out of a raider 10. its a 1970 model 1-6051 is this a 6 speed or 8 speed countin reverse. anyhow i need the seal numbers for the drive pulley shaft and the brake drum shaft. also do these hi/lo trans have different axle shaft sizes 1" or 1 1/8th. thanks for the help. oh and i busted somethin in my 4 speed pullin the 950 hot stock no governor 8 horse kohler pulled 134.57. then it broke hahahha. thanks for all the help fellers
  4. finally finished

    well the best pull so far governed at 4000 is 63 ft 62 inches, ran er till it stalled. i def need a big block for stock/hotstock 14 hp is what i need. may take governor off and let the lil horse do its thing till it dont lol
  5. 14 horse

    can a 14 horse kohler be swapped with an 8 horse on a b80. i`m thinkin it will. thoughs pleasee.
  6. finally finished

    Why in the world are you pulling without the tractor weighing the correct weight for the class? Your 250 pounds light and that would make a huge difference... well sir i`m a rookie at this now that i know, i`m in the process of bulding a rack under the tractror and gonna add 250 pounds of iron to it :hide:
  7. finally finished

    ok so i make my first attempt ever at sled pullin 950 in the stock class. my b80 is 701 with me on it. no weight. i get hooked up flagger green flags me. i give a lil throttle and ez up on the clutch and hammer it. the front end comes up and the tires startts diggin 2 holes. the sled goes nowhere. looks i gotta add weight. and to top it off my bud whos a 950 hot stock cub whispers in my ear. i should atleast get a 14 horse . oh brother. live n learn.
  8. finally finished

    Finally finished my b80 paid a 100.00 for it back in august now i got over a grand in it. i dont think i`ll ever do this again. was lotta fun sleepless nights lol i had to make my own wheelie bars and had a machine shop fab me a plate for top of trans and in the pinn on lower pull bar and the hook hitch.no governor i throttle stopped it at 4000 and its sure fun to put it in 3rd hammer it and slip my foot off the clutch. i have pulled my f150 down the drive no problems. now if it only would stopp rainin so i can get out on the track.:hide:
  9. kill switch

    Hi fellers still workin on my puller. now i have a kill switch breakaawy type. i know one wire goes to ground. does the other wire go into the solenoid or the ign switch. thanks
  10. posting pics

    anybody know how i can send pics from my phone to this website? progress in motion. thanks
  11. hey ya`ll . since i dont have a welder do ya`ll know anyone that builds pullin hitches and wheelie bars for the wheel horse. i may have to get out the drill and bolt n nut build one. seems like all these pullin sites. its about the CADET. ugh... thanks
  12. Its alive

    yeeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwwww, the kohler lives. was a combinaton of timin off and carb. hooked it all up and and took the tractor for a ride. what a joy for me. now the buildin begins thanks for all your help fellers :thumbs:
  13. Timing

    I aint never been happier than when my grankids were born. i found the timin mark on the crank. (i was lookin at a lil casting flaw all along hahahaha) its right down on the shaft on the counter balance where the machining stop. ii dot to dot the timing . now i`m gettin somewhere. thanks fellers for all the help. :thumbs:
  14. Timing

    ok, if i put it dot to dot. at the cam and crank. the lobe of the cam is now down. is this what i want? i may need to do a better visual of the crank. there is a mark on the counter weight, is that where the mark is our is it close to the pto journal>? thanks fellers i really appreciate your time. :thumbs:
  15. Timing

    yes i found the S in big white now. i was under impression the S was where the points were set. my bad, now its gettin clear. thanks