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  1. Wheel Horse Super Stock Pulling Tractor

    Mark Monroe --- Did Glenn Hale (Tennessee) buy this tractor from you?
  2. would you be able to send me some wheel horse dwg or dxf file formats so we can cut some things out


    many thanks



  3. Wheel Horse Logo in DXF Format

    Thank you very much.
  4. Wheel Horse Logo in DXF Format

    Did you get my pm?
  5. Wheel Horse Logo in DXF Format

    The shop said a CAD file would work as well. Thank you
  6. Red Square, I would like to have some weights plasma cut in the shape of the Wheel Horse Emblem. Does anyone have the logo in a DXF or DWG format? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you, Gregg Malott Winamac IN
  7. Wheel Horse Super Stock Puller

    I have posted a link to my Super Stock making an exhibition run. The locked rear end can be a handful at times. I hope the link works. Thank you, Gregg Malott
  8. Advice on getting a puller to hook up

    What is the weight limit in your class? Run 2nd gear high.
  9. Need help ASAP

    I would say somewhere in the 575 area.
  10. Yates county fair pull

    Do a lot of people bust rears?
  11. tire pros and cons

    First you need to find out what the rules will allow. Different clubs have different rules on what they will allow based on HP. What kind of puller do you have 10hp, 14hp, 30ci, Pro-Stock/Super Stock? Great to see more pullers on here.
  12. Wheel Horse Super Stock Pulling Tractor

    I know when to keep him on the trailer. The last thing I need is a whooping from the MIGHTY LAWN RANGER SIX SPEED. It would be like fighting William Wallace. (My Braveheart reference). :bow-blue:
  13. Wheel Horse Super Stock Pulling Tractor

    How's the 1054? Did you rebuild the loader?
  14. Wheel Horse Super Stock Pulling Tractor

    I don't have any drawings, but I can take some pics of any areas if you would like.
  15. Wheel Horse Super Stock Pulling Tractor

    That's scary. Now you see why I want to build a new rear. I'd rather not take a ride like that.