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  1. Thank you for posting this link! :thumbs:
  2. I like it!! very cool :thumbs:
  3. my 312-8

    For some reason I wasn't able to get a hole started with my hand drills. My brother is coming over this afternoon, going to try and pawn it off on him He milled out the roll pin in the steering column last night. I don't think he's going to be too thrilled about taking the entire trans. to work tonight.
  4. Front spindles

    yes, it makes sense. Sorry i cant type right now. had surgery mon. on my only good hand. maybe post some pics. so i can see the diff. in the look ? are the spndls. the same dia.?
  5. Front spindles

  6. Front spindles

    Will front steering spindles from a 518 fit my 312?
  7. 416-8

    Looks great! hope mine comes out half as well! :thumbs:
  8. my 312-8

    Here are a couple shots of where I am now. The set screw that retains the shifter was snapped off & painted over, The fill plug was stripped & painted over. I cant get either one out, still soaking in PB . After flushing twice with the K-1, The gearbox started leaking like crazy. I opened up the gearbox, thinking I would be able to... I thought my brother would be able to take the casing to work and drill them both out & re-tap the holes, if they needed it. I now know you cant do that. I'm going to bolt it back together & have him do it. One hub came off eventually. The other axel came out when I tried getting off the other. The whole gearbox needs to be re-built. Check out the picture, There is no gasket only permatex or something. I'm not going to be able to work on it again for a few weeks. I'm losing the use of my left hand for a while, unfortunately. Any ideas on how to get that screw out?
  9. I was thinking of using hex stock faced to length, spot drilled, drilled & tapped for the female tie rod. Faced to length, turned & threaded for the male. Simple lathe part. I would use hex stock to lock the lam nuts with a tab washer. Maybe I'm reading too much into what I see here on the stock tie rods, they look like they could be improved greatly.
  10. I was hoping to get something prefabricated. I'm sure I could find the rod ends, I think I'd like the rods turned on a lathe. I thought I saw a post with someone who had some made up, for sale.
  11. Where can I get stainless tie rods for my 312? I don't have access to machine tools to make them myself. Thanks.
  12. my 312-8

    Hi and I also am a newbie. This is the first time I've done any kind of work like this, and have found RS to be a great help. There is a set on ebay right now from a 312-8, go grab 'em!
  13. my 312-8

    It was dried out, and all torn. I have a replacement ready to go. The pin holding the shift leaver in, and the fill plug, are both corroded together. I'm going to get them out and replaced after I flush the gearbox. It seems everytime I look closer at this tractor, I find another stripped or broken bolt.
  14. my 312-8

    Hey Darren,... I have'nt seen any leaks, Should The gearbox be opened up and seals replaced?
  15. my 312-8

    I drained the transaxel today, this fluid looks nasty. Water in the gearbox?