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  1. Does anyone hear have a source for rebuild parts for a starter/generator? The local shop here wants $170.00 - $200.00 to rebuild mine.Seems a bit much.I'll try to do it myself before I spend that much on one.Thanks in advance....Jim
  2. Need to sell everything I have.

    I would think so You def have the right attitude about it and that's what counts. Hope all goes well for you and your family.
  3. This is what we made for my sons c160
  4. Stock class puller

    A couple more pics
  5. Stock class puller

    Well...we're back to a roller again Next up is a rebuild of the starter/gen then fire it up.....I hope..

    Mine was a c175 that I traded for a used 4 wheeler plow.....never should have sold it....
  7. Plastic Fenders

    I agree the metal fenders look better.My 2 owner c175 also had stock metal fenders....just can't find pics of it right now
  8. My C120 UPDATE

    Looks great Jake...My son and I are in the middle of a c160 puller build...With any luck it'll come out half as good as yours :bow-blue:
  9. Stock class puller

    Thanks Ken....It has been a very good project for my son Cameron and me.He's learning allot of useful things and it gives us more time together. ...I wish it was my home shop...I am lucky enough to have a boss that lets me keep and work on our project at the garage I work at.I had one like it a little smaller but some life changes with the ex changed the tractor and tool count a little I have him every weekend and this has been very good for the both of us.More updates asap.
  10. Stock class puller

    Well we are making progress slowly.FINALLY got the engine parts and carb back from the shop i sent it to.Tearing it back down for paint so hopefully it will be back to a painted roller soon. We also finished the hitch and wheelie bars. and no...the seat won't be yellow when it's finished :angry-nono:
  11. Engine Dimensions

    Thanks for the info guys! Jim
  12. Stock class puller

    Thanks Jake Duane...I work in utica everyday till 5 then my weekends are open for anytime that's good for you.Let me know what is good for you.Thanks again Jim
  13. Engine Dimensions

    This might be a dumb question but here it goes.I'm putting a 12hp kohler in a c160 with a manual trans.Are these the same size (physically) as the original? If so does anyone know what the size of the original engine pulley would be? I would like to use a factory length belt. Thanks JIM
  14. Stock class puller

    Thanks guys.This has been a great father/son project so far...a bit of a money pit but well worth it! As far as the shop goes I'm fortunate to have a good boss who lets me work there on weekends and after work. Duane: I sent you a PM a while back..I may have messed up sending it ? I found hubs for it but I am interested in a cyl head if you still have an extra you want to sell?
  15. Stock class puller

    We finally started making some progress on the tractor.I managed to get the front tires mounted,the hitch built and some weight brackets made.Had a friend give me some stainless so we'll be putting a little shine on it in spots.Hopefully the carb and engine gaskets will get here soon so we can get some more done. Jim-2.jpg