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  1. Starter Spin Question

    My ring gear is in really good shape. Looks like I'm going to have to thread a hole or two like one you have pictured above or tack it a few times like pfrederi said.
  2. Starter Spin Question

    Well, I got to tear this apart today once we got back from the Lebanon Valley show where some POS backed into my new truck and didn't leave any information I don't want to get off topic with that, but we got too many people that just worthless Anyway, the starter and Bendix works fine, I found that the gear on the flywheel is what is spinning. I can't find where a screw or whatever is missing from the flywheel. I am not sure what actually attaches the gear to the flywheel. I suppose I could tack weld it, but it does not appear that is what kept it from spinning to begin with. It actually spins very freely. Any ideas The gear spinning on the flywheel Back of flywheel None of these holes have threads - if you look into the holes while moving the teeth, there is nothing to engage the teeth ring.
  3. That answers the question, thanks! I'll take a look at the link. I'm into other old equipment other than tractors (hit & miss engines, antique Maytag engines, etc.) I have some stuff to post there when I'm done restoring them.
  4. Ok, you peaked my interest . . . what the IS THAT chainsaw-winch-blower looking thing?
  5. Starter Spin Question

    Ha, great replies guys Sounds like the next step it to check the gear like few said. The and switch ground could be my combined issue. We are leaving for the Lebanon Valley show Thursday morning, so that will likely have to wait until we get back Guess I'll have to throw the old pull-start back on for now. Can't wait to get out of the house for something different for a few days Can't wait until the June show . . .
  6. Starter Spin Question

    1. I did a jump directly from the battery (which is newer) to the starter terminal. It spins very fast, just won't move forward. I think voltage is good. 2. It is never in the weather except for the June show. I am not familiar with these starters, so I suppose I'll see if someone here has some picture of taking one apart. I'll check for lubrication. Ok, I'll check. I thinking I may have a two-fold problem . . . the switch not turning off all the way and the starter itself.
  7. I got my 552 out today and found that the starter just spins and will not engage the flywheel. The battery is fully charged. One other thing associated with I noticed was the volt gauge stays "on." It used to only read volts when the key was turned on. This particular tractor uses the switch to turn it on and push button to start it. I'm thinking my ignition switch may have gone bad. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  8. You have to watch for them. There is one on eBay right now for an 854 in Kingston, Michigan, however, if the shaft diameter is the same, it should work. Someone else may know that better than me. I think it's against the rules to post eBay links, that is why I didn't. The one I got was an NOS one, but unfortunately, I don't recall where I picked it up.
  9. I was unable to remove the steering wheel from the shaft on my Raider 12 after trying multiple methods. One other option you have it to remove the steering gear at the bottom and replace it. The shaft then removes out the top. Mine was missing a tooth, so I was doing that anyway. Replacement gears are available on the internet. I think I got mine from eBay. You have to grind off the weld on the top of the old gear. It will slide off the shaft from the bottom. Clean/grind off the shaft to make it smooth and install the new gear. You can either drill and pin the new one or weld it. I drilled and pinned mine so it could be removed again if necessary.
  10. Roger that, read my signature line . . .
  11. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    The above worked for me. I just had to do this recently when I dd not receive a part that the seller claimed was shipped (no tracking number). Once I initiated that, the seller refunded me immediately. They sell a lot of stuff and didn't want the bad rap. They wined a little when I initiated it, but I explained that is what eBay says you are supposed to do. We parted as friends and I got the refund I requested.
  12. I used the below-pictured puller from Harbor Freight and a torch. Mine were a PAIN to get off. One word of caution . . . I was replacing all the transmission seals, so I didn't care what it did to the existing seals. Not that it will harm them, but you have to be careful how much heat the axle gets because I would think you could damage them..
  13. More Bad News

    Sorry to hear that Ed.
  14. We will be there for the whole show representin'.
  15. 1988 520-H