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  1. In anticipation of a future move, I have to make some room. Regrettably, I am selling my 1972 Raider 12. It was complete restoration down to the frame that I spent three years on. Engine: I had a mechanic friend rebuild the engine which included a cylinder honed, new rings, new bearings, new valve job, new gaskets, new points/condenser, new plug/wire, new head bolts. Factory Nelson muffler. Carb: Rebuilt with new throttle plate bushing Transmission: A Toro dealer split the case and replaced every gasket and seal and inspected for any problems. Tires: All four brand new Carlisle Turf Saver. Seat: Original two piece frame and cushion stuffing. The top and bottom cushions were custom made. The top has the original Wheel Horse emblem from the original tractor sewn in. Electrical: New amp gauge, ignition switch. Every single wire including battery cables was replaced with new and placed in plastic flexible conduit where possible. Battery: New Some custom parts were made like the hood latch rod and the rear clevis pin which were custom fabricated by buckrancher. Things like the steering wheel and dash were completely redone by hand. Cables are all new from a Toro dealer. EVERY SINGLE PART on this tractor was either refurbished or replaced. Even things down to the fuel shut-off gaskets and steering wheel shaft dash bearing. It's actually nicer than it came from the factory. If you have seen this at shows and looked at transmission housing, you saw that it was completely smoothed with no rough casting because it was refinished by hand. Any bare metal looking part was polished coated with Sharkhide sealant. It has custom chrome lugs that thread from the rear like a car hub. There is nothing that needs fixing or may need to be fixed - EVERYTHING works as it did from the factory. I'm selling it as a package with the unrestored deck and plow. Both are in very good condition and include all the brackets. I will include the original decal set to restore them if you like. I'll even give you some of the old parts if you like. If payment arrangements are made I can bring this to the show in June in Biglerville if you cannot arrange to get it before then. I'm not really interested in delivery except to the show, but if you have an idea we can talk. Coincidentally, this tractor will be featured soon on Classic Tractor Fever and be on the calendar for 2018. Show Shot I can provide a CD of all the hundreds of photos from the actual build to completion if you purchase the tractor. This is not posted for sale elsewhere at this time. I would rather have it go to a Red Square member before I make it public. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions or need a picture of something specific. I can arrange a video of it running if you like.
  2. whtractors24
  3. You did a nice job with the paint detail, but I'm not sure I'm feeling the red in that shade I think I'd try silver or chrome paint if it were mine, but it depends on what you like. At least you'll be the only one with that look
  4. Thought he'd have a cigar in celebration!
  5. I have used this one Mini Tire Changer Eval , but it takes a little oomph to operate.
  6. I used this again to mount some new front tires on my 1276. I have one update on the lube. The tires I dealt with this time were a little stiffer and I found the 303 Protectant was not slippy enough What did find was this Bead Lube at NAPA for LESS THAN $2.00 It works MUCH better and there is enough in there to do several sets of tires. By the way, both the set I took off and the set I put on did not have tubes. Like I said before, if the rim is completely clean they are no different than car tires and should not need tubes. I have 8 sets of tires mounted without tubes without issue. Granted on some of my older tire/rim combos they were necessary since they don't seal well either due to the age/stiffness of the rubber or rough rim surface. I'd also add, that setup Terry M has on the hitch is better than my bench probably - lower/better leverage.
  7. The rears . . . the NOS tag calls them 12", but when you measure the actual diameter, it's closer to 10". The picture is probably a little deceiving. I took off all the metal clips and used little pieces of rubber trim with rubber cement to keep them on the cap. I then carefully spread the tab just enough to make them snug. Most of them were pretty good as they were because the rubber is about as thick as the metal clips were. Nubbies . . .I'll have to bust out the shaver
  8. Painted Parts - All Rustoleum with a little work after spraying with a gun. The PTO engagement lever and the and the transmission lever are bare metal coated with Sharkhide Seat - the frame is an original I picked up at the Wheel Horse show in PA. The cover came from the same place from a different person. The frame needed rewelded and I used the padding from the seat that had been on it with a little trimming. Hydro lines came from Surplus Center Decals - Yep, Terry I worked it until I restored it. Now it's too much of a pain to clean it in detail so I only show it and run it in parades where it won't get trashed. That and running it around my yard/driveway/street just because I like to drive it Thanks!
  9. I agree. I wish I could find a nice set like you have there. If you want to part with those, send me a PM. I finally had some time this week to install matching sneakers on the front of the 1276. The front never matched the rear and I just never got around to swapping until now. After that, I threw the hub caps on. From what it was to what it is now
  10. I don't know if you will still need this, however, I have found the below product to be VERY effective. I discovered it through boating. It was so slippy, my boat went right off the trailer before it was in the water all the way (long story). Anyway, it doesn't not wash off as quick as silicone spray and WD40, both of which I used to use as well. Liquid Rollers
  11. Nice tractor, I love hydros!
  12. Is anyone going to near these cities traveling? I need a plow transported if possible. Thanks!
  13. They are both 8". That's a good idea except I just got back from a show and did my "strategic garage parking" and have the Raider back in a corner kind of parked in under a large shelf covered up
  14. Guess that's why I put it out to vote. I figure the answers would vary. That's what I love the best about attending tractor shows, especially ones that have all brands (don't worry the WHCC is by far my favorite), I like seeing why some did this or did that and why they picked the particular tractor they have, etc. I kind of thought guys would differ on the which tractor with that particular style cap. I'm picky, but I'm not "hard core purist" on things like bolt heads (sorry Jim ), etc. Depends on what it is. Either way I liked all the varied replies Nice caps!! So where do you live and when won't you be home?
  15. Thanks for the mounting ideas. I found a section of rubber trim that I used for around the hood rest on my Cub. It fits good and I think I can probably adjust it by prying either in or out on the tab a bit. I tried a little rubber cement on one to start to hold the trim on. It may not be necessary. The clips were fairly easy to get off with the exception of one or two. I'll see how they fit tomorrow and post a picture. Thanks for the opinions