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  1. Ditch embankment mower

    Excellent solution!
  2. Great forum!

    That tractor looks much better!
  3. I used it twice and liked it.
  4. Nor'easter No. 3

    Fortunately all that slide by us here in south central PA
  5. Nice work! Good idea too
  6. I use one of these as well and I'm very happy with it.
  7. Back and semi active after 4 years

    @buckrancher to this day denies were are related because his legs are hairier than mine, but I'm not sure about that . . . Plus, I recommended my daughter come to the Wheel Horse Show and meet Charlie (charliesD250), but that never materialized with college, etc.
  8. Back and semi active after 4 years

    I'm on a couple of forums revolving around old engines, RV's, etc. This is the only one where I have actually met a bunch of people in person and consider them friends, had phone conversations with guys from other states that I never met in person, etc. It is awesome to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone and it's like you have been friends for years (and you may have been on the forum). It's great to meet people on here and then run into them at other shows. Not to mention, this particular forum has the best format and functionality over any other I have used because we have great people dedicated to it Anyway, welcome back
  9. Ever had one of those weeks?

    That is a beautiful job! I kind of figure every project a decide to do will take twice as long as I anticipated and twice as much money. I learned that on my kitchen backsplash
  10. Funny, my brother got divorced, sold his house and moved Mesa, AZ a few years back.
  11. Good to know guys. I was looking specifically at those issues you have numbered @r356c, specifically #5. This website has a lot of information regarding taxes, cost of living, crime rate, etc. Our thought is we are going to hang out in our RV for a while and check it out before making anything permanent. We have spent some time in South Carolina as well and have friends there too, so we are not sure yet. Fact is if we downsize here and it's cheap enough, we may just stay and then "visit" four months or so down south. The future is yet unknown, but we made sire we have all our stuff paid off so we can be a little flexible. Either way I gotta get out of the cold in the winter how ever that happens . . .
  12. I don't want to get arrested by the off-topic police. I shoot you a PM
  13. I have less than 12 months to go at my current job which I will retire from after 30+ years. We just got a dually truck and fifth wheel in the past year and plan on heading down that way to check it out We plan to put the house here on the market probably the spring of 2019. So hopefully I'll see you all in person
  14. Great pictures! Thanks for posting. I hope to see that show in person in the future