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  1. I live about 40 minutes away so figured I 'd shwing by and take a look. Here's a teaser . . .. have safe drive and see you there
  2. By the looks of the weather, it's going to clear out Saturday. We are staying until Sunday and bringing som chicken barbecue for a pot luck if anyone else is hanging.
  3. I can bring this pulling tractor to the show for a parking lot deal if you are interested. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/classifieds/non-wheel-horse/cub-cadet-128-pulling-tractor-r3251/
  4. Good luck on your move, I'll likely be in the same boat in the next year or so. Sorry to hear you won't be at the show, it was good chatting before Maybe we will see you in 2018
  5. I stayed to Sunday morning last year and plan to do that this year if the weather is good. If it's supposed to rain Sunday, I'll head out Sat night. I usually decide on Wednesday when I see the forecast.
  6. When you arrive, they collect the money at a canopy at the end of the parking lot where you cross the road to get in to the camping area. You park your tow vehicle in the parking area where you pull in off the road on the right. They generally don't like cars kept in the camping area, but they are pretty tolerant of it if you are in the tent area and not where the RV power pedestals are. Hauling trailers are supposed to be parked in the field on the left as you pull in - they like to keep the main lot open for people coming to the show and campers personal cars/trucks. If you get there that late, I'd just try to find a spot, then pay in the morning when they are out. The folks that collect the camping money stay in the big white Montana 5th wheel in the back row (if that is what they are still using). Gate usually stays open all night so you should be fine. You will have a great time
  7. I use a an old truck rim like this one. I have two. They sat outside for 25 years and never rust out, they are too thick. Plus you can stack them if you want. The only place I have seen fire rings used is in the wooded area where tents (and buckranchers rig) usually are. I have never seen one used where the campers park (where the power pedestals are), so make sure you pick the right location when you arrive if that is your plan.
  8. Changed Price to 1,500
  9. I can transport this to the Wheel Horse Show (parking lot). If you are interested, shoot me an offer.
  10. I'm selling my recently redone pulling tractor. Thinning things out for a potential move next year. Link to the photos and details. Here's a couple pics
  11. Usually, the welds are broken where the back meets the bottom, but that's an easy fix if you have a welder. I got the cover on that 1276 at the Biglerville show. A lady was selling them for around $30 as I recall. I used my stock padding. The cover itself has a little bit of padding.
  12. Changed Status to Closed
  13. This has been sold Sad to see it go. It's on its way back to its place of birth in Indiana
  14. Unless something changes with the forecast, I will not be attending on Friday as I had planned.
  15. All good suggestions! The tires never occurred to me for some reason . . . Thanks for the pics Steve!