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  1. Thanks Richard! I finally figured it out with your help! George
  2. Thanks Howard! Here's my email: gsleezer@gmail.com
  3. I see the WH Collectors Club Logo on some guys profile and signature. How can I get that on mine? gsleezer
  4. Had a great time meeting all the guys I learn from on Wheel Horse Junkies, Red Square, etc.!
  5. Is this a genuine WH slot hitch plow

    I saw some where that you wanted to trade for a smaller plow. I have a smaller Bolens plow that's in good shape that I would trade with you but I live in Kansas but I bet we could find someone connect us. George
  6. 520-H Club

  7. 520-H Club

    Thanks you sir! I will do that if I can figure out how to do it! gsleezer
  8. 520-H Club

    What is the 520-H Club? Where do I find it? I have two of them.
  9. Clevis hitch rock shaft

    Can we see some pictures?
  10. When it's cold outside, I hate to see my wife have to get up and build a fire, so I cover up my head!
  11. WH Sickle Mower

    Will sickle mower from a WH 702 fit and work on a WH 310?
  12. I love birthdays! The more you have the longer you live!!!




    2. ptmechpa


      More sunrises and sunset to see

  13. Grass bagger for C-100

    I had a C-81 that had a bagger with it's own engine and that hooked on the back axle and there was a metal pan for the bag to ride on and just yesterday came into possesion of a C-120 that has the same settup.