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  1. Wheel Horse T shirts

    Howard, I'm sorry for the delay! The shop where I get these shirts made up couldn't do the large embroiderey on the back. They couldn't get the stitches to fill in that large of a logo. I did go ahead and have two printed up using the Direct Print method which is what I prefer. It colors the threads and last as long as the t shirt and is lighter weight on the fabric of the shirt and also is less expensive. The cost for these shirts is $30.00 apiece includes shipping. Shipping will be less if you order two. If you don't want them that's alright, I had them made up anyway and am going to list them for sale on this site. Attached are pictures of the front and back. 2 1/2" logo on front and 5" logo on back. Thanks for your inquiry and patience! Let me know if I can be of service to you. George
  2. Had a great time meeting all the guys I learn from on Wheel Horse Junkies, Red Square, etc.!
  3. Wheel Horse T shirts

    ==Howard, I have never put large logos on the back so I had to talk to the shirt shop about the cost. I know that the front logo costs $5.50 but then they charge by the number of stitches. For instance, 10,000 stitches is $8.00 and each 1000 stitches add another dollar. So I can't tell you exactly til I get one printed up. I have ordered two xl shirts with pockets in athletic gray. My concern is of the weight of the embroiderey on the material with the large logo and you might feel it on your back. My preference would be to use the Direct Print method which puts the dye into the threads and will last as long as the shirt and there is no additional weight. The cost for that would be $24.00 per shirt+shipping for a 5"x5" logo on the back and a 2"x2 1/2" logo
  4. Wheel Horse T shirts

    Thanks Howard for the inquiry! The only info I need is how large on the back and then I can get a quote for you tomorrow and I'll let you know. Also they have two grays, an athletic gray and then there is a slightly lighter gray with more of a smooth look rather than the heather of the athletic gray. Let me know early tomorrow if you can and I'll get back to you tomorrow. Thurs. morning I'm leaving for 3 days, be back Sat. eve. Thanks again, George in Kansas
  5. $22.50 includes shipping. Denim/Khaki, Camo/Pink, Black/Red, Red/Khaki. Paypal to gsleezer@gmail.com marked "Friends & Family" or money order. PM for details.
  6. $30.00 includes shipping, 100% cotton, black, size 2XL, logo is dyed into the fabric(not screen printed) and will last as long as the shirt does. They can also be embroidered. A shirt like this embroidered, size S-XL would be $24.50. Add $2.00 for each size larger. Add $4.00 for pocket. Large selection of colors. The athletic gray shirt, size XL with pocket, Direct Print(dyed into the thread) 2 1/2" logo on front and 5" logo on back. $30.00 including shipping. The khaki shirt, size XL, embroidered is $24.50 including shipping. Pictured is a patch for a jacket that I had made for someone. $10.00 a piece including postage. I can even get something for the beginner! The red onsie! $20.00 including shipping. Let me know what color, size, how many and anything else custom you want such as name or something printed on the back and I can give you a quote. I can get them fairly quick. Wheel Horse T-Shirts 001.m4a
  7. Wheel Horse Cap

    $15.00 includes shipping. White/Navy. Plastic snap adjustment in back. Mid profile, structured. Paypal marked "friends & family" to gsleezer@gmail.com or money order. PM for details.
  8. Wheel Horse Cap

    $24.00 includes shipping. Low profile, unstructured, distressed, with velcro adjustment in back. Camo/Khaki, Kahki cotton twill with red trim. Paypal marked "friends & family" to gsleezer@gmail.com or money order. PM for details.
  9. Wheel Horse Cap

    $26.50 includes shipping. Black or gray. Flex-fit, S-M, L-XL. Paypal marked "friends & family" to gsleezer@gmail.com or personal check or money order. PM for details.
  10. $19.00 includes shipping. 100% acrylic. Paypal marked "friends & family" to gsleezer@gmail.com or money order. PM for details
  11. Is this a genuine WH slot hitch plow

    I saw some where that you wanted to trade for a smaller plow. I have a smaller Bolens plow that's in good shape that I would trade with you but I live in Kansas but I bet we could find someone connect us. George
  12. 520-H Club

  13. 520-H Club

    Thanks you sir! I will do that if I can figure out how to do it! gsleezer
  14. 520-H Club

    What is the 520-H Club? Where do I find it? I have two of them.
  15. Clevis hitch rock shaft

    Can we see some pictures?