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  1. 11 hp briggs

    Does anyone have an idea what a running 82' 11 hp briggs is worth ? (off of a GT 1142) Thanks,Dwayne
  2. Plow, weights and chains off ! Blades sharpened and deck mounted ! I love this weather !

  3. 10 inch plus...thrower chain broke. yikes

    And remember,don't over tighten the chain either it's not like tightening a v-belt the chain needs a little play. you'll wear out the sprockets faster and the auger sprocket is welded on.
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone on Red Square

  5. Got to plow snow twice in one week!!

    1. RMCIII


      Got to hear all about everyone else getting to use their toys. May as well hear from you also... Blah, blah, blah. So glad you are happy. :)

  6. I use a motorcycle chain lube on my thrower. It comes in a spray can and has a nozzle (like wd-40). it also has teflon in it and is designed not to "fling" off, you can get it at Lowes. Mine is an older model (1968) that I retro-fit to work on the tach o matic it also has no grease fittings.On a side note don't tighten the chain to much like you would a belt it should have a little play in it,
  7. Get out your calculators

    Diesel weighs 7.15 pounds per US gallon ( thanks Bing )
  8. Get out your calculators

    40 min per gal.= 1/4 gal per 10 min 60 min=1.5 gal 3rd gear,high range@ 3600rpm=7mph 7mph divided by1.5 gal=4.66 mpg (theoretical)
  9. spacer for idler pulley

    TSC also carries a selection of flat idler pulleys in various dia. for between $15-$20 bucks. they also have bushings and shoulder bushings. I used one on my snow thrower three years ago and haven't had any problems with them.
  10. Wheel horse attachments

  11. 414-8 and Snowthrower?

    first off If you go to the top of this page and click Files then on the top left click on misc. items then scroll down to attachment interchangeability and look for your model. Good luck with the new purchase :handgestures-fingerscrossed:
  12. Wheel Horse Riding Leaf Blower!

    You must have been a Wheel Horse engineer in a past life! Here are some pic's of the setup I use, The blower housing rotates to an upward position and has a shoot that directs the leaves into a bag that hangs off the handle. It's also self propelled if you want to walk with it too. Great job on that mount and reciever I wish I could weld!!
  13. Getting equipment ready for fall leaf cleanup

  14. who is ready for the winter 2012-2013 ?

    I have a GrandMa Bear, what great stoves they are! I didn't burn a drop oil last year. My wife thinkks I'm nuts "why are you messing with the snow blower it's only October" I said after last year winter we're due!