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  1. Time for some clean up

    Well it’s all on its way to a Chinese vacation. Sorry no one could have used any of it but I understand we can’t save it all.
  2. Time for some clean up

    I have not been around for quite some time as life has changed the direction of some of my hobbies. I need to do some clean up around the ranch and have some parts from building my Suburban and would like them to not end up scrap. If anyone is close by and would like to stop and see if there is something they can use please let me know. I am in Niles Michigan. PM me or email vwguy3@hotmail.com
  3. Mentone Indiana Swap Meet

    Steve, absolutely no problem......you helped me, your helping Bob, that's what it's all about! Bob, good luck with your build.
  4. Mentone Indiana Swap Meet

    I had a great time.....sold some stuff I never figured I would, found a steering wheel for the Suburban and had enough left over to buy gas. It was good seeing Steveasaurus,Duke,the Urschels and The Kuhns. Next time I will get there earlier so I can get a spot and cover the tractor I am looking for parts for
  5. Mentone Indiana Swap Meet

    I have to make it this year as I have something for Stevasaurus
  6. Suburban throttle plate

    Thanks,great pics! I do need one.I figured it would be easier(and cheaper) to make one but if you have one I would be interested.
  7. Suburban throttle plate

    Right church,wrong pew What I need to see would be what that goes on.
  8. Could someone post pics of a '60 Suburban throttle plate? I have seen them in tractors but not loose.
  9. Broken head bolt removal. K301 12HP

    Glad you got your block fixed. You did not cause the machinist any undo harm.The bolt would have been annealed by the weld and cool process.The heat and cool cycle actually works to break the bond if it was rusted in so preheating the block would have inhibited the process.
  10. I fill directly into the tire and don't worry with tubes.
  11. I have reamed the body and made a new throttle shaft to save some carbs that would have otherwise been parts.
  12. Jones,MI swap meet

    A Google search only turned up tid bits and old info. It is a pretty decent swap meet at a place called Boot Hill Ranch in Jones Mi near the Cass/St Joe county line just south of M-60. It's put on by the Michiana Antique Engine and Tractor Club.
  13. Jones,MI swap meet

    Planning to go Saturday morning.......look for the goof in the American flag Kromer cap.
  14. Jake,have you tried the old weld-a-nut-to it trick? If you have access to a mig welder,preferably with .023 wire,set a plain ole hex nut over the broken bolet and weld the exposed end to the nut.......9 times out of 10 it will thread right out without any damge to the cast iron.
  15. suburban 400 rear hubs leak

    Pretty decent lookin' Horse!. I does look like it's not sure which way to go though