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  1. C 100

    Probably contact me at bkindig@msn.com with an offer thank you
  2. B 80

    For Sale is this running B80 with deck . I have had it running but it will take some work to get it in top condition as it has sat sometime but it is a very good candidate .
  3. C 100

    For Sale is this non running C 100, The engine is frozen . It has the working sleeve hitch and nice seat back .
  4. Parts 854

    contact me at bkindig@msn.com should have one .
  5. 606

    Hello, don't know how I missed this but yes it is still for sale . Kit 330 283 3689
  6. Charger Automatic

    For Sale is this Charger Automatic glider . I believe the plate reads 1 7245
  7. Eclipse Reel Mower

    For Sale is this classic Eclipse reel type mower . engine turns free and will probably run with some TLC . any questions please ask.
  8. DSC02371.JPG

    Looks great
  9. David Bradly yard wagon

    I talked to him . it will take a couple weeks , he has to move a lot of things in the barn to get it out and get some good pictures , I apologize apparently I jumped the gun . I will get them to you when I get them .
  10. David Bradly yard wagon

    It is a friend of mines . I will contact him and see if he can get some .
  11. Thanks again for all the info , ideas and great pictures of some custom machines .
  12. Wheel horse original tombstones & weights

    is this a mount like you are talking about
  13. PS, I forgot to put these parts in the previous post as to what they are . They were found it a box containing parts to some of the accessories from the RJ/Suburban . snow plow, cultivator , reel and rotary mowers .not sure what they are or even if the are Wheel Horse
  14. Thank all of you for the information . The PO could not remember what had happened . As a child his family had bought the RJ new with some implements he still had . he had bought the Suburban himself used much later and had put a B&S 5hp on it explaining the hood cut Both had been stored sometime .
  15. i got these two tractors of the same person . I think the transmission was taken of the RJ and put on the Suburban but am not sure