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  1. 856 parts

    I will go to my storage unit tomorrow and get them out . anything else if you are shipping . thank you
  2. 856 parts

    Yes , I believe I do . They are in my storage locker if you are serious I will go double check.
  3. Cultivator WH or homemade

    Thank you for the info . I appreciate everyone's opinion I think we all agree it is not a Wheel Horse Option .
  4. Cultivator WH or homemade

    thank you , my buddy is happy, now he will probably plow up his tv cable line . looks the project is progressing . I will have to do some research on what information I have received about this cultivator . I used it yesterday and it did very well just as it is with no weight . I Wass scratching up some dirt to plant grass .
  5. Cultivator WH or homemade

    Hello, the cultivator is something I just picked up with the disc yesterday . the shanks I got off you are going on a center mount cultivator that I have . I confuse a lot of people jon, how is your new one coming .
  6. Cultivator WH or homemade

    Thank you very much for the info , It is well made and heavy duty . I did not understand the right side having the different dimensions than the side that is a rectangle .
  7. Got this cultivator with a Wheel Horse Disc but I am not sure if it is homemade or a Wheel Horse item I had never seen .
  8. 856 parts

    Glad to hear the items will work for you . send a picture of the recoil difference if you can maybe i will stumble over the one i think i have.
  9. 856 parts

    might have some things but they are on a pretty complete tractor
  10. 856 parts

    ps , i have heard of people replacing the filler necks in tanks .
  11. 856 parts

    I should be home after 12;00 tues , after 5 on weds not sure about Thursday . you are welcome to ,look around my cell is 330 283 3689 call anytime between 10 am and 10 pm not sure about the tank ,i think there were several different mounting configuration . like the early round hoods were mounted tight to the hood some Lawm rangers i think were mounted on the engine and maybe some like later c models by them selfs on the firewall . like i said put a quest on here and you should get an answer
  12. 856 parts

    i might be wrong on the extended neck they were on the later models in plastic . ask the question in forums here and someone will answer . I might have a deck , I remember one like the 113 with the removable sides but not like the later one piece decks , I do not have that hitch only a slot hitch
  13. 856 parts

    I would like $40 for the third tank. I thought that model LR needed an extended filler spout . How is the hood I might have one . where in Ohio are you the member map shows you in Africa .
  14. Kit, I have 8" fronts on my 418 A    Do you have those?


    1. kitkit


      no only the 6" 

  15. 856 parts

    here are pics of the 856 it is the first ones , i added a couple other metal tanks . I have a coupe plastic . what are you putting the tank in .