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  1. Anything 854

    I thought you wee looking for parts
  2. Anything 854

    I have a 854 in the Akron Oh area . pic attached
  3. Wanted: Hood & Crankshaft for 1045

    I am in Akron , Oh with a 857 for parts not sure just where you are in central PA . pm is
  4. whats the price for the clinton?  thanks Michael

    1. kitkit


      $125  thank you 

      $125    thank you 

    2. kitkit
  5. Clinton Engine

    here is one
  6. Turning Plow

    For Sale is this good usable turning plow
  7. 606

    For Sale is this 606 tractor ab=nd mower , It seems very complete . It does run and mow but has a tendency to stop running at times
  8. Suburban

    Changed Status to Active
  9. Suburban

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. Need a 854 hauled from Akron ,Oh area to Jackson ,MS Area . Thank you
  11. Wanted: H55D does not have to be running

    I have a H55
  12. I have a non running H55 ,  

  13. Suburban

    Changed Price to 350
  14. Suburban

    For Sale is this Suburban with a running Honda engine and plow . contact me at email for more info
  15. Wheel Horse 854

    Changed Status to Closed