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  1. Mini Wheel-Horse meets mini real horse.

    Ha ha.... clever Craig! A little more to the side and it would have been about perfect
  2. My favorite place and thing on earth.

    Got both to open... the second one is nearly 2 GB... how on earth did you get that to upload? Very cool and close up tour! Thanks for taking us along.
  3. Fan screen for hydro on 1276?

    Its called perforated sheet....Have a look through here..... http://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?id=1004&step=2
  4. Bob's right, thats exactly the difference. Save yourself the headache and get the right belt guard that will bolt right up. 855/856/857/ another commando 8.... that's what to look for.
  5. My 701 journey

    first... you started out with a decent looking survivor with a ton of character and great patina! Definitely seen some use. . Do you have any other tractors?
  6. 2017 Apple Festival tractor show pictures

    Great pics, and what better way to spend a weekend... apples and tractors! BTW... I'm totally in love with that ratted Jacobsen! Anymore pictures?
  7. somehow you managed to click this button.... to fix it, just highlight your text and turn it off.
  8. Wheel Horse 800 Special Parts

    Last picture looks like a battery box strap to me. The battery box (tray if you prefer) should have two threaded posts sticking out to the left. They often break off. This is the part that would hold the battery in on the left side.
  9. 701 fender brace

    Its made form 1/8" x 3/4" flat stock. 22-1/4" long. Top of the V is 16" across... bottom flat-ish spot is about 3/4". Makes each side about 10-3/4".
  10. Rebuilt Kohler K321 ( repost)

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. check post 79 in that thread and see if that works for you. Sometimes that's the trouble with those long topics... things change as time goes by and the top post doesn't always get updated.
  12. One of those days

    @Ed Kennell do you do your own taxes or have them done? Either way, have whoever does them look at Form 4684 and see if you can write off the loss on your taxes. Make an inventory list (if you haven't) and get a copy of the police report for documentation in the event you were ever audited.
  13. RJ25 Info

    Looks like a Briggs Flo-jet carb.... which would be right for the Briggs engine.... what do you mean by can't get it to do the job? You can't get it adjusted properly? The adjustment instructions are in this manual linked below. (directly from Briggs antique engines site) Briggs is fantastic about keeping their historical manuals available online. Here.----> https://www.briggsandstratton.com/na/en_us/support/faqs/browse/antique-engine-specifications.html 27842a-domestic.pdf
  14. Thinking of selling one of my tractors....

  15. Quality Product!

    @Vinylguy Terry has always been a great supporter of our little part of the Garden Tractor hobby. In the early days so many decals that he has available came from requests that people were making here! Sometimes a crappy old decal picture and a few measurements was all he had to go on. Terry and Lola are a real asset to Wheel Horse collectors nationwide.