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  1. Snow shot Sunday!

    I believe it... you guys got slammed over there! Only got about 8 over here at my house... calling for 3-6 more again on Wed.
  2. Pioneer Power Video

    Wow... I think that was 2009.... going left to right..... @wheelhorseman , his son Travis, Mike Williams, me.@CasualObserver and leading is @ol550 dug up some matching pics.... can't find any of Mike's Charger with the belly blade.
  3. So, did everybody see...

    You gotta remember that it takes TWO auction bidders to get the price that high. Someone else was willing to pay almost that much too.
  4. 1277??

    It appears it has a '67 fender pan... the 65-67 fender pan was narrower than 68. The Litter Whisk is cool... There should be a copy of a brochure somewhere around here if it hasn't been lost to the photobucket problem.
  5. Wheel Horse Trailer

    Sweet find! Yours?
  6. unknown front bracket

    I've seen the level lift in person and i own a bachtold... its not from either of those.
  7. unknown front bracket

    The paperwork is not a mower... it's the PTO I'm asking for information on. I still haven't found anything more on it.
  8. unknown front bracket

  9. How much is in this picture?

    700 seems in the ballpark to me for all the individual pieces. I'd think a package price could be a little better. You didn't say what you're looking to keep but there's definitely some value there.
  10. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    I wonder if it's the result of any of dozens of old farm magazine or Popular Mechanics crude instructions for building your own GT. Remarkable specimen for sure... If I was anywhere near there I'd be seriously considering finding someone to make the offer to. @tractorchick may find this one interesting if she stops in.
  11. Ditch embankment mower

    I fixed the old pictures... they were out there in the google-verse.
  12. How far will you go?

    Not a tractor but I went about 1100 miles 18 hour round trip to go to the auction that I bought my 4-wheeled wagon at. That was quite a few years back... they weren`t nearly as plentiful as they are today.. or at least they didn`t seem so! 😉 I`d been actively looking for one for 3 years when I came across this one on an online sale bill.
  13. NJTOM's 701

    I really like the aggressive look of those 6-12s... what are they? Tru-Powers?
  14. Tractor lift

    That unit gets discussed pretty frequently. You'll find some good conversation/ideas in these topics...
  15. Finally posting about my late summer find

    Love the story! And congrats on the new family addition.