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  1. Sickle bar mower, David Bradley (two walk behinds)

    The no name looks like a Jari mower to me.
  2. Prayers for Brrly1

    Prayers sent. This is sad news. Get well soon John!
  3. Garden Tractor Sized Gravity Wagon

    Seen a few of those in private collections over the years. There are people out there with remarkable talent who've made these and other replica implements to go with their replica mini farm tractors. I have an extended family member who built replicas of most of his antique tractor collection, and then moved on to do several implements and then other things like his combine and grain truck. He's a retired lifelong farmer who is incapable of sitting still.
  4. A Sobering Day

    Prayers sent Ed.
  5. Any recommendations

    Denny, I lived there for a while in younger days.... pre-Katrina. I don't really know what's changed as I haven't been back. A few of my must do's..... a St. Charles streetcar tour. (you're a tourist... that's what tourists do) Cafe' Du Monde in the evening for cafe au lait and beignets. Get alligator to eat somewhere.... it's delicious. (fried on a stick, battered bites, steak, roast, whatever... just try it) A fried shrimp Po' Boy.... ah I miss those soooooo much. a hurricane at Pat O'Briens. Oysters on the half shell (if you can stomach them ) Enjoy! There's no other place like it. Oh, and if you have a car and can't seem to find anything else to do (yeah, right) ... take a drive north and go over the Lake Ponchatrain causeway to Mandeville... just to say you did it. It will take you about an hour just to get over and back, it's about 25 miles. Out in the middle you really begin to wonder if there is another side.... but trust me, there is, been over it many, many times.
  6. What’s your favorite movie or series?

    Craig, I'm confused... is your favorite YouTube?
  7. What’s your favorite movie or series?

    Spaceballs...my all time favorite.
  8. 418-C??

    @953 nut you realize you quoted a 9 year old post, right??
  9. Farmhand farm handy

    Awesome!! I saw that ad on Craigslist and was intrigued by the pictures. Looking forward to seeing it in person.
  10. Back hoe

    Pretty sure it was made by BRANTLY Manufacturing, not Brinly... and sorry, beyond that I don't have any other info.
  11. Unused 1996 Toro Wheel Horse 8 Speed

    That guys a member here. @WHX20 got a free suburban from him.
  12. Sleeve Hitch

    If you're looking for practical impact... turf tires and chains are far more effective in winter than ag tires. We used to have a member @MaineDad Micah that at one time swore by rubber tire chains, even becoming a distributor at one point if I recall correctly. Haven't seen him around in a few years though.
  13. Work Horse llights

    The fogger doesn't use wires or switches, it's just a tank with a twist valve like the fuel shutoff. For sure some pictures would be great. The Teccy will run lights but the only headlight that mounted to the hood was the HL-6 that went in place of the hood ornament. Other models would have had them mounted up front at the top of the grille.
  14. Work Horse llights

    The holes in the hood could have been for the radio or fogger accessories. These required holes drilled in the surface of the hood. Placement front to back on the hood may vary a little depending on who drilled the holes. Examples from Le Sueur Pioneer Power this past weekend.