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  1. What is it???

    Very cool.... how about some pics with the hood up? And I'm guessing with all that plate steel, just the tractor has to weigh in the 800-900 lbs range by itself! I am always humbled by the people who have the time and talent to envision a project like this and see it through to completion. Thanks for sharing for sure... looking forward to more details and story.
  2. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    Sorry, I will be of no help. I don't know as many intricate details about the later models, and don't personally have any models with louvers. I haven't been able to locate any parts manuals that show that drip tray listed. It seems I've seen a picture of that setup before... could have been here on the forum. Seems logical and illogical to me at the same time... the drip tray would keep the engine cleaner, but even with separation from the hood, the airflow restriction by covering the louvers back up negates having the louvers at all. Who knows... could have been one of those things that some left the factory that way until they realized it was more trouble than it was worth or something.
  3. Suburban differences

    Many of the 400s were made before the 550s... (400 production started in the fall of 1959, and the 550s weren't until December) No actual documentation supports any differences aside from the engine, and that on the 400 foot rests and toolbox/fenders were an add-on option. But observations of the past have shown that the early model 400s did not have a hole for an ignition switch in the hood, and did not have a reinforcing rib in the belt guard. After the 550s were in production though, they had those items, and the 400 received a knockout plug in the ignition hole. Some examples are listed below. early 400 belt guard common 400/550 belt guard (the cross line is a 1961 guard for those who wonder) early 400 hood (no plug) 400 hood (with plug) 550 hood with ignition switch (ignore 2nd hole, it's incorrect)

    @Shynon Thanks for the mention, but I've never seen that either. I have always thought it was curious that there were never demonstrator models... but then again figured why? If they wanted to demo one, they took it out of stock, and let the customer try it, intending for them to keep it. Much like the way car sales work these days.... they send you home with it over night, or over the weekend for an extended "test" drive.... expecting you to get comfortable in it and just finish the transaction. They are very cool decals... and I would expect they were probably a custom request from a dealer who was breaking into a new market or something. I do have an old family friend who ran a dealership from 1959-2007, I'll try to remember to ask next time I see him. @evanloock @wh500special @whlpny @Wheelhorsestory
  5. for sure.... glad Glenn directed you over here. What you have is most likely the 1961 model 551... simply based on the fact that there are only two options.... and yours has the two piece transmission.... the other option being a 401 which would have had a three-piece. (center cast iron and two steel side plates.) The hood (although pretty hacked up...) and cast foot rests would be correct for the 1961. I only say "most likely" because as you'll find in Wheel Horse... you can cobble together multiple years parts and engines and build your own tractor pretty easily. When something has had significant modifications, it can be difficult to nail down a year/model for sure. For your 551 you should see evidence on the frame where the built-in battery box has been cut from the frame. Good luck with your project....
  6. New to the stable

    Super sweet sled!! If that's original, that's by far the nicest I've ever seen. Looks like no dents in the bumper or cracks in the hood/belly pan.... can't have very many miles on it.
  7. Show us your signs

    These two are my favorites of your collection Scott.... I can't imagine there were that many of each produced to begin with, making them truly unique survivors!
  8. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    Yessir.... already removed my hasty and incorrect comment.
  9. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    deleted post... never mind... wrong guy.
  10. USMC B-Day

    Happy 242nd Birthday Brothers.
  11. What is Bar for on tiller ?

    Sorry Lane, I don't have that style. There are pictures in this post when someone built their own though... and this one.
  12. What is Bar for on tiller ?

    No problem Lane.....
  13. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  14. What is Bar for on tiller ?

    Not sure how you'd adapt that to one with an under-seat rockshaft... this style was for the older tractors..... Took me the last 15 minutes... but finally found a pic of mine mounted....
  15. What is Bar for on tiller ?

    What bar are you talking about? What I've circled? That's the lift point..... the eyebolt is where the lift assist spring would go.