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  1. David, thanks so much for making the trip... as Lowell said, it was a real pleasure to meet you. Glad you had a good enough time to want to come back... I know its a ways of a drive from down there in AR!
  2. What a fantastic weekend. I've been attending this show since 2014 (3rd annual) and it seems to draw a bigger crowd every year. So nice to be able to see some friends from around the region and meet a few more new ones every year. Seems like it goes by so quickly, I realized when I got home that I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do. Luckily Lane appears to have that one covered! But I did spend more time walking around, looking and talking to people than usual too. One of the fantastic things that Bret Esse does in running this show is to change the feature brand every year. This brings in a large variety of heavy collections that are different every year, so you really end up with some variety of tractors and attachments. In my opinion, attachments are something that are really starting to make the shows great. Everyone has seen most of the tractors for the most part. Yes there are the occasional rarities or oddballs that someone hasn't seen before... but the attachments... to me that makes a show. Show me what these tractors did for people. They were built and marketed as such universal tools, and there were an innumerable number of aftermarket vendors for so many brands. Anyway... I did take a few pics of some of the things I found interesting that I'll share. Looking forward to next year already!! The forklift attachment for these AC/Simplicity tractors was fantastic. There were four there (3 originals and 1 replica) Got to see one of the originals demonstrated. The Danuser post hole digger A full service trenching tool.... Tractor with loader and belly blade... and rear mounted Hawk-Bilt Groundsaw. Just an example of a new show trend of loading up multiple attachments.... A Level-Lift mower, Blitz-Fog insect fogger kit, Side-Mounted sickle bar mower and rear mounted Mighty-Mac Chipper/Shredder. Many tractors this weekend carried a compliment of several attachments like this. Simplicity Legacy Anniversary Edition... just a sharp looking tractor. An original Struck Mini-Beep... you don't see these very often. This is one that's on my bucket list. I've seen two different ones at this show over the past couple years. Nice little Brillion snuck in the middle of a bunch of Sears and Jacobsen built Town and Country tractors. Looked like a nice little survivor and one you definitely don't see very often. And the last of my pics are a couple of this great REO display.... this is the REO product line before they were bought out by Wheel Horse. Just a great collection to look through and a nice display. Thanks to all the members that could make it and looking forward to seeing you and more back next year!!
  3. 655 transformation to 855

    I'm really digging those chrome rims. Can we get a couple pics of just those tire/wheel combos please?
  4. I think I'd just mow back and forth so the low side and high side cuts were always next to each other.... you'll never notice it again. -->-->-->-->-->-->-->--> ↓ ↓<--<--<--<--<--<--<--<-- -->-->-->-->-->-->-->--> ↓ ↓<--<--<--<--<--<--<--<--
  5. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    I didn't take the opportunity to appreciate that McLean at Portage last year.... really looking forward to studying it this weekend!
  6. Hello All - New to Site

    Sounds like you have a nice machine with some long family heritage with it.

    more rum.
  8. Front End Friday

  9. Front End Friday

  10. Sounds great! Glad to have another member making the trip! Anyone else planning to come up this year? @dclarke Denny? @Martin Martin? It's not as far for you guys as Le Sueur was. @Operator Randy? You around?
  11. It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    That's ok... I hear there's another Wednesday scheduled for next week sometime. No guarantees though, I guess.
  12. Mid Mount Grader Fit

    @Aretino you won't be disappointed, Lowell's stuff it top notch. now... if I can just talk him into referral credits... @wheelhorseman
  13. Yep, I'll be there. Heading over first thing Friday morning though. If all goes well I'll expect to be there about 8-9. Pretty sure the rest of the family is heading over with loads on Wed and Thurs. Be sure to bring some buying money too!..... Andrew the owner of Kitson Auctioneering is doing an auction again. His 15% commission is donated to the benefit of the Portage World War II muesum. so if you want to consign anything for sale, track him down when you get there. The auction is scheduled to be Saturday at NOON. @tractorchick and/or family is usually there too with the Lawn and Garden Tractor magazine booth.
  14. Best mower for 10 acres?

    This is the Wheel Horse 60" for those who haven't seen it before. (pics snagged from a local CL ad)