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  1. Breakin Procedure For Freshly Overhauled K-Series

    I have been using the Kohler oil in all of my Kohlers. What is the general feelings about the Kohler oil? :banghead:
  2. Ebay

    :hide: There are a few sellers on EBAY that buy used tractors and part the tractor completely. I have heard where these guys will travel a 200 mile radius of their home base to buy these old tractors, haul them back to home base and part them out and sell on EBAY etc. I noticed that one seller in particular has started posting pictures of the complete tractor in the EBAY auction and some of these look to be in pretty darn good condition. Its amazing to me, that there are those of us that love these old tractors and want to own and restore them and there are others who are gobbling them up fast and parting them out for the almighty buck! :D
  3. Sundstrand Hydro Info

    I always thought the gear (in Hydro-gear) referred to a gear pump and the hydro referred to the fact it is hydraulic? I believe I am wrong (according to the manual). The gear refers to the hydraulic motor. The pump is a piston pump.
  4. Replace Head Bolts During Overhaul?

    I think the main concern on reusing head bolts is the amount of stretch they have already yielded to.
  5. I have a 1969 Electro 12. I think the hydro is the Sundstrand unit. How is this unit identified? I'm looking for i.d. or model numbers for this unit. I want to look for a manual on this unit for disassembly and assembly. Thanks! :ychain:
  6. :D One more question. I just rebuilt a K-241. What is the typical procedure for the first start of the engine? Is it ok to get it started and let it idle at it's idle RPM or should it be kept up on a high RPM throttle setting? I don't want to do any damage to the engine by not doing the right thing on it's initial start after rebuild. Thanks! :ychain:
  7. Replace Head Bolts During Overhaul?

    I was wondering what the general feeling is regarding replacing the head bolts when rebuilding a K-series? I just rebuilt a K-241 and used the original head bolts during reassembly? Should I have replaced the head bolts? :ychain:
  8. Hydro Filter Change

    No, I was not having any problems with the trans. I happened to run across a good cross reference for the wheel horse #5990 filter versus Wix and NAPA. I decided to check mine and found that I had the NAPA 1307. It had been on the tractor for three years. I only use the tractor with my EZ Rake lawn vac in the fall so it did not have that much runtime but I still wanted the other filter on the tractor. :thumbs:
  9. Kirk's Pointsaver

    Question for TT: I was just checking the Kohler site and my engine serial # 7201246 looks to equate to a 1975 vintage? What reference do you use for deciphering the spec number and serial number on these old k-series engines? It also noted that the OEM use for this particular engine was NORCAR. Have you ever heard of NORCAR and what is it? Thanks again!
  10. Kirk's Pointsaver

    Here's a pic (I hope):
  11. Kirk's Pointsaver

    Thanks for all of your help TT !!
  12. Kirk's Pointsaver

    K301S Spec Number 47421d Serial Number 7201246 Right off the Kohler data plate on the engine. BTW....how do I attach a picture? I am not having any luck. The pics I have are bigger than 56 KB but I may be able to crop them down a little to reduce the size?? Thanks!
  13. Kirk's Pointsaver

    Model is 1-7245. The PO gave me all of the original manuals for the tractor and each and every implement that was included in the purchase. I will attempt to upload a photo. It will be my first attempt at doing this on this site.
  14. Kirk's Pointsaver

    I've owned this tractor for 28 years and have always believed it to be original. Now I am wondering as the K-301 has points, condensor, and coil. There is a solid state voltage regulator. Everything looks to be original to me? Speaking of the coil......could someone clarify for me whether I should have a coil with internal resistor with stock points etc? Last weekend I realized that I have a coil on it that requires an external resistor which I do not see. If I use a pointSAVER unit from Kirk, will it really matter which type of coil I have? Thanks!
  15. Hydro Filter Change

    No.....I was not overfilled. The tractor was raised on the right rear to remove that wheel and gain better access to the filter. I kept waiting for the fluid to stop coming out after I removed the old filter. It did not stop and I then hurried to install the new NAPA 1410 filter before loosing too much more fluid.