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  1. Kohler small block rebuild tutorial

    Thank you!
  2. Kohler small block rebuild tutorial

    First off, I love this thread. Thank you for sharing your photos, explanation and more important....the time to post all of this. I just got my Kohler K series 10hp block back from the machine shop after a bore over, valve seats recut and new valve guides installed. I decided to read this post again before reassembly and after reading this thread again I thought about the valve tappets. The reason I ask is because I forgot to designate which tappet came from what valve during disassembly and now during reassembly I'm hesitant.... I measured the valve tappets with my micrometer and I have the following 2.768" and 2.756", so they are not the same length. so which one goes where? or doesn't it matter? I don't want to move any further in my rebuild until I know what to do....yes I'm a first timer at a rebuild like this....shame on me for not keeping track with the tappet to valve relationship.... Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. My new engine stand

    Thanks Shynon
  4. My new engine stand

    Very nice! 👍 I wish I had the skills to build a custom stand like that! This might sound like a silly question, and it probably is, but what size bolts should I use when mounting my Kohler K241 to my store bought engine stand if I use the holes that are for the starter? Or should I use the bolt holes on the engine for the bearing plate cover? This is my first rebuild, so I’m learning as I go. Thanks
  5. Thank you Garry. Much appreciated!
  6. I need to get a brake band for an 8 speed trans that I bought rebuilt. I can't get a hold of the seller anymore to find out what tractor this 8 speed trans came from. The p/n 9593 band won't work. it's as if this trans needs to have a brake band who's connection is the opposite direction of the the p/n 9593. Or in other words a clockwise vs counterclockwise for the brake rod to connect & bite onto the brake drum because the mounting tab on this transmission is at a different location as compared to the blown transmission I pulled off my 314-8. I bent a 9593 band so I could bolt it up to this rebuilt 8 speed, but this ain't gonna do the job.... Any help would be appreciated, either what the other brake band part number is or a modification I could do to make a 9593 brake band work.... I don't want to have the clutch as my only means of braking. Thanks.
  7. Leveler bar 92-0981 for vac bagger

    Hi, I'm looking for a new or used leveler bar, part number 92-0981, that is used with the vac bagger attachment. Thanks.
  8. Thank you all for the feedback. I appreciate the help!
  9. Hi, I need to replace the voltage rectifier on a 520H. So I ordered the following replacement part: "New Rectifier Regulator for Onan P-Series Alternators 16 17 18 19 20HP Engines 20 Amp Rating 191-1748, 191-2106, 191-2208, 191-2227 by Crank-n-Charge" This new rectifier has 3 male spade connectors, yet on the tractor I have voltage rectifier with 4 spade connectors. I've attached a picture of the current rectifier. Can I use this new rectifier and assume I can wire the white and grey wires together? Or is this currently installed rectifier something special since it has 4 spade connectors and the two wires need to be independent of each other? Thank you for helping me out. Regards, Kevin
  10. you can find LED PAR36 style lights on many of the online auction or retail sites.
  11. where to put an inline fuse

    Jeff, This is what I just bought to install my snow cab LED lights: Dual Output Switch with Relay and Fuse I used a 10 amp fuse, really simple install and I like the push button switch over the toggle switch. with the double sided tape you can mount it anywhere and easily disconnect the lights. I've been thinking about a 3rd light for the rear, what light did you select? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the feedback bmsgaffer. Drive belt is good and transmission case is intact. Dipstick level reads good and no gear oil is leaking. I jacked up the tractor and I can spin the wheels; while rotating one wheel the other will rotate the opposite direction. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. Both wheels will spin forward when I push both of them at the same time. I then lowered the tractor and tried to push it backwards, with the shifter in neutral. The tractor wouldn't budge; it acted as if it was in 1st gear; I pushed it forward, no problem, then tried pushing it backwards & it rolled. Looks like I'll be dropping this transmission, but until then I'll be using the push mower.
  13. The 8 speed transmission on my 314-8, M/N 73400, S/N 5900282 just went. It sounded horrible as I mowing and going down a slight downgrade. I heard a loud clanking sound, the sound of metal on metal, and at the same time the tractor jerked violently with sudden forward movement, like 1st gear was going in and out of engagement. I immediately stopped the tractor, placed it into neutral and disengaged the PTO. Then no matter what gear, 1st or 2nd or Reverse, the tractor would jerk violently with the clanking sound after I disengaged the clutch. I pushed the tractor in Neutral back home. Now without the tractor running, the tractor free roles, like it is in Neutral for all gears, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or R. When I try to place the tractor into gear with the engine running while releasing the clutch pedal the tractor will start to die. Do I have a blown transmission? How do I determine if I have a 5086 - 4 pinion, 5073 - 10 pinion, or 5091 - 8 pinion? Is this a fix that I could do myself or am I better of doing a swap for a used transmission? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Tall Chute Iced Up

    I have had good success with using the cheapest spray on car wax I can find or that tire foam or liquid spray that makes the tires nice & shiny/wet looking. I spray the snow thrower & the tractor before every snowfall and after the snow melts off it from the previous use. So far I like this method. It makes removing the snow that collects on the tractor & thrower very easy and it prevents build up inside the thrower & tall chute. Plus its a good way to protect the metal and paint and makes the tractor always look clean!
  15. It appears to be 1/4"-28. That tap worked well. Thank you for the help