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  1. Looking For Info On This Little Baby

    Looks like a Springfield. It would have a tag under a bolt on the seat spring that says 'Quick Manufacturing'. The fenders give it away Here's mine:
  2. I mow them into mulch on the lawn also, my soil needs all the organic matter I can get. I even rake leaves out of the non lawn areas onto the lawn and mow them up. Minimal lawn here, far more trees than lawn, I get away with a Honda walk behind with quadracut, great mulcher! I have to mow often or it gets overwhelming, not all the leaves fall at once. I don't mind taking the mower for a walk though, behaves better than my dog LOL.
  3. MOLES

    Up to 16 on the rat traps as of tonight. I've got ten traps on a third acre area right now.
  4. Charger facelift

    You've got all the hitches, the 6" wheels look good on there, makes the tractor look bigger. I'm liking it!
  5. Exploding Grinder Stone?

    I cringe when I see people horsing the thin cut off wheels through all kinds of cuts with their face right in there. Those things can fly apart at great speed. I always try and keep as much of myself out of the plane of the wheel as most pieces will fly straight out perpendicular to the shaft.
  6. MOLES

    I've had some luck killing moles, and more often, shrews by finding open tunnel entrances and placing a rat trap baited with a piece of sinewy beef trimming. Bacon is great bait also.. or beef with bacon grease. Last year I trapped out over three dozen shrews, this year I've just trapped for a few days and have 9 kills. When it's hot out my bait goes bad fast so I like to trap in cooler weather. I cannot trap shrews with any kind of underground tunnel trap, they just go around or through it without tripping it. I thought I had sneaky moles until I actually started catching the smaller shrews in my baited rat traps.
  7. crazy weather

    We haven't had measureable rain here in 5-6 weeks. It's been DRY, hot and windy. The garden has been very thirsty. Every time a storm comes along it either dries up right as it gets here or slides North. We missed out on most of the snow over the Winter too. Not looking good with July and August around the corner.
  8. river trip video

    Thanks Steve, couldn't sleep at all till I knew the rest of the story. I've seen plenty of boats run up on sandbars here on the Wisconsin. I was having troubles with the old site and kind of let it go for a while, when I realized the new one was here I got my registration fixed and got on. This place is much nicer than the last. Your old boat is pretty cool (I like the older stuff). I've got a 1960 Shell Lake with a 25 Evinrude on it, hits 30mph on GPS. It has a jackplate on it now.
  9. river trip video

    Don't leave us hanging!!! What happened to the Farkle family????????
  10. Looks great! Where did you get the decals? I'd like to paint mine but only if I can get good decals to match new paint. I have a feeling a lot of Tech bashers haven't run the HH100. I'm sure impressed with mine!
  11. Good mowing machines?

    How about those old Yazoos? I see them for sale now and then, funky looking mowers. I imagine cutting fast means a deck with good airflow that follows the ground well and plenty of horsepower. Who makes better decks than Wheelhorse, fitting one under a 416should be possibe, could find a swept axle for it...
  12. Good mowing machines?

    Found a pretty nice toro 522xi with 52" deck. Would that mow any faster than the 416? The xi has some nice features.
  13. Good mowing machines?

    Kind of what I figured, those can get pricey.. I was going to have a look at a Deere with a front mount mower, has a snowblower also. Are those any good?
  14. Good mowing machines?

    I'm watching for a mower for a friend of mine. He's got a 416-hydro for mowing but has a few acres and it takes too long... If he finds a good replacement I get dibs on the 416. He wants something that mows faster than a garden tractor. Any ideas? Doesn't matter what color it is as long as it's American made.