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  1. Bearing advice

    Same reason for me on the 8 Speed, I thought I'd just clean it out, fix the previous owner's repair errors and change the Gasket n Seals, but have since suspected (5 years) a tired Axle Bearing for a returning very slow weep on R/H side (0.015" up down movement under load).So they are all coming out if any sign of wear. $10.00 Is unbelievably cheap !. I suppose it depends on how much you're purchasing from them, but be sure you are prepared for Import Duty and Charges, it can double your costs. Good Luck and would like to know how you get on.
  2. Bearing advice

    As you're located in UK, and you are possibly only replacing the Axle Bearings, fit may be worth considering obtaining your Bearings in the UK - LINK - . As for the Trans Gasket, 0.4mm max as suggested would keep the End Float close to it's original dimension. Genuine ones here are expensive, so I'll also cut my own.. I've also got a full bearing replacement to do on an 8 speed on my 'Job List'. Have most of the Bearings, and the Closed End Full Compliment Needle Bearings are very expensive here. Hope it goes well for you. Regards
  3. The Johnson Lawn Mower

    Thought this may provide a little amusement for those who are into old American mowers. Spooky that it is in a local Heritage Centre in the UK along with other lawn orientated exhibits dedicated to history of Lawnmower design. - The advertisment was blown up in size from an image measuring about 2" x 3" in an old magazine. Some lethal Toe cutters too!.
  4. UK dealer list

    Bostrum (UK) were the main suppliers of seats to the Wheel Horse Belgium Assembly Plant (as well as Steering Wheels) when required, as not many of these parts were shipped from the US for the Plant. Some time ago, Bostrum were bought out and the Company operated under the name KAB. The seat design was/is so good that it is still manufactured today and is known as the KAB P2. The Black and Green on Chrome labels are not currently reproduced as far as I know- ....... but there are a few Decal reproduction people in UK who may be able to help if you want some?. I managed to salvage these shown in the above image before refurbishing the seat.
  5. k301 carbon build up under head

    Yep!, agree with all replies. Carbon build up mainly down to fuel quality and Ethanol ratio in a good engine. I see the Exhaust Valve is the right pale colour, so the Carb/mixture is right. The clean ring around most of the the Piston Crown is 'Oil Wash' caused by the slow 'Bedding In' process of the Cylinder Wall Hatch marks and the Rings. May take longer to Bed In if the Rings are Chrome (hatch marks look to be at the correct angle for that type of ring). Certainly use an additive in the Fuel to reduce the Carbon build up. Looks good for many hundreds of hours running
  6. You may find Mark's (Meadowfield) Thread on his marvelous modification worth a read. I'm sure he won't mind me posting a link for you here- http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/48814-project-bendy-4x4-gets-a-locking-diff/ Regards
  7. HALF a HORSE.

    As usual, excellent progress and fabrication/development skills Alan . Maybe Mark/Ewan can modify the Decals to show Manu-matic on them for you? . I'm getting itchy fingers now to get back down to use the machines, but still too cold in the workshop for me .
  8. k341 carburetor and governor

    And a pic for you to complement Pfrederi's description above-
  9. Greetings from Somerset

    Hello Ian and to RS. Tractor look's like it is all there and unmolested. Good Pair of replacement Kenda Turfs on the Rear. I thinks it's at least about 74 and actually has a proper U.S. WH Steering Wheel and Seat Pivot Tray. Just just a good overall service and an Oily Rag wipe over seems all that is required. Good acquisition.
  10. k341 carburetor and governor

    In addition to all of the good advice given above, it will be worth checking/adjusting the settings of the Carb Needles and the Governor setting as per the Manual as well. As for a Repair Kit, IF it is an Original KOHLER Carb Fitted with a number like 45 053 09 (and above on last 2 digits), then you are likely to require KOHLER Kit part number 25 757 02. I say Likely, as some Carb numbers quote another part number using a smaller bore Bowl Valve Or you can find an Aftermarket equivalent if you wish. Situations like this require progressive elimination of possible faults, A clean Fuel system and properly set Carb first is the best place to start I reckon. Regards.
  11. Hello From Southampton, UK

    Found the Edited pics . Some very good work your doing there. Will be a real nice example. 1-0380 Model number is listed as a 1974 C-160 !, but then. it was assembled in Belgium !. Notorious for nonconformity of the Model Ranges. Still, 14hp is as good. You are covering much of the same work like Solenoid/Deck etc that I had to do on mine. Would be good to see you posting your progress in a separate Thread ?. Regards Edit:- PS - nice work on saving the original Muffler.
  12. Hello From Southampton, UK

    Hello Graydon, . You are not alone being in the UK and having experienced problems sourcing parts. You are slightly more disadvantaged with time and the exchange rate. I and many UK residents on here have imported spares from the US over the years due to shortages, but at better, cheaper rates. To help solve your parts needs, give us an idea of your Tractor Model number and what you need and I'm sure we'll try and find them. My 2 Tractors are of similar age. I presume you have a Parts Manual etc for yours?. Any pics would be appreciated. Regards.
  13. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Named my two 'Wallace and Gromit'. Gromit (foreground) as the 'Grafter' and Wallace that has done very little, apart from hauling a Trailer/Cart occasionally and just takes me for leisurely rides nowadays-
  14. Fuel pump rebuild - is this the right kit?? Pictures.

    Parts supplied are for 2 versions of pump. You wlll only need the items circled in your image copy to fit back into the main body. Plus the Gasket to fit the Pump of course.
  15. All very good advice from the contributors. One point on assembly is to ensure every bolted joint is cleaned to bare metal for electrical Ground (Earthing in UK) continuity as you go. It will avoid a lot of time trying to find out why you can't get a spark or the lights to work etc. I used Stainless Bolts/Setscrews on my project, which are not as good at conducting Leccy as Steel, but to ensure good conductivity and continuity, I cleaned the inside hole faces in panels and frame and bound clean copper wire into the threads under the heads so the copper would bind in the holes and so would form the connections. It meant I didn't have to chip the paint off around the holes where the bolts touched. You can also read or follow other Thread Projects on here for any pitfalls. here's a link to my offering, a few years ago now, but still being viewed as the visit count is nearly 19500 -LINK- . It is of similar age and type to your Tractor. Enjoy your project.