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  1. Starter Solenoid Location?

    This image is from Hodge71's (Jeff in PA) post in the Gallery section here. I believe the Solenoid location can be seen here?. Not familiar with the Model but clearly an advantage of having an up-to-date gallery of models/images. Hope this helps.
  2. removing headlight bulbs

    An Old Topic, but included some coverage of Lights/Buckets/Bulbs and enhancing light output that may be of interest to you (approx 2/3rds of the way down this page) -
  3. What have you done on your WH today?

    Just to add another Trans Seal issue Post. Some of the Seals are weeping slightly on my 74 C-120. I had a spare 80s 103916 8 speed laying around. It's pretty good considering, with good Key slots, clean internally and dry seals. Less than 0.010" deflection on the Shafts when loaded. So finished the prep on it today- All ready to swap it over and tackle the old one for a rebuild as a winter job. Got all the seals and most of the Bearings .
  4. New

    It's all here, everything you will ever need to know about WHs. I'm South and to the right (east) of you.....a bit!
  5. First post first mower

    Welcome. A good first WH won't be your last. Hope you have space, as they tend to accumulate. They like to stay in Herds
  6. What have you done on your WH today?

    Further to my previous post here (#234). All the bits I've made are fitted and today, as it was dry 'n' bright, I fitted the refurbished 36"RD Deck onto the C-120- Deck was last used about 28 years ago on this machine. Bit of a mess and has taken me quite a while and progress was covered in this LINK Not sure how long the OEM PTO -Deck Drive belt will hold out, but only had a few small cracks in it. Spins up well and smooth. I'm pleased.
  7. Wheel horse model

    Reckon you could be right about that Mark. I remembered seeing one on mine originally- Maybe GD Mountfield found the old Ali Plates were getting expensive ?- Like the one on my 1972 Raider 12-
  8. Wheel horse model

    Hi, Yep , as Richard says. However, it was a confusing year in the Belgium Assembly Plant with naming Tractors. I have the same Model number and it originally had some cheap old stickers quoting Raider 12 !. I chose to re decal mine to a C-120 to follow Toro's records. If you type 1-0353 into this Link, it will give you the Illustrated Parts List (IPL). So in 74, there are 12hp Tractors labelled as Raider12, 12HP 8 Speed and C-120 !. If you want to see what I had done with mine, here is a Link to the rebuild topic- Rebuild . Hope yours is in much better condition than mine was. If you need any help with it, just ask. Good luck with whatever you plan to do with it. .
  9. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Slightly modded 1974
  10. What have you done on your WH today?

    Hi- I won't hog the Topic with a long winded reply- 1- It's a plain 'O' ring. I fit one to help keep the swarf away from the greased Fingers of the Fixed Steady while machining long rods (saves cutting a short piece off). Lathe is 68years old- here's a link for description- Myford ML7 I take detailed measurements of the original bits. It''s easy working to inch standard dimensions. You can even guess the original size when parts are badly worn. I'm only an Amateur training, but enjoy it.. Regards
  11. 48 inch mower deck bearings

    Think your part # should read 109966 and as mentioned relates to 6203 series. The size is in inch and is stated as 21/32" ID. 1 9/16"OD. 15/32" HEIGHT in retail listings. Lots of options if search made by Toro Part #. One point that needs to be made clear. If the upper (old) Bearing from the Spindle(s) is found to have no Shields, then I strongly suggest he does a trial assembly on the Spindle to see if the replacement Bearing also needs to have both Shields/Seals removed if plan is to use Grease Gun in future. If the Spindle is like some others on WH Decks, the grease access point is above the top Bearing and if the upper seal is left in you will not get any grease to the bearings. Here is an example- The Example Spindle Ass'y is for a 1978 36" RD Deck (Double Shields were left in as there was no intention of future greasing), but is similar in layout with different dimensions and part numbers. Hope this helps.
  12. What have you done on your WH today?

    Been making/Turning various replacement parts to original spec (UK) and repairing the Mower Deck Lift 'T' Bar and Rods recently for the '74' C-120 in readiness to fit the Refurbed 36" RD Deck- Got around to installing the Lift 'T' Bar today as it was hot n Sunny (Fit and Forget now)- Lift Rod is a bit tired after years of wear, but will swap to Chain lift later when I get time to make one.
  13. Rural Past Times.

    It's all impressively covered in a Build Thread by Alan in this link for you/all - -LINK-
  14. Axle seals

    Search the Web for these Oil Seal numbers - Wheel Horse Part # 100863 or Motion Ind 01295997 or SKF 9815 . Plenty out there.
  15. I used Duro and shoe-horned 10.5" 4ply HF255 TLs onto 7" wide rims (tubeless). Reduces outer diameter slightly, but no issues with clearance on a 74 C-120- As you're in the UK, here is an example retailer of this Brand (other available) and gives you an idea of the costs. TYRES