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  1. Blades for 36" Rear Discharge Deck

    If you can find them, OEM Blades were what I went for (not easy where I am). One thing to do before fitting, is to check the balance. Even my OEM Wheel Horse blades were out and needed fettling- before- After-
  2. Are the RJ attachments

    Well done Neil !. Super haul. Is that your fun time booked up for the foreseeable future with it's resurrection to full working order?.
  3. What Size Lathe to Buy? What do You have?

    No previous experience or training. Had to learn from books and could only afford an old used machine initially just over 30 years ago. Also stuffed for size/space, so I settled for a small 1949 English Myford 3 1/2" x 20". It's tired, but renewed many parts and has produced a lot of precision parts for my Tractors and Models etc. I wish I had space for a bigger one, but happy with what this can handle. Will swing 7" over the bed ways and 10" in the gap- Machining the faces of a reduction gear unit held in a 6" 4 jaw chuck- I also have a secondhand hobby sized Milling Machine which is also a bonus in versatility. Whatever you decide on, it will open a whole new world of opportunity to make stuff. Enjoy!.
  4. Still no spark

    Been there on an H60 that had been dormant for 30 years on a Tiller. Maybe I was lucky after replacing Points, Condenser and setting the timing as mentioned above. I'm just wondering about the fact that you have some juice to the HT lead. I'm presuming you have a Kill wire on this?, have you tried for a spark with the kill wire removed at the Coil?. You may be having a ground leakage of the bulk of the current/voltage. Just a possibility.
  5. 12 HP Kohler compression question

    Hi, I confess to know virtually zero about this engine, but to offer some clarity. I believe your engine is as per the Service Manual link provided by Garry earlier, i.e CH12.5. ACR System is described in Section 10 page 1 (page 89 of the Manual). As your engine operates with Hydraulic Valve Lift using full Oil pressure, I would suspect the possible cause lies with intermittent sticking Valve Lifters (or Oil pressure) on start up, or the ACR lifting pin is faulty. For an engine to build up such pressure in the cylinder and to have to undo the Spark Plug to relieve it, neither valve is lifting when it should, but at least you must have good seals on piston rings and valve seats to store the pressure. I'm sure there are members here with experience of this model and will point you in the right direction to resolve it. Regards
  6. Awesome design and build quality. Worth the wait. Now enjoy it!
  7. 12 hp K301 No Spark

    Both of the above and if no juice to the coil, then check any safety switches if fitted.
  8. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    As found in 2008 Got it home- Blind in one eye and a broken nose and water damage- Ta Daaaaa!- '74' C-120-
  9. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

    Sent you a few links via PM. One of them is -HERE- Mine are over 40 years old and the recent addition of the Backrest is new current manufacture. I only had to drill 2 more holes to fix it on. The link here will also describe the hole centres in the seat base for fixing. Hope this helps .
  10. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

    Originally they were Bostrom (UK) in the 70's Craig, and fitted to many Imported WHs assembled in Belgium for European market.- They had an international patent. They were taken over by KAB (UK) and the design is little changed where they are still made as the KAB P2. Yes, the cost has risen a lot over the lsat 5 years or so, but very popular and comfortable. Hi Pete, thanks. I'll send you a PM with clearer pics of my set up, but the tractor is a 1974 C-120 and yours must be the later 'Ironclad' late 70's model. Cerainly easier in open style. Regards. Richard.
  11. Detergent or non detergent in 60's Tecumseh?

    That sounds like a 'Techy Shoot'
  12. Hello Rex, I have the older version of Lift Lever on mine, so not really familiar with later style, but looking at your image, it looks like the weakest point is near the weld point?. Strengthening at the point you mention would be the best way in my view. It may be worth looking out for an old Bike Frame to cut up, where they used quality Reynolds/Chromoly steel thin wall tubing which would be lighter than conventional steel tubing. May just find the right diameter and pulling the handle off to slide down and weld up. Regards
  13. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

    Morning to all, To continue the dedicated day topic trend, thought it may be interesting to invite pics of your ride's 'Posterior Perch(es)' . Post them all. It doesn't matter if they are smart, shiny, custom, dusty, crusty, tatty or rusty. Plenty of artistic licence here. Just added a Backrest to mine, but looking for another- Enjoy your Sunday! . Regards
  14. been keeping busy - a different kind of building!

    Superb job Mark. Loved doing Walling and Bricklaying, but I'm slow. That Coping will age pronto in that environment there., If you want to accelerate it, slap an out of date Yoghurt over it.
  15. Row crop front ideas

    I don't think Chris alias 'The Showman' has been on for a while, so I'm sure he will not mind me offering this link to his creation which is well worth perusing- Rowcrop