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  1. 312 -8 Carburetor tuning

    You have the wrong Service Kit for your Walbro Carb. It should be 25 757 11-s. You do not require the flat Gasket (with Baffle) from the wrong kit. Your Carb Part number should be stamped on the Flange and should read something like these- 45 053 79, 45 053 80, 45 053 81, 45 053 82, 45 053 83, 45 053 84. see extract from Kohler Manual below- The IDLE Mixture Screw should be opened/set at 1 and 1/4 turns from gently closed as a preliminary setting. Run engine for 5 minutes to warm up, then follow the Kohler Manual procedure below- Hope this helps.
  2. Set em' up Saturday

  3. Rest in Peace JimD

    Sad news indeed. There will remain a large void on this Forum where his humour and stoicism is an example to us all. Whenever I see an image of Mutley it will remind me of that example. R.I.P Mr. D.
  4. Attachment Tuesday guys!!

    Only got 2 now-
  5. It’s Motor Monday!!

    K301 Before- During- After-
  6. Like those tyres Rex . I'm ok with waiting .
  7. Best inline fuel filter?

    Hi Jim, Apologies for delay in response to your question, only just seen it. The little Petcock is what I use to drain the Fuel system for overwintering. I also use it to re-prime the system in the Spring. By shutting the Tank Valve and pumping fresh fuel through the Petcock, it is sent to the Carb first. I then open the Tank Valve and pump fuel back up through the Filter into the Tank. As soon as it appears in the Tank, I shut the Valve(s) and fill at the Tank. Zero airlocks and ready primed system that prevents long cranking to start. The whole Fuel system is super clean, so no contaminates on the wrong side of the Filter. Here's a few images of the 74 WH after I fully rebuilt and fitted a 36" RD Deck....... sorry for deviating from the the Topic- Regards
  8. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    Hi Mark, Bit late to your Topic here, A rather more challenging job with the condition of that one, than I have on my 5091 8 speed. Hoping to start on it soon. Been trying to compare spec of the BAM Caged type to the Full Comp, as you know, I have the same dilemma. So far, it seems only the loading is reduced, but should cope well with what they are exposed to in these Trannys. I'll be making Bearing Mandrels to fit each one for the ass'y, just to drag the process out and make a 'Knife and Fork' job of it !. (Actually, it's because I get some Lathe time making them ). Hope it gets easier and I'll follow your progess and reply to your MoM PM. Regards
  9. Deck lift bar interchangeability

    Hi, if this is for your Raider Resto project (great work by the way), then you have a short frame on a '68'. The frame will not be drilled each side near the Tranny Plate. The drive Belt side has a 'Blind hole' and the Deck Lift lever side has a 'Through hole' that carries a bushing. Here's a pic that may help- The blind hole side could be adapted by adding a thick bored plate to the inside of the frame, as there is space (ignore the copper tube/spring etc, it's my Mod to seal grease in the blind hole). Through hole will need drilling out for the bushing. I believe the longer frame length was added at the front, so the distances at the back of the frame should accommodate the Lift Rod etc?.
  10. Hello from Sweden

    Jocce. You are one of quite a number here who reside in Northern Europe. I'm sure they will be along to greet you at sometime. Enjoy your WH and the Best Forum .
  11. Deck wheels (casters)

    . Would the examples with no Washers have Plastic Wheels/Nylon Bushings?. Not sure when they went Plastic, or it could be the Toro 'Bean Counters' influencing Design/Ass'y .
  12. Bagged out steering bushing hole?

    Adding a better bushing to strengthen the Steering was quite straight forward when I refurbished my 74 C-120 several years ago. I used the same Flanged Bushing that is used on the lower forward Steering Shaft- There was enough space below for 3/8" UNC (SAE) nuts and lock washers. Solid as a rock.
  13. Best inline fuel filter?

    I use Kohler Fuel Filters (on my WH High mount Tanks)- The tapered upper end keeps down the risk of Airlocks. May be more difficult to avoid them with a lower tank position, but not impossible.
  14. Starter motor

    Hello Neil, I've been inside a few of these Starters also, so you're probably familiar with what I covered in this LINK. I still have it as a spare, but was promised to someone, but not sure if they still want it?. I'll check with them. I also imported a new aftermarket one several years ago for my c-120 when it was still reasonable shipping rates, but still cost me about UK£80 !. If you buy new, just check what version you have and the number of Teeth on the Bendix.
  15. Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

    Welcome Scott, that big old lump of Robins Cast Iron should thump along forever in that . If you need to replace the seat, just search online for Kab P2 Pan Seat, or if you want a cheaper 2nd hand one, search for Atco Auto steer. Enjoy it !.