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  1. Name this dozer...

    TT, Thanks, and thanks! I replaced my pix with one of the whole unit, and it does seem to have some kind of label at the front attachment point, and does seem to have engagement levers and latches... But at this point, I'm not sure driving over an hour to see it is worthwhile... Chip
  2. Name this dozer...

    Hi folks. Is this implement a standard Wheel Horse item? Specifically the frame being constructed of round tubing... Seller says it came off a B-80 (which is what I have) but also referred to 'brackets welded to the axle at the factory' which I haven't seen in everyone else's pix. And of course, the picture runs out at the top where I'd like to see more detail. I'm heading out in 1 hour to take a look, so any quick comments would be appreciated. Chip Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)
  3. Installing Head Gaskets

    In little-British-sportscar-land a copper spray is used in a similar fashion. Chip
  4. CarFax

    Karl, It's not clear from your post if you were actually moving when you engaged OD. Is it possible OD won't engage unless you're underway, and possibly unless you're travelling above a certain speed or gear selection? I've not driven one of those, but I recall some OD units engage conditionally. Maybe the manual is online. Of course, if you've been thru all this already, I'll be quiet and re-lurk... Chip
  5. CarFax

    Karl, These days, I wouldn't worry too much about passing up a specific truck, since it's quite likely that a few more folks will be parting with similar vehicles. Especially if it's not exactly what you would want, and you have some more time. You might even find a good 'package' deal of truck and trailer, too. Chip