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    1969 workhorse 700, 1972 14 automatic (changed to a stick)

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    Organize and run the local Garden tractor pulls.
  1. 73 GT14 Puller Resto.

    The track was hardpack clay.. you could actually leave rubber marks on the track! that was near the end of the day when the track started to dry out. Eariler in the day 3 tractors broke because the track was TOO good! 2 wheel horses and a cub made it through .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG2-lXZK7Z8&feature=youtu.be My belt melted to the pulley and I couldn't get it out of gear... time for kevlar!!
  2. 14 hp Puller in Ontario Canada

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG2-lXZK7Z8&feature=youtu.be I backed into the sled... my belt melted to the pulley , but thats what we do.
  3. 73 GT14 Puller Resto.

    Yep they are on backwards.. Made the difference to pulling 140 feet to 192.. The top 3 tractors had them on backwards... Like they say, if ya can't best em, join em!
  4. 14 hp Puller in Ontario Canada

    Been pulling for a few years. Got beat by a Cub by 2'!!! And YES the tires are backwards!! It really does make a differance.
  5. 73 GT14 Puller Resto.

    It was hooking really well yesterday.. Pulled 192' On a 150' track.. We went floating finish for the final.. 1st place was a cub that pulled 194'
  6. 73 GT14 Puller Resto.

    A couple of picks from yesterday.
  7. 73 GT14 Puller Resto.

    It's actually a 14 automatic... But since I changed it to a 4 speed.. I renamed my horse with no name.. lol I believe its a 72.. not a 73 The wife didn't like Hoof Hearted.........
  8. 73 GT14 Puller Resto.

    I'll be ordering a complete set of decals for it real soon, We have our first pull of the year tommorow , I'll post up some pics. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the white Steering tower, but I guess it will grow on me.
  9. I've had this tactor for a couple of years and I finally got around to cleaning it up and painting it. Still a little detailing to do, but for the most part, there it is!
  10. Newb from Canada

    Hello all, I have 2 wheel horse tractors. A 1969 700 workhorse and a 1973 14 automatic. the 700 has been in my hands since 1972 and has went through many stages. For 15 years it was a primary lawn mower and weekend puller. Its powered by a 9 hp Honda at the moment and is just used for pulling and drag racing. The 14 automatic, I just acquired and is all original but the transaxle is locked up solid. (Stalls the engine when its engaged) That will be my project over the next few weeks. I'm hoping to learn and share wisdom on Red Square. Shawn