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  1. Regretted Projects

    VW off road dune buggy. For every hour driving you spent 4 hours repairing. Plenty of friends to go riding, none showed up for repairing.
  2. NJTOM's 701

    Looks very good. Looks like you're getting hammered with snow today, only 2" in Vineland. What shows do you plan on taking it to?
  3. Wednesday, wet, heavy, slop vs the C-175

    Down in South Jersey we only got about 2" but it was a couple of degrees above freezing so it was like pushing a giant Slurpee.
  4. Happy Birthday bowtieguy

    Better late than never. Happy Birthday Frank. Birthdays are good for you, the more you have the longer you live. True!
  5. It was supposedly a prototype from the factory that never went into production. It's purpose was ????
  6. Here is the collection of tractors auctioned of Saturday.
  7. Went to the show Saturday and saw several familiar faces from the Big Show and from Red Square. Said hi to Kate and renewed My Lawn and Garden Tractor Magazine. There was a huge turn out for the show, I guess the big tractor auction helped a lot. Here's some pictures from the show, no Wheel Horses just mostly the big boys.
  8. Has anyone ever used these and if you did, did they work. Have signs of rats in one of the out bldgs. and don't want to use poison. Hate the smell when they curl up and die and don't want to take a chance on our dachshund getting ahold of the carcass.
  9. C-160 8 speed

    My son-in-law is one of the yard foremen and he and my actually live next to the scrap yard. Craig has given me a big aluminum tool box that fits in pick up bed and one of those aluminum ladders that fold 1001 ways. Looked like both were brand new.
  10. C-160 8 speed

    My son-in-law works at a local scrap yard and picked this up in Oct. He decided he wasn't going to do anything with is so he gave it too me this past Sunday. Another project for my "spare" time. Haven't messed with it yet but he threw a set of jumper cables and tried to start it awhile back. Nothing. Next warm day I'll check it out further. Sunday was a good day; I was treated to breakfast, given a free tractor, and the Eagles won the Super Bowl.
  11. MOM

    Sorry for your loss Caz. Is there any possibility that your Dad would be willing to relocate to your area?
  12. Is that the same show that used to be held at the York PA Fairgrounds? If it is I went to that several years ago and it was great.
  13. What show was that and do you have a link to it?
  14. Our local club is planning to visit again so Lord willing I'll be there.
  15. Anyone showing or going here? http://www.lvicte.org/2018-show-details---updates.html