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  1. There was a WHAT .... WHERE ???

    All I'm saying is that it's a good thing that you weren't wearing your white pants because........
  2. There was a WHAT .... WHERE ???

    Brings back memories of one of the first shows when they still had the outhouses by the tent area. Bill walked in, sat down, snake said "hi'., Bill ran out. Darn Bill , you scream like a girl.....
  3. I found that carburetor screw that you lost. I saw him working on his motorcycle muttering "I need a screw....." Found it.
  4. Who else can't go?

    I made it! Didn't think I would but drove down yesterday (almost 4 hrs. each way). My first show was in 2001 and haven't missed one since. Next year all 3 days. Waiting for the call that I won the raffle tractor.
  5. And you the Grand Prize winner you have my eternal gratitude.
  6. Slow Moving Vehicle.

    I didn't think Steveasaurus was coming this year.
  7. After some mild discussion (ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! YOU'RE GOING WHERE!!!!) and the doctor's approval, I'm going to be taking a day trip to the Show on Friday. Bringing my 856 to ride around on. It's a little over 3 hrs each way so I'll probably leave before cruise night. But I plan on being there. YAHOO!
  8. Even in the not so pristine condition that Grandpops truck was I'd love to have it. I did inherit his 1948 F-100. Years ago my wife lent it to her brother and the first day he was backing up with the door open and ripped it off. Put it back on with bailing wire. Second day he blew the engine then called me a few days later so I could tow it home. I was so disgusted that a year later I sold it to a friend who completely restored it. Mumble mumble Don't think so. Only 3 louvers instead of 5 and the Ford emblem instead of V-8
  9. I found on that looks close including the V8 insignia. 1940 Ford
  10. My daughter Toni bought this for me last week at Wilhelm Tractor Show.
  11. This was my grand-dad's pick-up truck. Can any of you truck guys ID it? I'm thinking a 1940s Dodge but that's just a wild guess.
  12. Some kids get it. Years ago at a Burger King my wife told the kid that she wanted the 8 piece chicken tenders. The kid replied "no you don't". My wife got a little huffy and asked "and why don't I want them?" The kid replied " why would you buy 8 chicken nuggets for $2.69 when you can get them on the value menu at 5 for $0.99? Two packs equal 10 for $1.98 versus 8 for $2.69. Same tenders" My wife grinned, thanked her, and ordered two packs at $0.99 each. That kid is probably a success somewhere.
  13. Best penetrating oil ever?

    I have to agree that this is the best stuff I've ever used. I belong to the South Jersey Gas Engine Club and our members use it on old tractors, stationary engines, hit and miss, and whatever. They all swear by it.
  14. Is anyone bringing RJ-58 front rims to sell? Interested.
  15. Value of NOS WH seat?

    I'd be curious to see if it comes back on the market shortly. Did b**b actually buy it or just bid it up for a friend and got stuck with it. Happened a few years ago with a Bantam in NE PA. Three times.