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  1. Amazing that I've lived this long

    Everything turned out okay. No lingering effects except that I wore leather gloves when I finished the job.
  2. Amazing that I've lived this long

    There are 3 pictures on this wall of shame.
  3. Amazing that I've lived this long

    Surprised me too. Even when they pulled it out there were only a couple of drops.
  4. We've all done dumb things but it seems like I've done more than my share. A couple of weeks ago I changed our clotheslines for heavier ones with less stretch. What could possibly go wrong? First thing was that we use clothesline tighteners and the heavier line wouldn't go through. No problem, I got a piece if mechanics wire about a foot long and folded about 3 inches back. Used electrical tape to secure it to the clothes line, wrapped it really tight and kind of tapered it. Stuck the long end through the tensioner and used my thumb to take pressure off it. Pulled the long part of the wire but it was tight and barely moved. Gave it at hard yank and..... ouch. Darn that smarts. Tried to pull it back out but wouldn't budge. Guess I need to go to the emergency room but problem is I'm still attached to the clothes line. Called the wife and she came out, almost fainted, then called my daughter who cut the line. Carol drove me to the ER and surprisingly it wasn't packed. Doc looked at it and sent me for x-rays to make sure that it didn't go through a bone. That had a hard time getting it in position to x-ray it with the long piece of wire that wasn't stuck through my thumb. Wait a second, I still had my wire cutting pliers in my back pocket so I cut it off. That technician started to throw it away then asked my if I wanted to keep it. I told him, ta da " Well I was kind of attached to it". Anyhow the wire hadn't hit bone or any major nerves so after numbing it (THAT hurt like Hell) they pulled the wire out. Gave me a tetanus shot and a script for antibiotics and sent me home. Oh yeah, told the wife to not let my play without supervision.
  5. Jacktown Show

    It's this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm driving 3 hours. Has a lot of everything. GOOGLE Jacktown Show. Should find full schedule of events.
  6. Jacktown Show

    Outlook is good that I'll be there Sat.
  7. Jacktown Show

    50-50 chance that I will be there Saturday.
  8. Anyone going to the Jacktown Show this weekend in Bangor PA ?
  9. The third show was the first one I went to so I've been to 18 of them. Loved the tee shirt this year but got me looking for my buttons and plaques. Found 15 buttons and 16 plaques. Strangely it's the later years that are missing. And the search goes on.
  10. Does anyone else have their copy of "Riding Horseback" by Derrick Mayhew?
  11. I never heard what the feature tractor will be next year.
  12. Found another back rest support. $15
  13. Still available and starting to load the trailer.
  14. I have 2 seat pans plus a torn up cover that could be used as a pattern. Anyone want them?