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  1. I'm trying to figure out how you would get on or off the darn thing.
  2. I'll be there next year. Waiting to see pictures of your lasted creation. I still say I'd like to see what would happen if we put you and Bob Rock in a workshop filled with Wheel Horse pieces and parts, and a few cases of your favorite beverages. Wow imagine what would would roll out the door.
  3. Normal? Wow, that would be a first for me. I'll have to try that some day.
  4. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! I've been to every show since the third one but going to miss this one. I've some medical issues and my cardiologist strongly suggested that I skip this one. Wife and kids agree so I'm going to listen for a change and hopefully by late summer I'll be playing with my toys again.
  5. Wow! How did you get the Gobbler to pose like that?
  6. We make our chili with kidney beans and not overly spicy. I like it over white rice and cornbread on the side. Here's a link to that "Guest Chili Judge" joke.
  7. As usual you're the man with the info. Thank you Garry.
  8. How much do these weights on the front of my 520 weigh? There are two of them.
  9. Have you figured out what you will be asking for one?
  10. Is anyone selling one of these various style hitches at the big Show?
  11. I want to be able to tow my landscape trailer around the yard. What do you guys use to attach a ball to the rear of your 520s? I have a bar that slides in the sleeve hitch of my 856 but this is the setup my 520 has. The existing hitch is too low to the ground for what I need. Thanks.
  12. Wiggling the shifter did the trick Thanks for the help. Where do you guys buy your air and oil filters, we don't have a local Toro dealer anymore.
  13. Thank you Gary and Carl. I'll read the manual tonight and play with it again tomorrow.
  14. As I posted earlier, I got a great deal on 1992 520-H and it is a little bit more complicated than my 854, 856, and 68 Lawn Ranger. The first thing I'm going to need is a manual or two for it. It's a model # 41-200E03 but according to Toro that model doesn't exist for their manuals but it does exist for their parts breakdown???? I've checked the manuals here on Red Square but couldn't find anything. Any suggestions? Now for the first problem. It ran decent when I got it but needs a general tune up, you know new plugs, air breather, fuel lines and filter, etc. Today when I tried to start it, nothing. I was sitting on the seat and had the parking brake on. Turned the key on and all of the idiot lights flashed on. The battery (new) showed around 12.5 volts but when I tried to start it the voltage dropped to 0 and nothing. No clicks grunts or groans. What should I look at first?
  15. I'm looking for an operators manual and service manual for a 1992 520-H   

    model # 41-200E03     Ser# 2000099

    Toro manual site says model number invalid

    Toro parts breakdown says it's a good model number

    Thanks for your help.