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  1. Found another back rest support. $15
  2. Still available and starting to load the trailer.
  3. I have 2 seat pans plus a torn up cover that could be used as a pattern. Anyone want them?
  4. Exactly SOLD I'll gift wrap them
  5. I think these came off a 551. Anyone want them for $10?
  6. I have a 3 speed transmission with the round 3 bolt hubs. Transmission is frozen tight but hubs look like they are in good shape. For $25 I'll bring it to the Show.
  7. Do any of the major automotive stores sell tire paint?
  8. Excuse my manners but I forgot to thank everyone for their help. I bought the bearings at NAPA. They were pricier than the kit on ebay but not too bad. I had new brushes from when an electrician from work had rebuilt the one on my 856. Now the bad news. While carrying the generator from the bench to the tractor, I stumbled over the dog and dropped it. Busted the cast iron mounting bracket. I not only exhausted my extensive vocabulary of swear words, I think I invented a few new ones. Checking into getting a copyright on them. Anyhow...... I had one with a bad armature so by swapping some pieces parts around I have a generator on the tractor that seems to work. Thank you.
  9. 854 no spark

    Thank you Garry and jbelman that's what it was. I had cleaned them with emery cloth and thought it was good enough but clearly it wasn't. Dug out my very old points file and it worked. It's running. Old age isn't as much fun as I thought it would be. Reduced hand / eye coordination and a mind that isn't operating at full tilt. Thank you
  10. 854 no spark

    I'm heading out to the garage to see if that works. Thanks.
  11. 854 no spark

    Trying to get my 854 running after several years. No spark. Used a test light to check current to coil. Key on I have power to the positive post and also power to the negative post. As the engine turns over the power stays steady to the negative post in stead of making and breaking. I've physically opened the points but the power stays steady. I have a running 856 sitting next to it that the power makes and breaks as it should. I've swapped the coil and condenser betwen the tractors and the 856 runs, the 854 no spark. Help!
  12. Bearing is squealing like a stuck pig. Anyone know the part number so I can get a pair from NAPA?
  13. Short frame snow plow 42" width $100
  14. Wheel weights SOLD

    They are spoken for but if the deal doesn't go through they're yours.