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  1. rj-25

    Did you sell it?
  2. 1956 Wheel Horse RJ 35

    Is the rj still for sale
  3. Restored 857

    Mods you can close this add out it is no longer available. Thank you
  4. Restored 857

    If you go into my profile pics you can see some pics of it if you want more pics send me a phone number and I can text pics to u
  5. Restored 857

    Restored 857 about five years ago has brand new tires. Seat redone professional paint job. Been sitting in garage ran maybe a hour since it was restored. All spec numbers are correct. Look in my profile for pics. Has not been ran in over two years.
  6. ranger 700 gone for good

    yes it came from ricks collection
  7. I have been selling off my collection and sold my last wheel horse that I will be getting rid of. The ranger 700 that came from Kansas city area that had never been ran and came with a snow plow and deck that has never been used. I gave it away 300.00 bucks on ebay wow thought a never used never ran wheel horse would of went for more. It is headed to Maryland now. What do you think are the prices finally going down?
  8. Do your neighbors think you weird?

    I think my neighbors are weird because they do not have any wheel horses I am the normal one
  9. There has to be some more out there. Post them up lets see some more.
  10. This is my 401. This is the one that got me hooked. It came with a front reel mower and a snow plow. I was going to do a full restore on it but I have decided to keep it mostly original. The engine has been rebuilt, the trans has been gone threw, and the rims have been sand blasted and repainted.
  11. This is my 1953 walk behind. It has a siklebar and cultivator.
  12. Jcb857

    My wheel horse pics
  13. NOS Raider 14

    The day he had the sale my wife was due to have our second child so I was not able to make it to the sale. I had my eye on the Nos ranger 700 that was going to be sold. I was not able to go to the sale but about one or two weeks after the sale it showed up on ebay for a buy it now and I could not hit the button fast enough. I feel it was a good deal for 550 bucks. It came with a snow plow and deck.
  14. My dad loves to make things for his grandchildren and he did a great job on this rocking wheel horse tractor for my sons first xmass. My dad said he has around 90 hours in it. My boy loves it and so does his three year old sister.
  15. Like always you do great work. Looks great!!!