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  1. Thanks for the reply A-Z. I don't think I'll make it out that far or to the big show this year though.
  2. Are they both 48"? One appears to be a 42" unless I'm wrong. I'm definitely interested in the 48"
  3. Looking for a 48" deck for my raider 12. Must be pre attach a matic type unless you have the mule drive and mounts as well. Let me know what you have. Preferably near SE WI. Thanks!
  4. 857

    PM sent
  5. Somebody must be a Packer fan.... :woohoo:
  6. Hey, thats a really cool and easy setup! Got me scratchin my head now... :thumbs:
  7. Nice tractors everyone!!! taycotrains, I think I see some empty space on that lawn for some more tractors. I think I am liking the suburbans. I like the mid engines and the solid front! Really neat and tough looking tractors with ag's.
  8. Are you kidding me... NOS :thumbs:
  9. Heres mine. I'm lookin forwart to snow also 1057
  10. Nice The trailer is sweet too. Especially like you said you can park the tractor inside. Really cool setup!!! :thumbs:
  11. I really like that suburban CasualObserver. It looks perfect with the plow. Does it work good for plowing? I may have to replace the 1057 for one of these (with a plow of course).
  12. Well just tossin the idea of a trade around. But yes I would prob want to work it. A deck and a plow is prob all I'd want. Would the rj accomidate a plow? What about a blower?
  13. WOW that thing is unbeilevable!
  14. I have been eying up the round hoods lately. I might put my 1057 up for trade... Just woundering what everyones favorite model is and why. Pictures would be great too!!!
  15. Thats one tough lookin little tractor!!! Love the big wheels and the stack! Gotta paint the wheels for sure though. Me Like! I would just play as is.