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  1. Top pulley is 4.5 inches, bottom one is 3.5 inches, 5/8 in arbor hole with no key way
  2. Lay the tire on the ground, after you remove the valve stem, get a 4ft 2x6 and lay it on the tire at the edge of your rim, then drive your car or truck up on it. If it doesn't pop the bead then rotate the tire and try again. I've used this method on car tires also for years with great results.
  3. Would you happen to have a couple of spindle pulleys for a 42inRD deck?

  4. I have one, like new, in IA. 180+ miles south of Chicago, PM me if interrested
  5. Thanks for the thoughts guys, will check everything you mentioned. It is a single cylinder 16hsp, but I did put the chevy points on it, that may be where the problem lies, will silicone around the cover and see if that helps. Thanks again.
  6. While pushing snow, the wet and heavy kind, whenever I had a lot out front, my 161 would just shutdown. It would come back to life on it's own and run fine until the next time. Any thoughts on this?
  7. Sorry to sound dumb, but wtf is this?
  8. Hello, Finally a topic that I have some knowledge about, I mow about 7 acres with my 48in deck on ether one of my mowers and beleive me I get alot of seat time. Anyway I use the antiscalp rollers as a guide, just put them where the outside edge is riding at the outside of last pass, seems to give me the best cut, just my two cents.
  9. Thanks so much Bob and boomer, I hadn't thought of it like that, clears it up for me.
  10. Hello everyone, Not sure if this has been covered before but my question is, to advance the timing do you decrease the gap or increase it?
  11. Thank you Skip, good to know, really helps ease my mind.
  12. Thanks Bob, good to hear, may be the way I go on this one. Where did you get your rod by the way?
  13. Thank you WH nut, anyone else got any ideas on this?
  14. Hello everyone, Has anyone ever used a crankshaft that is .20 undersized? It would be going in a 16hsp Kohler.
  15. change password