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  1. Sold on Ebay but you need to give exact info on your model tractor to the seller and maker. Here are some more pics First version has more of a goose neck that I put on my 314. It would not clear B-80 hood with mule drive. The second version has more of a flat line design to clear the B-80 hood for opening to refilling the gas tank and allow the mower deck mule drive to lock in place. Both front attach hitches have the same up front deign with a hex bolt holding up the front in center and the U shaped plates on each side of the hitch clearing but allowing the mule drive to fully operate in place. There is nothing like operating a front hitch to haul thinks around. There were both made by Leonard Cooke of Rhode island who makes and sells them online on Ebay. He will work with you on any issue you may have with your hitch purchased based on my experience.
  2. The Bull Dog lighted eyes is another option!
  3. Here are a few of my favorites ! My famous Nestle Coffee Creamer front wheel caps! Seat lift for Round Hood Wheel Horse with spring seat (square Pan or Round Pan) Draw bar hitch for Wheel Horse attached with angle iron to rear of snowplow hitch (953/1054 and others) Front ball hitch on 314-8 and B-80 Wheel Horses
  4. Those three bolt hubs are off of a Lawn Ranger . Those Lawn Ranger 3 speed transmissions are usually in very good shape as most Lawn Rangers did not get a lot of abuse, wear and tear. That transmission will interchange with other Wheel Horse models with no problem. I use to be able to buy these for $50 or less and bought everyone I could as they are great for other rebuilds. Hubs can change with little problem also.
  5. You know I was sure that Brian and Evanloock would be two of the folks to speak about this! And I am sure you guys know. I can read an imprint on one of my 2 inch pulleys that it was made in Philadelphia, PA. Thanks guys!
  6. I have several RJ Wheel Horse idler pulleys, I would like to know if they can have the bearing in the center replaced? Mine are all sealed and still function but do seem to have a lot of wear as they generally have a little wobble when bolted onto the transmission. If anyone has replaced these bearings I would appreciate knowing and what type or model /size bearing is needed for replacement.
  7. Thanks for posting these backrest photos Red Ranger! Great details!
  8. Paul: I thought West Viginia was almost Heaven but it looks like you have it pretty well sewn up in Northeast Pennsylvania! Great bunch of photos!
  9. It could be Australia -they have a bunch of those Camels roaming around!
  10. How is this for a sickle bar setup?
  11. You can get them at Loves Trucks Stops all across the USA!
  12. There were special instructions on the 76 and 77 Wheel Horse tractors for the later tilers. There should be a Special Service Bulletin on Red Square for this. The issue is the way the rockshaft lift in the rear works on the Pre-1978 tractors for the tiller. 1976 and 1977 B and C-Series tractors require Service Assembly 1051621975 and prior models require Service Assembly 105105
  13. A larger pulley on the transmission for the drive belt?? Lane Ralph Oh you mean the larger pulley behind the PTO bell on the motor?
  14. Interested It looks like a side discharge 36 inch deck? What do you mean it has the larger pulley swap? What is the model number on the tag on the left side of the front tower? Lane Ralph
  15. When the mower deck is off the tractor and turned upside down, I use a 4 x 4 wood block about 8 inches long to hold the blade stable when removing and replacing blades. I do this on almost every model of deck. Sharpen the blades and back on. On the 42 inch decks I use a torque wrench to replace the nuts on the spindle.