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  1. Any of the plate pulley boxes should work. I know of quite a few folks without the plate/pulley parts. I sold one separate set about three or four years ago that I bought but I have seldom seen any at swap meets , etc. I think people left them on the tractor and removed the blade and wobble box from the rear as it was easiest to do in removng from the tractor.
  2. Pilgrim : You have the lift rod which is in the first photo and that would have been the way the early sickles were lifted up by the rockshaft on the tractor. Looks like you need to go back and check if the C-85 had the front plate and pulley set up on it. This is a pretty early looking sickle mower you have.
  3. Held at Jackson County Fairgrounds in Brownstown, Indiana (1) Jackson County Antique Machinery Association - Posts.html
  4. Here is a Wheel Horse dealer decal tag that I have never seen or heard of before.
  5. Annual Show 28th Annual Brown County Antique Machinery Association Show MAY 5 & 6, 2017 FEATURING: M & M, OLIVER, WHITE, COCKSHUT AND HAY EQUIPMENT. 7:00 a.m.- Biscuits & Gravy Stand Open 8:00 a.m.- Registration 8:00 a.m.- Craft Building Opens 8:00 a.m.- Flea Market Opens 9:00 a.m.- Opening Ceremonies 9:15 a.m.- Working Exhibits Begin 6:00 p.m.- Stone Soup for Exhibitors Saturday, 7:00 a.m.- Biscuits & Gravy Stand Opens 8:00 a.m.- Registration 8:00 a.m.- Craft Building Opens 8:00 a.m.- Flea Market Opens 9:00 a.m.- Opening Ceremonies 9:15 a.m.- Working Exhibits Begin 10:00 a.m.- Tractor parade to Downtown Nashville 2:00 p.m.- Auction of the Playhouse, Rails, lumber, and Quilts 3:00 p.m.- Kids Pedal Tractor Pull (Stage Area) Sunday, 2:00 p.m.- Grounds Clean UP
  6. Yes should be the same plastic gas tank !
  7. sdhdcouple: You can are goign to need to post some pictures of a side and front ground view to get some good answers for you!
  8. Ok that answers one of the big questions!
  9. Karl: Like Brian (Buckrancher) says the Sickle Mower you have may be a 50 inch long one with the 1 inch wider plates set up up front for the 953/1054 and GT 14 tractors. A unique setup for them. I have seen people use this on the narrower frame tractors and they use a board or metal plate inside or outside the wider frame to compensate for the narrow frame and wider sickle plates setup. Also if you look at the SMS-50 Sickle Bar Mower Manual -there is a better description of the unique rear plate/frame setup on this particular model Wheel Horse Sickle Bar Mower. ! See drawing on Page 3. The C/U shaped piece should still be sufficient to hold on properly for use.
  10. I don't have exact measurements for the U Shaped or C shaped part that mounts in between the plate of Wheel Horse at the rear transmission end. But my U shaped piece bolts in with 3/4 inch bolts and rests inside the [late holes at the back. The width of my U or C shaped piece is 6 5/8 on outside. The length of the tabs on each end are 2 1/2 inchs ( this is where the holes for the 3/4 inch bolts are drilled thru the U/C shaped bar. Karl: The steel thickness is 1/2 inch Not 1/4 - pretty heavy duty. Mal lMac: I agree about the speed of the wobble box being a concern. The real weakness of the Wheel Horse sickle design is the wobble box. The way the parts come together in that box, the bearings, the oil seals and the 30 weight oil used to lubricate complicates speed and length of use from overheating with friction. I know on the Haban sickles used on garden tractors the Cutting Speed can go between 900 to 1200 strokes in one minute! Haban has a 90 degree sealed gearbox and a drive shaft with yokes underneath the tractor frame and runs blade off of a dual pulley system and jackshaft. Thus spreading out the functions done in the single Wheel Horse wobble box. Haban also has a breakaway stem that pushes bar back, can go 45 degrees below horizon cutting ( and althougt I would not try it -it can cut hedges along their side at 90 degrees up also) Karl: This is a photo of how my Haban Sickle Bar Mower is run off the PTO on a B-80 Wheel Horse. Extra pulley on left side was added for adjusting tension of belt. Also I agree that Denny Clarke is the man to go to to get the best rebuild information! He is much more patient and thorough than I am ! The three plates shown in the above photo is how you adjust the tension on the two Haban sickle bar mower V belts. The carriage bolt nuts of loosened on one side and a full sized bolt is tightened up against a side plate to pull the plate and V belt toward you. Then tighten the carriage bolt nuts to proper tension. About 1/2 to touch much like Wheel Horse Mule Drive tention for a mower deck V belt.
  11. Farmer : Yes patience was a virtue yesterday but I think I should have taken our a moldboard plow and cut up the new areas. Turning over the thick grass would have been easier. The center of the garden I have done seveal times already with tiller and it was much easier to work with the tiller. This section of Indiana has a lot of clay type soils.
  12. Karl: This photo is of a 50 inch Wheel Horse sickle bar mower. However the 42 and this 50 bolt up the same way under the frame of the Wheel Horse tractors. On the right bottom -the U shaped piece bolts with 3/4 inch bolts on the back plate of the frame -in front of the transmission. Where the two holed are on each side of the back plate. On the left if the drive shaft and plates that run below the motor. The bolts on each side bolt into the fram (see Sickle Mower Manual for placement) The belt neds to be placed on the PTO /drive shaft and the two pulleys in the center box on bottom. It has a cover that covers the pulleys. In this photo the Wobble Box is NOT mounted to the blade arm, (see three holes without bolts! A belt goes from center pulley seen on drive shaft (between the two plates) and rides on the two pulleys in the center box (top and Bottom) and runs to the pulley on the wobble box! Here is a photo of the wobble box for a close up... pulley goes on right end of shaft of wobble box.
  13. My friend Rick Smock and I worked on tilling up his garden this am with my 1979 Wheel Horse C-121 and 36 inch tiller. Rick wanted a bigger garden this year. About 30 by 75 feet is what we ended up with. Heavy matted grass on the sides of the old garden were hard to cut through. When tilling you have to start out high and slowly mover the tiller depth lower with Dial-A-Matic for rear attachments and the n lower the lift chain in back on the tiller one chain link. Doing it that way makes a lot easier tilling job. Video of tiller in action! 002.MOV
  14. You have the Ross steering gear on your 953! Parts are sold on Ebay for restoring the Ross steering gear. This was used in the early 953's. Ross sold them to Wheel Horse , John Deere and other garden tractor manufacturers in 1962 and 1963 and demand was so high for the 953 -Wheel Horse developed the fan gear to replace the Ross gear in the 953 production.