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  1. Some old parts on an old K90 Kohler

    Yes the belt guard needs some touch up welding for sure WHX!2 ! Bottom rusted out an a small portion of side panel from sitting water.
  2. RJ Wheel Horse 8 inch Garden Plow

    No I did not find one.
  3. Some old parts on an old K90 Kohler

    Thanks for all the comments! Yes some nice stuff with this one. It goes in storage until the spring but I have some other K90/91 motors and one more complete RJ to redo ahead of this one. When I saw this I knew it was an early one. Still have not looked up date on transmission as I could not get one of the bolts off of the spring in the fender box. Hex head rounded out. One wwheel had the most rusted center I have ever seen. I do have another set of good RJ front wheels for this. THe rear ag tires were actually best I have ever seen and they are B.F. Goodrich Silvertowns.
  4. Some old parts on an old K90 Kohler

    Interesting finds on RJ I bought last week. Schnacke hex nut in good shape, pull rope recoil pulley, oil bath air cleaner attached to a Clinton carburetor! Lots of restore work needed on this one but worth the effort to save it in my opinion! Gas tank appears good too!
  5. RJ Wheel Horse 8 inch Garden Plow

    I am interested in finding an original RJ Wheel Horse 8 inch garden plow. PP-8 plow Let me know what you have and the price in a personal message. Lane Ralph Greencastle, Indiana Plow Turning 8in 1954-63 PP-8 & RC-10 coulter OM IPL.pdf
  6. I visited with a friend of mine today that has a number of early Wheel Horse tractors and I saw this unusual feature on a 854 tractor hood. This was on an 854 garden tractor. The hood was raised right over the place where the spark plug goes into the Kohler Motor. I looked closely for weld bead or cut marks in the hood and could not find any. The hood appears to be an original hood with this "bump" impressed into the top of the hood. I am posting to see what you folks on Red Square may think about this one!
  7. Value of Lawn Ranger L-155

    Love the Lawn Ranger's. Sturdy as the bigger Wheel Horse and worth the effort to restore.
  8. BD-4262 Dozer Blade?

    Yes that is a 1962 -BD-4262 Dozer Blade. I have one and used it on my brothers's 1963 633 Wheel Horse several years ago as my winter snow remover.
  9. Junk yard save!

    This is a C160 I saved! Bought for $125 and runs like a locomotive!
  10. I’m thinking about a 520LXI ?

    I drove a 522XI with 60 inch mower deck earlier this month! I must admit I was very surprised at how well it performed and how quiet it was even with the 60 inch mower engaged. And it could haul that heavy mower deck like it was not even on it! The power steering is impressive also. My place is not big enough to warrant a larger mower and mower deck but for those who do this would be a nice machine to own and use for a variety of purposes! Video of me in motion! 023.MOV
  11. Correct paint??

  12. Which horse is your favorite

    My favorite is my 1958 Wheel Horse RJ !
  13. Chrome and Stainless Hubcap project

    Tankman: A friend gave me the set of 10 inch chrome hubcaps. Not sure if they are readily available.
  14. Chrome and Stainless Hubcap project

    Hubcaps have the style of clips that AMC RULES (Craig) posted. four on each hubcap You an see them in this photo.
  15. Chrome and Stainless Hubcap project

    Attached is a photo my friend Rodney Burger took today of two sets of Wheel Horse Hubcaps. One is with the decal and one is an original set. The quality looks pretty good on the decals applied to the Baby Moon type wheel covers.