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  1. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I had the same kind of locked pin on my 854 this summer also Bob. I had my welder remove the hitch pin on my 854 before the Big Show in June. My welder said he had to heat that thing about 12 times before he could remove it!
  2. Subconciously Creating a Scrapyard

    Mark S: you are hitting the nail on the head for many of us!
  3. Woodwork

    I am on the Indiana State Tree Farm committed ( and have been on this committee for ten years) that promotes and educates landowners participating in the growing of hardwood trees. I am working at the Indiana State Fair today. The use , appreciation and growing of quality hardwoods is still a greatly appreciated activity by many people! It is always a pleasure to see quality items made from our American hardwoods! Thanks to Tool Crib for posting this.
  4. First picture is of wobble box and subframe for my 42 inch sickle bare which is different from my 50 inch 7-1311 subframe. Second picture shows the differences . Also I do not have a #5590 pulley noted in the Wheel Horse partslists for 50 and 42 inch sickle bar mowers. There appears to be no conclusive information on the size of the pulley. Some say 2 1/2 inch some say 4 inches. Looking at the drawing of the sickle parts and assuming it is dream to some scale . I think it must be four inches.
  5. Building a sickle bar mower drive plate for my 42 inch sickle bar mower. New shaft, bearings, bolts and key ways. The drive shaft is 12 inches long with 3/16 jetway all across the 3/4inchshaftThe wobble box on the 42 inch was filled with3 30 weight oil and is turning fine. Greased up blade track and will put blade and blade nut back in tomorrow. The 50 inch is done with maintenance also. Drive pulley is cast iron and keyed.
  6. B 100 Sundstrand Parking Brake Linkage

    Thanks Sarge! Your comments have been very helpful to us. I think now that putting the old pump and motor from the original B100 transmission on the replacement transaxle may be in order as we know they were good and worked well. Not sure how complicated that would be to do but draining the fluid and removing the pump and transmission motor ought to be doable.
  7. Can't go ! I have a conflict tomorrow!

    Very good information!
  9. Doing some adjustments on the 50 and 42 inch Wheel Horse Sickle Bar Mowers on the blades and lift handles. These things needs to be well greased in storage and operating! Changing the wobble box plug from recessed Allen type plug to external pipe plug for easier access to fill.
  10. Saved from going to scrap!

    It had to be after 1993 as I have a 314 without it.
  11. Saved from going to scrap!

    I bought a 1996 three weeks ago for $200 that has the mouse house issue also. I bought a new coil to get my 12 Horse magnum going again . Going to put 8 inch wheels and spindles on the front end.
  12. Mid-America Threshing and Antiques 44th Anniversary Show Aug. 9-11 Tipton, IN Directions/Event Address Tipton County Fairgrounds, 1200 S. Main St. (St. Rt. 19). Contact: Terry Dunn 317-966-2539;
  13. B 100 Sundstrand Parking Brake Linkage

    Took some more parts off the “donor” parts tractor B 100 automatic for possible reuse by my neighbor on his B 100 with replaced transmission. Some of these parts are well worn as pfredi and Sarge have noted above. The engagement lever piece has one stud well worn on one side. The brake Prawl lever also shows a worn edge o the metal.
  14. My friend Rodney Burger just bought two pair of Carlisle 6/12 Farm Specialist rear tires for his Wheel Horses. First time I ever saw these. Sold on Ebay!