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  1. Is there a 2018 mash pole?

    Eugene Richard Burger from Cebu, Philippines -farthest travelled to the Big Show!
  2. It’s Mug-Shot Monday guys!!

  3. 2018 Show

    Richie: Very glad you were able to attend the show and take it all in with gusto! David and I enjoyed seeing you! We feel a connection to you and your Wheel Horse “bug” as we were so fortunate to get to know your dad Jerry Pugh thru the Wheel Horse addiction in our 2010 trip to Florida Flywheelers and other interactions! Keep up you excellent work and exchanges with the other “addicts”!
  4. John: David and I will be raiding around on you bike this year -for sure!
  5. Front is on concrete! Rear is in grass! More even on the road! New shocks installed! $500 - I am going to have to sell a tractor to get them.
  6. The truck and trailer are all loaded. Heading east in the am!
  7. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Wheel Horse 18 hole seat and spring . $45 at the Big Show.
  8. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Winged Victory ! I paid $150 for that C 160 last year. Needed a new head gasket, sparkplug, cleaning out of the tins from a big mice house, and new points and consdenser and runs like a new one. Came from a large farm and I think was used to pick up limbs, haul tooks etc. Another "homemade" addition. My brother wants to take it off but I kind of like it. 124.MOV 120.MOV
  9. Front End Friday

  10. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Glenn Pettit Told me in an email this is the first time he will miss the Big Show. FYI
  11. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    My brother David and I rebuilt a 42 inch side discharge mower deck for use ona C160 Wheel Horse. Took some time as old spindle hex bolt heads weee worn thin. Used bolt extractor on two spindle housings and had to cut and drill third one out! This deck is unique as we have three different type of 42 spindles with three different type of pullies .’, but they all match up fine with spindle deck belt. D1517B9F-5CB3-4E1E-AFD7-E1BAC20D73F4.MOVD1517B9F-5CB3-4E1E-AFD7-E1BAC20D73F4.MOVD1517B9F-5CB3-4E1E-AFD7-E1BAC20D73F4.MOV
  12. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    When the bearing gets locked on the brake shaft put it in a vise and pound out the shaft ! I have had several stick on for a while !
  13. Plainfield Antique Tractor Show

    Looks like you all had a very great event in Plainfield! Thanks for posting all the great pictures!
  14. Loader Subframe for Wheel Horse