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  1. Need opinions on rear discharge deck?

    Yes as lynnmor says it does appear to be a recycler deck which is also one I have used and they are great. A more expensive deck when first purchased!
  2. Need opinions on rear discharge deck?

    Yes that is a 42 inch deck. They work well and I prefer the rear discharge for safety . If you cut your grass regularly and not let it get too tall they work fine. Tall grass wet or dry will leave irregular cut and windrows.
  3. 603 Wheel Horse Rear Belt Guard Link -Part #3933

    Old Kohler motor from 1962 unpainted for this redo Steve. I have started work on two RJ's I want to redo. Transmission done for one and two others I have not opened up yet! This RJ is a little rough and rusty but lots of poetnial. It had the original oil bath on the Kohler also. One on left is second one I am redoing. I sold the third one on the right.
  4. 603 Wheel Horse Rear Belt Guard Link -Part #3933

    Oops - Guess I asked about this before! The 603 Manual Drawing always throws me off track!
  5. Any 603 owner have a photo of where the Part # 3933 ( Part # 19 in the Wheel Horse 603 drawing) that attaches to the rear of the belt guard on this tractor? I do not have one of these on mine and need to find out more information about this part.
  6. Wheel Horse

    http://www.elecdirect.com/media/specsheets/Cole-Hersee-Standard-Heavy-Duty-Rocker-Switches-Pg-73.pdf Cole Hersee supplied the original rocker switches Cole-Hersee-Standard-Heavy-Duty-Rocker-Switches-Pg-73.pdf
  7. 36" Mower Deck Spindle Bearing Removal

    As TT told me before: The short end goes up, Lane. When the spindle unit is assembled, the shaft ends protrude almost equally - due to the lip at the bottom of the housing. (where the bearing unit seats)

    Mine was 62-560

    The original 953 seats did have the wooden wedges. Foam wedges came later on.
  10. "Easy Eddie" and Al Capone

    Thanks for posting this Glen!
  11. WH Mower Deck Spindle # 5217

    Wheel Horese early 48 inch mower deck spindles
  12. Will not turn mover

    Been there done that (more than once) !
  13. Rj 58

    What mower deck part are you looking for on the 58 mower? Not sure what you mean by deck heigh lever? I may have one.
  14. I have two newer snowblower flags and just noticed that they are made slightly different with the angled edge being on the left side on one and the right side on the other. The pins for the lift are both on the left side and everything else appears teh same. Both of these are made to attach the lift assist spring. I believe both are original Wheel Horse equipment flags. My old Lawn Ranger snowblower has a flag without the lift assist spring portion on the flag. Can anyone tell me why they were made differently???
  15. Another CL find

    Very nice tractors and bargain basement priced !