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    I'm a lineman in central Indiana and I love to be outside! My main interests are welding, off-roading, and playing around with tractors.<br><br>I have a dream of building my own timber frame cabin. I just have to get all of my tools together and
  1. Snowblower Lift

    Hello, I think an actuator lift would be a great idea! Here are some places to look for a cheap one. You might find one in a junkyard if you want to go the economic route. They are usually found in the following areas: Automatic min-van doors. Power seats. Look under the seats of luxury style vehicles Power sun roofs. Power convertible tops. These are sometimes hydraulic with their own pump and everything. Boat motors. These actuators are used to raise and lower outboard motors. Have also heard that abs brakes and push button 4 wheel drive transfer cases can have actuators but haven't checked this one out for myself yet. Hope this helps! Keep us posted with lots of pics! Ryan
  2. 417 loader

    Very impressive. Now that's a tractor to be proud of! :thumbs:
  3. Build yourself a Horse stand...

    Very nice! Looks like a fun project. Good welding :banghead:
  4. gt-14 FEL

    Boatman, I'm very interested in your build! Please do post pictures as soon as possible of your progress. I'm very curious. :hide:
  5. I really enjoy Sunday afternoons. The whole family takes a nap and I can sneak out to the garage for a few hours of fun! I
  6. Ok, here goes an idea for the snow plow skids. I have the picture in my head of how I'm hoping they will look when it's all said and done. We'll see how it turns out. Here's a few pics of the progress so far: I started by heating up the front and back of the skids and then bent the angles into them. Next, the edges where cut and ground to provide a spot for the angled sides to be welded in to the main skid. I'll add more pics as I get farther along. Hope to get back out to the garage tonight!
  7. snow plow help

    Please post some pics of the process if you get a chance. I need to do the same to my plow as well. I'd love to see how you get it all put together. :ychain:
  8. Road Salt Spreader

    Very nice set-up Fireman! Tractor looks good too. The deflector idea sounds like a good one with a spreader. :ychain:

    Sam, I'm starting to think that skids are a must for pushing snow on a gravel surface. I just completed a little modification to my plow and now it's tripping the blade quite a bit more than it did previously. I think the skids are going to be a must. I'm planning to fab some up this weekend. I've also been thinking that using a winch or actuator for lifting might possibly help too since you might have more control over small increments of blade height. Maybe then you could lift the plow to just the right height. Just a thought.
  10. Road Salt Spreader

    Rex, I like how you're thinking. Accomplish two tasks with one solution. I've thought about this very thing but haven't done it. I do use salt on the sidewalks as mentioned earlier but haven't ever put too much on the drive before. I think it would work really well if you were plowing a lot of sidewalks or pedestrian areas. It would definitely add a nice amount of weight and be very similar to larger plowing set-ups such as DOT trucks, etc... You could just fill it with sand, i guess. I do agree that you would want to get the salt off of your tractor after a big salt spreading session (get out the power washer in the middle of winter). Sounds like you have some very good intuitive thoughts. Keep em coming! :D
  11. Rear Hitch Weight

    I'm trying to picture exactly what you're describing. Could you post a few pics of it when you get a chance? :ychain:
  12. Thanks Harold for the kind words and everyone else who has had such nice things to say too! I really enjoy this forum. Everyone seems to be so generous with their knowledge. Glenn, I'll post a pic of the front axle when I get back home. It's interesting for sure. I'm sure it was all homemade. If anyone wants it their welcome to it. I'm planning to paint the plow this coming week and possibly add a winch for the lift, haven't decided yet. I know it would sure be handy to just push buttons. I'll get some more pics up soon. Hope everybody had, or is having a good Christmas!
  13. New Member

    Welcome! You'll have to post a pic or two of your setup when you get a chance. Love to see it! :ychain:
  14. Very nice setup! Looks good. :ychain:
  15. wheel horse 1257 winter pics

    I really enjoy these pics! Would love to see a video of this tractor in action with the duals in the snow. :ychain: