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  1. Another from Ohio

    :woohoo: Welcome Hope you find some great help. These guys are great for information. Have a great 4th of july weekend.
  2. New here!

    :woohoo: Happy 4th of july weekend Dodger, And welcome to Redsquare. I am rather new here my self, but have found this forum to be top notch. There are so many members that have done so much to there WH tractors. I love it. I like the pic earlleecliffton posted for you. I hope you have a great time Modifying your tractor. Post some pics when you get a chance. :D
  3. SB-421?

    :woohoo: Ron, I too have an SB-421, I haven't got to do much to it yet. I did find that there is a member that has a full set of decals for the SB-421. They are 45.00 and look really nice. I plan to get a set when I get ready to paint. I will attach a link to his website so you can check it out. I have added a picture of my SB-421 the day I brought it home. Would like to see your horse when you get it done. Thanks, Mike http://www.redoyourhorse.com/servlet/the-1...dsh-486-/Detail Attached Image
  4. watch for scams

    :D I had been looking for a vehicle on CL. and found some that seemed a little under priced. contacted them through email. they never would give me a phone number and continued to want my full address. So is there something they can get with my full mailing address? I guess if I really think about it there is a lot they can do with my full address. Thanks for the post, it makes me realize that even in a trusted site I still need to be cautious. I like to think of everyone in RS as very decent people and smart too. cause they have bought one of the best machines out there. Thanks for this site for the wealth of information. :thumbs:
  5. I will try to get the dimensions soon. I have been working so much. I just bought it last night and only got about 4 hours of sleep and had to come to work today. I thank you for getting back with me. I will take inventory of which decals I need and dimensions and get them right off to you. Mike
  6. Hey vinylguy, I like your decals for wheelhorse. I was just wondering if you have anything that would match what I have. how much would a custome vinyl decal cost for my wheelhorse SB-421? here is a picture of the decal I would need. Mike Attached Image
  7. Noob wheel horse owner

    Thanks everyone for the input. Wedgeheaded was the main reason I got a wheel horse. He is quite possibly the smartest person I know. You can fill all the people I know in a phone booth. LOL He is the one that turned me on to Redsquare also. I have really learned a lot in just the two short days I have been on here. I truly think that Wheelhorse people are the smartest people around. Thanks TT, those links did shed a lot of light on the tractor I bought. It is a rare machine, and who would have thunk it that 3 of us in such a small area would own the same tractor. :thumbs:
  8. Noob wheel horse owner

    Hello Stoneman, from what I understand, they only made this for one year. 1984. Its not quite as heavy duty as the others but to me it is enough. I bought it for us to maintain our hunting camp. I know my boys will appreciate it. they won't have to push mow 5 acres. LOL Mike
  9. New to the wheel horse

    Just another link for you. hope it helps https://lookup3.toro.com/partdex/index.cfm?xCaller=Toro
  10. New to the wheel horse

    Welcome Sten, I too am new to Red Square, I love this site. so much useful information. Here is a link to a site that will let you put your model number in and it will get you info for like manuals and parts I beleive. https://lookup3.toro.com/request/request.cfm Mike
  11. Noob wheel horse owner

    Thanks Roger, I tried to post a pic but I clicked on view post first and must have lost it. LOL I might try it again. Its not much to look at but am happy with the purchase. Attached Image
  12. Noob wheel horse owner

    Hello Red Square members. I am a new (noob) wheel horse owner. I just purchased an SB-421, not in the greatest shape but still a solid tractor. From what I have seen of this site I think it will be a great source of information on anything wheel horse. Thanks for this site and keeping it free. Here is the tractor I just purchased for 450.