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  1. K181 rebuild

    Thought I would do a thread on this, I’m covering a commando 8 tranny that’s not pretty.... well I have a k181 that’s not so good too. the bore is seized, as it too is full of water... we couldn’t turn it over so unbolted the head. Snapping a bolt - more on that later not a pretty sight, but a block of wood and a hammer got it moving. Some of the funk you see is oil and diesel that was left in to try free it. so now it moves, it can be stripped. Both valves are rusted open, I guess there’s a bit to do!
  2. Some of you may recall I had a pretty bad workshop fire 4 years ago. We lost a lot of stuff, but I hung onto a few bits as I couldn’t part with them. Here’s one such item, a commando 8 tranny that was burned and full of water. the hubs were really seized on, my 6 ton jack failed to pull them and just stripped the 5 rods I used. So I had to use the big puller, lots of heat and a big hammer! which did the trick, then there was the ubiquitous seized hitch pin... before it finally split its not a pretty sight, however the main bearings are ok. The needle rollers and seals will need doing.
  3. A rare day of nice weather in the UK saw a few escape to the field...
  4. Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

    Nice find!
  5. Ag / cleated rear wheels - sorted

    I've a set of brand new carlisle 23x10.50-12 tyres on stripped and painted wheels. The wheels have been bolted on once, but never used. I wanted 4 for a project but ended up having to buy four matching so they were left over. Looking for £150 - which basically gives you the rims for free... I'm in yorkshire... so not that close but might be able to get them closer if you are interested... mark
  6. Bearing advice

    good luck - as Richard says just shop around for the axle bearing. Plenty of people sell them in the UK. I never thought about end float Richard - I think my C-101 probably has at least 1mm thick gasket....
  7. Hello from Czech

    they are so heavy duty there is nothing other than raised ironworks that trip mine. I think the odd tree root might have tripped it too.
  8. wow, awesome job - looks like it came from the shop
  9. shucks! thanks... ------------------------------------- A bit late to this, but I went through the same issue of one wheel spinning when I needed them to be locked. If I had to retro fit and keep the 8 speeds (I lost the gearbox on mine, it's tight in there) I would look at doing it externally. The other two ways that were on the list were: 1. Add independent brakes on the hubs like a D-series - that way you can brake the spinning wheel 2. Add a pulley to each hub connected to a counter shaft by belts and just tension the belts to lock the wheels. This one is probably easier and can be set to anything between fully locked and some slip.
  10. HALF a HORSE.

    getting there Alan looking good, can help you with decals if you need them. I have both early and late D-series on file and can scale them and change the engine size if you want. mark
  11. Been a while since bendy has seen some snow so thought I'd have a run up the fields and take a few pics. here's a few more pics of the snowy yorkshire dales - enjoy!
  12. Greetings from Somerset

    nice find!
  13. High guys from The Netherlands

    nice find!
  14. I know, but I bet a lot of folks following this have missed the work we did....
  15. I seem to recall your dad doing a fine job of repairing and rebuilding the transmission too?