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  1. Theroretical 8 speed question.

    doug is right, I think a standard 8 speed in 3rd high is about 40:1 and with 1:1 from the engine at 3600rpm you get about 8mph on 23" diameter wheels. it would be very slow in every gear!
  2. High guys from The Netherlands

    welcome to the group Henry!
  3. 6 wheel drive anyone....

    not proud of this, but... IMG_8816.MOV
  4. 6 wheel drive anyone....

    I thought James had posted on here - best get him to do an update!!!
  5. Greetings from highlands

    Hey Phil, welcome to RS, nice place and nice tractor too
  6. known issues 316-8 ?

    Hi Henry, if it has a deck in good order then 1000 euro is about right. Over here in the uk, they start around 100 and stop at whatever someone is prepared to pay. Spares whilst not plentiful are relatively easy to acquire. mark
  7. Not sure if I should be restarting this thread... however my latest project will be using a 2300 transmission. However not the one from the Trojan, as that has no reverse! I have acquired another 3 speed with reverse that is bronze/brown paint finish and has a gear lever with about 5 bends to fit around something? Currently no picture as I'm rubbish! But I'll get one. The wheel horse style hubs slide on and are bolted with 1" nuts to hold them in place. does my vague description ring any bells? It's not from a JD before anyone asks
  8. RJ 58 Transmission overhaul

    No mention of how hard it is to get all the gears into that case! Or how many times we had to take it apart because if felt too tight!!!
  9. 3 SPEED #5003 RJ 58-59 rebuild

    Well we got it rebuilt... it's a tight fit! Just waiting for ewan to post an update
  10. Happy Birthday Meadowfield

    Thanks chaps! Drove the 250 miles to Glastonbury, then spent the day at padstow vintage steam gathering I might have had a few beers too...
  11. Mrs. Rules' Big Show Picts 2017

    great pics... one day I will make it across
  12. nice haul - would kill for any of that stuff over here
  13. What is this notch in the front axle?

    I've noticed this for years and never asked because I thought it would be a silly easy peasy answer. I always thought it was a carry over from another design, perhaps maybe is there was a link on the topside on a GT14 or like a cub cadet. Those designs appear to offer less bump steer at the expense of more complexity. It is difficult to get full lock on some designs without lots of toe out and I've rarely seen them steer that tight. Maybe it was ok to have more lock to the left than the right, maybe something got in the way on the right hand side that means lock had to be restricted - maybe the deck or sickle bar? Quite a few cars here in Europe do that - i.e. the 6 speed transmission is longer and fouls on the suspension, so they reduce the steering lock on one side to protect it....
  14. c'mon Rex... did you buy a brush and some paint or do we need to have a whip round?
  15. New member from UK

    btw, whats the other wheel from in the pic? and your name kinda gives away that you like land rovers anything there to share? we have a sister forum where we discuss all things that aren't wheel horse (mostly) it's myoldmachine.com - come over and say hello.