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  1. you've lost it mate! need to pop down and see you soon
  2. Hub Puller?

    That bottle jack looks familiar... as does that workshop...
  3. A bit more work...
  4. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    it was hard work to turn, those casings are hard - not as hard as a single row ball bearing housing, but still hard going... Full set of bearings and seals ordered - I've cheated on some needle rollers and used caged rather than full complement. Will let you know how it goes, I don't think this tranny will ever work that hard...
  5. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    Thanks Steve, I tried peeling it in, the casing is very hard! I resorted to the lathe...
  6. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    Thanks for the advice guys... I’ve popped all the bearings out. Not a lot left! Looking for hints on removing the 5/8 needle bearing from the input shaft. An internal bearing puller with slide hammer isn’t working.
  7. Need 1973 4 speed axle seals

    The puller piece is out of a bearing puller set I bought for £20 - approx $25. The plate is actually a hub adapter off one of my 4x4 tractors
  8. Need 1973 4 speed axle seals

    I've used the bottle jack with success a few times, I started with a 2 ton bottle jack like yours and the relief valve kicks in. I then went to a 6 ton and broke a threaded rod!!! However last week it wasn't going to work, so I went back to basics. A big disc was used to make sure all was spread equally across the bolts holes, then a traditional puller. Heat the hub in order to help, then tighten up and strike the end of the puller with a hammer. Shock is the only way on some of them to break the bond, this tranny had been in a fire and left outside for 3 years so was never going to come apart easily...
  9. it's tight in there, but now the front cylinder is plumbed in need to start the hitch next...
  10. Hello from Sweden

    hey Jocce, welcome to the group - have fun!
  11. 216 5 and deck in Devon

    I suspect it will be easier to find another deck - rather than those parts separately
  12. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    I'm from yorkshire in England, we are like Scotsmen only our arms are shorter (we don't like spending money - or rumour says we don't) Ask Chris and Stormin, they know Yorkshire men are tight and at over $40 a bearing plus shipping and import it would be cheaper to buy a working tractor.
  13. Another long overdue update, it was always intended that a front three point hitch would be added... So a bracket was made to fit under the engine between the chassis section. and a cylinder that fits like so the cylinder is too long so had to be chopped down to shorten the throw It's tight in there, new 1/4 hoses are on order with 1/2" JIC connectors, might get to try it at the weekend. and yes I lose even more approach angle which bendy does suffer with, but I will be able to hand things off the front
  14. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    well the main bearings aren't seized - but equally they are hard to obtain in the UK. So I will be cleaning them out and seeing how smooth they run. The transmission hasn't turned since the fire, so it hasn't had bad stuff grinding it up. All the torrington bearings are shot, they are seized - so will all be replaced as well as the seals. The casings and gears will be cleaned so there shouldn't need to be a flush. Once the bearings are out they can be steam cleaned and possibly e-tanked.