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  1. hey, welcome to RS! There's a few of us with a bit of a thing for horses in the UK.... run the UK wheel horse register and do a very nice line in decals... What bits are you after?
  2. this is going to be a useful thread for me and Ewan. his RJ has been full of water for 25 years and all 6 bearings are seized. It's in a rough shape... watch this space! thanks Steve
  3. oh my!!!! you go quiet for almost three years and then come back with this.... you've got a nerve What an awesome project Rex - it's a variation on muir hill, Bray, Weatherhill. The wheeled loaders I remember as a kid. Great steelwork and welds too
  4. it's likely the shift fork has worn away, or broken off through extreme use or abuse. I think its a take apart and fix job....
  5. Been a while since the last update, I was determined to lose the belts at the rear and use chains. Here's a few pics along the way, I've tried 3 or 4 different ideas, the final one caused a bit of damage and forced me to abandon it. Despite adding large flanges to the sprockets, and tensioners, it all went wrong and jamm d up pretty bad!
  6. After the disaster of the chain drive, I went back to belts. I was reminded immediately why I tried to make the chains work... belts and water don't work. Here's a video - it's been a while since the last.There's a few clips edited out that I'm not proud of...
  7. Balanced a few more parts on the bench. Need to get the drop box designed next. I've picked up an earlier 3 speed transmission and the brake shaft runs the opposite way and is 3 times slower. Might have to look for a later one. (12:1 ratio)
  8. Finished the adapter and propshaft flanges today. Prop drive works well...
  9. Welcome to the group, that's a neat little find. Most commandos are later 8 or 800 models, the narrow 6 slot hood and narrow fronts makes them way more attractive to me....did I just say that ive not seen that model, last one I saw was 1-3742 like Neil I'm a little addicted and have more than I dare admit to the missus! engines aren't too hard to find, we've just picked up a little k141 off that site for a few quid... just keep your eyes peeled. Fortunately howard gem engines are the same make and size usually and can drop in quite neatly! have fun! mark
  10. agree, however the same gears/construction are in C4's front axle and I've not broken it yet after a few years of abuse... I think for the purpose I need it for, it might be adequate - if it breaks in early testing then it will be back to the drawing board!!!
  11. Thanks... hopefully it gets better, there's a 15 speed transmission to come hopefully that's powershift. Lets see see some some more pics of your work!
  12. Looking good Jeff, can't beat a man cave!
  13. bit of work on the propshaft - a steering column shaft that's telescopic and just about the right scale (mower PTO shafts are rare here in the UK) I've turned the clamp off and added a flange.
  14. Welcome to RS, have fun!