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  1. b115 gearbox problem

    the transmission should be a peerless 800 if I recall - no manual at the moment. They are the same transmission as a westwood W8-W11 or gazelle. Not getting neutral sounds odd, does reverse work ok? its more common that the selector itself breaks as they do allow shift on the go. They aren't hard to split and take a look inside - just don't lose the gear detent ball and spring in all that bentonite
  2. New member from England

    welcome to the group Doug! have fun...
  3. Happy Birthday Stormin

    a belated happy birthday Norm...
  4. 312-8 Ignition Wiring - Amateur Fix

    that euro vendor is me.... restorationdecals.co.uk
  5. Another 4x4 is born

    Back to the front axle, need to get a mount done before starting the chassis. a small piece of ply made the template and gave me a centre point for the pivot. Two pieces of steel tube were repurposed for the mount. a quick zap with the welder - that 1" hole was a pain to drill and how the cradle sites with a cat 3 pin for the pivot.
  6. come say hello in the Euro introduction bit. A few of the guys in the UK have 512-D's
  7. sorry for the confusion guys... Firstly I'm in the UK - close-ish to Denmark, but not close enough, it's a flight or long ferry/drive. Secondly poor english - fetch was a bad word, things you guys scrap or abandon we would kill for here, many spares have to be made or repaired (see our RJ-58 rebuild) I think if enough of us were up for it - and kind souls such as yourselves are up for helping get stuff in a container then we should look at what we might do to get a container to the UK. I know Chris and Neil have arranged shipping from US with help from your end and they've got some great tractors... Maybe a few of us here need to put our heads together and see what our wish list is - and whether you guys can help collect a few pieces thanks
  8. Another 4x4 is born

    Short update, transfer box almost in situ - a bit of tidying up to do.
  9. damn, shame Thomas isn't in the UK - there's heaps of stuff I'd gladly fetch over! good luck
  10. M14 Tach & Hour Meter

    Not sure about the 520 tach, but my cheap modified ones are wired to the stator. So I know it can work
  11. Happy Birthday Steve

    happy birthday Steve, have a good one
  12. New

    Hey Gene, welcome to the group, you have come to the right place... I'm just a bit further north of you! mark
  13. Another 4x4 is born

    slow progress, due to Ewans RJ rebuild and other jobs. I acquired another peerless 2300 tranny which seemed ok, but split just in case... found lots of metal, a seized brake shaft bearing, two mangled seals and half a shim! I guess thats where all the metal came from - odd thing is, there wasn't a shim missing!!!! So a PO obviously had it rebuilt badly. In pulling the hubs off, I noticed JMC in the castings, so I can now conclude it rear end is from a Jacobsen. Just one more seal to replace, then it's on with the hub adapters and transfer box
  14. After more digging, I think it's from a jacobsen chief!!!!! can't find the model, but pretty certain from the poor pictures I've found.
  15. Wheel horse model

    not sure about expense as my 1979 C-101 and C-121 both had the Ali plates... maybe a size thing?