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  1. I've noticed this for years and never asked because I thought it would be a silly easy peasy answer. I always thought it was a carry over from another design, perhaps maybe is there was a link on the topside on a GT14 or like a cub cadet. Those designs appear to offer less bump steer at the expense of more complexity. It is difficult to get full lock on some designs without lots of toe out and I've rarely seen them steer that tight. Maybe it was ok to have more lock to the left than the right, maybe something got in the way on the right hand side that means lock had to be restricted - maybe the deck or sickle bar? Quite a few cars here in Europe do that - i.e. the 6 speed transmission is longer and fouls on the suspension, so they reduce the steering lock on one side to protect it....
  2. c'mon Rex... did you buy a brush and some paint or do we need to have a whip round?
  3. btw, whats the other wheel from in the pic? and your name kinda gives away that you like land rovers anything there to share? we have a sister forum where we discuss all things that aren't wheel horse (mostly) it's - come over and say hello.
  4. hey, welcome to RS - as Neil says you picked the right place for help and advice. If you call in on Neil you will be hooked!!! I did that once and now have as many horses as he does
  5. bet a new carb sorts it... The old ones once worn are total pants!!!!
  6. My k341 on Bendy definitely took a 1" BSP pipe nipple, perhaps there are more than one flavor? maybe 1-14" on some? <edit> Pretty certain most k341 use 1-14" NPT... for some reason mine took a 1" pipe nipple, there might be a reducer screwed in the block that I didn't notice though...
  7. you have me doubting myself, but I've bought mufflers that are 1" pipe thread and they work, I've also used 1" bsp pipe nipples here in the UK, which are 11.5 TPI, but work well enough. Someone tell me I'm not going nuts....
  8. pretty certain it's 1" NPT on K series from 181 thru to 341...
  9. slow progress, managed to make the other end of the propshaft in an amongst all the other jobs! deliberating over whether to do the axle cradle and pivot next or start on choosing the rear end gearbox. The peerless 2300 is tempting, but I think reverse is broken I've enough gearboxes in pieces, so don't really need another!!!!
  10. Some of you may know I work a long way from home, and play the part of call centre for many family tech issues, as well as remote bicycle repair man and occasional mower won't start... Last weeks call was... 'dad, do you think this is fixable?' the part in question being a 1970 lawn ranger tow hitch. I'll let you guess my reply Apparently the trailer rolled with 400lbs of dirt in...
  11. well I went back to belts and Bendy has continued working well (as long as the belts aren't wet) I've continued pulling old fence out that has been buried in the ground, and isn't good for mowing or kids. it's pulling great I lifted the front on sunday to have a look underneath and check all was ok... and noticed this one of my bearing carriers for the centre cardon joint had left the bearing out. I must've not noticed i needed a collar to hold the bearing in. Luckily there doesn't seem to be any damage done, so I've added a collar and reassembled.
  12. I've had a C-81 and 312-8 transmission both with 1" axles... Bendys front end is 1" axle
  13. hey, welcome to RS! There's a few of us with a bit of a thing for horses in the UK.... run the UK wheel horse register and do a very nice line in decals... What bits are you after?
  14. this is going to be a useful thread for me and Ewan. his RJ has been full of water for 25 years and all 6 bearings are seized. It's in a rough shape... watch this space! thanks Steve
  15. oh my!!!! you go quiet for almost three years and then come back with this.... you've got a nerve What an awesome project Rex - it's a variation on muir hill, Bray, Weatherhill. The wheeled loaders I remember as a kid. Great steelwork and welds too