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  1. I know, but I bet a lot of folks following this have missed the work we did....
  2. I seem to recall your dad doing a fine job of repairing and rebuilding the transmission too?
  3. There is a thread on my GT14 where I show the pawl and the repair. It really was a rubbish system!!!
  4. I had the same bearing fail, if you work out what the clicking is then there is a another thread on a c-160 that clicks... I suspect it is the pistons slapping on the thrust ring, I've never listened for it on either of my GT14's
  5. if you are certain the pawl isn't ratcheting, then is sounds like the noise is probably because of wear. I'm assuming by the age it will be a sundstrand piston/piston and the noise can only be the pistons rattling on the thrust plate. Unless of course there is something really loose inside...
  6. does your transmission have an external brake drum or internal parking brake pawl? if it's the pawl, then once worn they just ratchet over the gear when the parking brake is set
  7. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    Very nice indeed Neil!
  8. Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    nice place, good pictures too
  9. Yer in Zunny Deb'n

    welcome to RS, everything you need is right here! hurry up and get those pictures on
  10. New member from Norway

    hey welcome to RS, good luck finding one
  11. 71 Bronco 14 - differential click / ratchet

    sounds like it has a 10 pinion limited slip, they can click as the steel ring slips over the teeth.
  12. b115 gearbox problem

    the transmission should be a peerless 800 if I recall - no manual at the moment. They are the same transmission as a westwood W8-W11 or gazelle. Not getting neutral sounds odd, does reverse work ok? its more common that the selector itself breaks as they do allow shift on the go. They aren't hard to split and take a look inside - just don't lose the gear detent ball and spring in all that bentonite
  13. New member from England

    welcome to the group Doug! have fun...
  14. Happy Birthday Stormin

    a belated happy birthday Norm...