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    1979 C-161
    1969 Commando 8
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    1970 Lawn Ranger
    1970 Commando 800 (in bits)
    1972 Raider 16 4x4 aka... Project bendy
    1972 GT14
    1971 GT14 48" deck
    1979 C-121 36" rd deck
    1979 C-121
    1979 C-141
    1982 C-105

    12" moldboard plough
    10" moldboard plough
    42" snowplough x3 (one short frame)
    drag harrow
    mid mount cultivator
    Lawn slitter
    BNIB rotavator (Toro)
    Ditton one used rotavator

    10cuft Agri-fab trailer
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  1. Hey welcome to RS, have fun!
  2. Guessing a tup is a new word for many of you. Where we live they might only be called a ram on their paperwork or at s show. Yes we show sheep over here in the uk...
  3. The paint is a marker to show they been tupped...
  4. We don't get snow like you guys stateside, but had a few days of it, and always a good excuse to get the toys out Theres a few scenic shots I thought I would share too
  5. It's been a blast Jeff! Take care
  6. Yes, use a new Chinese copy or similar, they work fine
  7. Isn't that a later lawn ranger transmission?
  8. Dug out the rear axle, a 4 speed with independent drum brakes. I think it came from a Toro walk behind. I also think I might have to split it and take a look as there's no reverse it it matches the track of the front axle nicely
  9. Ive modified them, just need to calibrate them.
  10. The axle ratio is 28:1, so incredibly low geared. Half shafts and uj's are up to the job, though the weakest point. Ive been running the same axle on C4 for three years now and that has had some serious abuse. It's the rear wh transmission that's groaning on that as the front drive is taken from the brakeshaft... all this said... I will be testing hard and if I break something I'll go large! I have been looking at small 4x4 axles for years but they are just a little large and dont scale well
  11. Both adapters done, it's gonna be a beast! best take a look at the rear axle...
  12. I remembered I had bought a better clamp I remembered I had bought a better clamp