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    1970 Commando 800 (in bits)
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    mid mount cultivator
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    10cuft Agri-fab trailer
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  1. Nice work Norm
  2. Like I said.... slow burner... a few bits turned up over the last month on that auction site. A few hundred quid later, 300 miles, a hotel stay, etc I came home with this lot! The idea being I need to design a drop box between the rear and front axle. Plan A was a right angle box, but then I thought I could go more compact and get the gearing in with a small peerless box. Heres a dry run of the current thoughts. I need to get a rear rear axle on the bench to look how things might join up and fit a little better....
  3. wow!!!!! you've been to hell and back more than any of will ever do. It's both a remarkable and sad story, but good to see you have pulled through and are still here!!! Glad to have to back and hope the final treatment works. mark
  4. So is it a pin or a bolt holding the axle? We can turn it to an exact fit.. well within a few thou
  5. I am 40 minutes from Ripon, near malham...
  6. Hey Jody, welcome to the group. Let's see some pictures
  7. my theory was correct then, lets hope we can get it running easily. We need to find a source of simple things like head gasket, etc...
  8. I just welded up with a harder rod and ground down. Works fine....
  9. I've got suburban and some rj, let me know if you are interested... i might have copied chris RJ....
  10. Gave bendy a workout today, got bogged to the axles a few times and if it wasn't for lots of lock to lock on the steering it wouldn't have made the slope. Gave me a good excuse to hose her down
  11. Awesome, great to see another 4x4 project
  12. That's a great horse! Looks tidy
  13. A sweet thing to have on your bench indeed....
  14. Hello... theres not not a lot of room in the housing, I took all the gears out because I didn't need them and it was been driven from the brake drum. The locker will fit with all the gears, but in order to make it selectable I would need to machine a selector in the back of the casing.