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  1. Bit of a sad day

    mmmmmmm.... bacon
  2. Manure spreader

    what a great bit of kit... plus you can load it without getting your hands dirty...
  3. 3 speeders

    A bit confused by your measurements unless the engine is a bitsa - but 24 cu-inch is a 10hp k241 for reference: 7hp piston 2-7/8" across - 2.5" stroke 8hp piston 3" across - 2-3/4" stroke 10hp piston 3-1/4" across - 2-7/8'" stroke 12hp piston 3-3/8" across - 3-1/4" stroke <edit damn - I missed the post above>
  4. 3 speeders

    A bit slow here, missed the top of the thread... I have 1-0394 on my European list as either a Raider 10 4 speed - or a B-100. Being a Belgian model it was a Raider 10 monday-thursday, then on fridays they used B-100 decals I'm joking, but that's probably not far from the truth - in the UK there are lots of odd model numbers from Amnor
  5. Loading Shovel

    Fantastic work! it was well worth the wait...
  6. Newbie (Scotland )

    Hi Tommy, we were keeping an eye on that one too - wasn't too far north for us to go... With those wheels and hood/dash it's around 68 and possibly one of the first Belgian models. As highlighted the cutter and three point aren't original, but fit quite well and could be very useful! have fun
  7. oh my! that looks freakin awesome! If I'd know how you planned to do the rear stickers I would have come up with a custom design for them!
  8. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    A bit slow, I managed to order one one bearings wrong twice! the small 5/8 one from the input shaft... I think I've found a better way of putting the shift forks in, which is to fit of fork, then grind a bevel on the end of the other which is enough to push the other ball bearing in as it is inserted then spin the fork to align everything. new gasket being made finally, dropping the other half in without ruining two oil seals It's back together and turning smoothly, fingers crossed it lasts another 50 years!
  9. 3 speeders

    I have done this by drilling out and putting a grub screw back in the hole. However I've just found a new way by grinding a small bevel on the end of the selector which pushes the ball in a treat!
  10. been keeping busy - a different kind of building!

    already started on the other side - by piling big rocks around! I think the leaf mould and moss will age it quickly - I also know that that stuff that keeps foxes away turns things green quickly too
  11. Been a bit slow with some of my projects as of late, we have a lot of general maintenance to do around our property. Also the garden needs some tlc too after the previous owner in her 90's gave up. Here's some good old fashioned 'yorkshire' dry stone walling, done as part of the work to hold up the lane where the water is starting to wash it away. When it rains in the North of England it rains! Hopefully back onto wheel horse projects for the rest of summer what it looked like as we started to shore it up another dry day and the arch going in another reminder of why it gets washed away (this is the entrance) making top stones from other corner stones - wonder how long the new stone will take to get that 200 year old patina finished!
  12. What's In Your Mirror?

    These guys kept up with me 40 miles from the last show....I so wanted Red to win, but the yellow just took the win
  13. Happy Birthday Martin & Meadowfield

    shucks! thanks guys
  14. you've lost it mate! need to pop down and see you soon
  15. Hub Puller?

    That bottle jack looks familiar... as does that workshop...