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  1. Workin the 702

    Luv seeing a tractor play in the dirt. Great job on the restore. :omg:
  2. new horse

    Nice pick. Just like mine. Wish I had wheel weights. Have fun. :omg:
  3. ARK 500 loader

    The lower frame will interfer with the pulley/belt assy. My loader is a little defferent, I don't have a cross member in front like yours. Mine fits into the atteachment lock on the front of the tractor where the pulley attaches for a mower. The ARK I have is a model 510 QM so I don't know what the differences are between the different models. Attached Image
  4. Back in the saddle again....

    Finally at it's new home.... 1973 12 8-Speed Mod 1-3055-8 ARK Mod 510 QM Attached Image
  5. ARK 500 loader

    The guy I got this from mentioned the stands. They shouldn't be too hard to make. I really would like to see a ARK/WH manual though. Sometimes a picture is worth a bunch of words...
  6. ARK 500 loader

    I hear ya but my other tractor is a yard tractor and I need the WH to mount my tiller.
  7. ARK 500 loader

    Now that I have one, what's the proper way to remove it without killing myself? Any WH directions available? :omg:
  8. Back in the saddle again....

    It was on C-list, close by couldn't believe it. I had been looking for a while for a tractor and loader (wife's birthday present) . I was one of three guys who called on it, I was the only one to show up. Got it for less than asking price. It was a rainy day, maybe that worked in my favor. Kudos to my friend for spotting it for me.
  9. Back in the saddle again....

    Thanks everyone for the welcome. Only picture I have for now. Attached Image
  10. 1973 Model 1-0355 (I think, no name) 12 HP 8-Speed with loader. More later... B)
  11. Finally....A Lucky Week for me...

    Come on Eldon, WH electrics are very collectable. You don't see many because they are harder than hen's teeth to find. And Mike's got two! Well, maybe 1 and 3/4. These tractors are quiet, no gas, no oil and will out pull a comparable gas engine. Talk about instant torq. The B-145 is rated over 14 HP. Deep down inside, I know you want one.... :thumbs: