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  1. Need a key switch for my 418-8. I'm sure the switch is very similar to many other Wheel Horse models but please make sure it fits my 418 before offering it. Thanks!
  2. Hi Matt, are you still selling the Pedal Kits

    Thank you Steve

    1. mattd860


      Hi Steve - Yes I am. Please contact me via Thanks!



  3. Matt I have a C-160 and would like to purchase one of your kits for it. I understand that I need a part that isn't provided. I live in Cheshire and would like to stop by and pick it up.

    1. RJR49


      anybody home?

    2. mattd860


      Hi RJR49. Please shoot me an email at and we can talk more about this. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks!

  4. Who uses my hydrostatic foot pedal kit with the tiller attachment? Does the pedal interfere with the belt or midmount pulley?
  5. How does one get their hands on one of these pedals...

  6. Matt this is Keith Kynerd got the kit installed on my 520 H can't seem to come up with a reverse and it what might I'll be missing

  7. No that's not it either. The movie was very similar to the Gulag movie mentioned above where the guy went to prison somewhere where it was extremely cold. I believe he got moved around a couple times. I remember one scene where they were marching him somewhere in the extreme cold where prisoners commonly fell over dead so he decided to pretend like he died so he fell over and rolled off the path that they were marching him on and the soldiers didn't bother shooting because they figured he was a goner. I believe it was at that point he made his successful escape. I remember another scene where he was moved to a new cell full of inmates and as soon as he entered inside the cell he pulled a guy off one of the top bunks and started yelling 'My Bunk.. My Bunk!'. I think earlier he was robbed of his bunk and the only way he could survive was to act tough so the inmates would stop messing with him.
  8. Unfortunately this isn't it. But this is a great sobering movie.
  9. This could be it! I'll watch it and let you know. Thanks My profile isn't 100 percent correct so as to protect my true identity as a CIA special agent. Doh! I wasn't supposed to say that! But seriously I was not 3 years old. More like 10 or 11 when I saw it.
  10. Ok I need some help here. About 20-25 years ago while I was visiting my grandmother and there was a movie on TV about the son of an American or British Diplomat or Businessman in Russia and the son was arrested and the majority of the movie was about his time in Russian prison. I remember certain parts vividly but I cannot remember the majority of it. Based on my recollection the movie was probably filmed between the late sixties to the eighties but I could be vastly incorrect. The son may have been arrested on trumped up drug charges if that helps. So... Does anyone recall seeing a movie such as this and remember the name of it? I'd be interested in seeing it again. ... I just inadvertently came across another movie that I haven't seen in 20 years called Night Crossing by Disney and all of a sudden I started remembering this other Russian movie. The sad part is that even when I watched the Russian movie 20-25 years ago I never knew the title since it was on TV and in the 'old days' there wasn't a TV guide or channel information to identify programming.
  11. Have a 1988 or 89 520h. Lever mounted in front of the seat. Will the conversation kit work in it?

    1. mattd860


      Hi Keith, I was having trouble emailing you at the address you he gave me so I sent you a private message. Please let me know if you didn't receive it. Thanks 

  12. Hi All - You can definitely keep the lever installed with my pedal kit. In fact, it will make the kit easier to install because some of those levers are very difficult to remove. The only function that is lost when keeping the lever installed is that the lever will no longer stay in place. If you push or pull on the lever and then take your hand off of it, the lever will spring back into neutral (stop) just like the pedal will. Essentially, the pedal and the lever will be linked together. I personally opted to leave the lever installed on my 520-h but I left it disconnected. On some machines, leaving the lever installed may prevent the pedal from springing back to neutral if the lever or mechanics are stiff, dirty, or rusted. I believe that once you start using the pedal you will never want to use the lever again. Cruise control would be a nice feature but pushing on the pedal is practically effortless. I mow a 2.5 acre lawn with zero fatigue on my leg or foot. I'm a small guy (5'-11") with chicken legs that weighs 150lbs soaking wet after thanksgiving dinner so if pushing the pedal is easy for me then it's easy for just about anyone :). A lot of times I forget that my foot is even holding the pedal steady so I don't believe cruise control is all that necessary unless you're mowing 10+ acres but if you are - you shouldn't be using a wheel horse.
  13. Are you still offering the pedal kit for the Wheel horse tractors? I am interested in one that would fit the 520 or the 314.



    Richard Gless

    1. mattd860


      Hi Richard - I just replied via email. Thanks!

  14. I'm cleaning out my shed and found a bunch of 20hp Onan motor parts and a few other Wheel Horse Items. The block is off my expired 1992 520-H but it has a bad valve seat and will need significant repair if you ever intend to use the block. But there are still a few items on the block that may be useful including a working starter. Everything in the picture is FREE and must be taken as a lot. Take all or none. Everything needs to be gone by Saturday January 2nd otherwise it's all going to the dump. Parts located in Salem, CT and shipping is not available. Thanks!