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    Allis Chalmers B112 & 42"mower deck and 42" snow/dirt blade

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  1. Help Id this S/n whats the Model#

    Thank you yes I got your reply. Thanks Guys
  2. Help Please Would like to know year and model # for this S/n 71 - 16k802 - 3730 then below this # on tag is 7310 Looks like a 1971 but whats the Model # its a plain 4 speed.
  3. Clinton Engine Model Series 500

    Clinton Engine Model Series 500 Here is what I know about this engine. I personally had it running, it runs fairly good. The fuel tank is clean, the fuel float bowl is clean, carburetor probably needs a good cleaning. Engine S/n 058-501-00 ????? 2 cycle and 2.75 horsepower. Recoil start. Shaft Od ⅝ Straight part of shaft is 1 ¼ long, Tapered part of shaft is ⅝ long. Shaft is tapped and is ¼-28 threads. No key way in shaft. Numbers on carburetor: 126 LMB 44-0943 Original air cleaner is missing. One broken exhaust bolt. Exhaust muffler is in good shape and is included with engine. Engine was used to power a generator. Generator info. Gen has been scrapped. Sears and Roebuck Model 580.3199 S/n 36527 Cat#3199
  4. Kohler M12 K301 connecting rod

    Need help guys, when installing a new connecting rod is there a toward fly wheel side or some indicating as to which way or does it not matter in the Kohler M12 K301 Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Kohler M12 K301 fuel pump kit

    Thank you Sir. Any leads to just getting the two check valves.
  6. Kohler M12 K301 fuel pump kit

    Need some help finding a fuel pump kit for Kohler M12 K301 fuel pump. Standard black plastic pump. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. I had to relocate oil filter because it was in the way of the hood/grill on my Wheel horse 312-8The Kohler M12 K301 broke the rod, So i put a 20 Hp Honda engine in it and had to move the oil filter.Not only was the filter in the way of the grill, it was in the way of the mower deck drive belt.The Wheel horse clutch and drive pulley, and belt guides and belt shield all bolted up nicely to the Honda.I will add more picture later of the final project with the deck installed.Before & after pictureAll done on a drill press 2 x 2 x 4 inch long aluminum.
  8. Kohler M12 K301

    Broken Rod. Came off of WH 312-8 Question is whats it worth. pretty much a complete engine, like new carb and good starter.
  9. Leather Jacket

    This jacket is European made, so it has a modern fit. Don't let this one get away! Color: Brown Pre owned made in Italy purchased in Germany. Gently used. You wont find another at this price. Very warm and comfortable to wear. Stop the cold wind holds the warmth in. If your are someone that spends hours out in the cold this is the ideal winter jacket for you. Ride your Horse in style. Euro size 56. From top of collar to bottom on back side is 36 inches. From arm pit to end of sleeve is 18 inches. Heavy duty zipper with snapping over lap. Pockets on left & right inside. Believed to be made of Elk leather. Leather is soft to touch, supple & smooth but of a heavier and durable quality. Plus $20 shipping. USPS large flat rate box USA only.
  10. Miller Gen/Welder

    Thank you all very much for your reply. I really do appreciate your time and help. Jeff
  11. Hi . I just got this Welder - Gen.What's this Gen/Welder really worth.I got it running pretty good. I have tested the machine as best I could. I plugged in 2 shop lights a shop Vac and a grinder. Everything functioned like normal. Did not test the 230 Volt outlet. Switched over to welder and burned in a few rods. I was totally surprised at how smooth of a bead I could run with this welder. At full speed and in the highest welding amperage when the engine pulled down it started to spit & sputter a little. That should only be a carb adjustment. I did open the carb and clean the fuel bowl area, and installed a new fuel line.It has clean fresh fuel, and fuel filter new plugs and clean air filter. Starts perfectly, 40 oil pressure. 115 and 112 lbs compression. (Cold)Does not smoke at all. Must have been well cared for. I believe it is 51 years old.The 115 volt Dc outlet works as well.I would like your help to find any Manuals / Parts Lists / user info both on the Onan and the Welder.Here is what I have.Onan CCK - MS / 1196GS/n 160862496Miller Ac Power & Welder GeneratorModel AEA-200LES/n R367041Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank you very much. I really appreciate you help. Jeff Newport News, Va.
  13. Ok I will try a few Jaguar Forums. Thanks for replying. jeff
  14. I was told that it may have come out of a Jaguar. My Father and I are curious. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy 4th.
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