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  1. Lots of snow

    The cab is a real bonus.Years ago,I started out plowing my yard with an old Case model VA with a homemade plow.No cab.After about 12 yrs,I graduated to a Ford 3000 diesel with a Fisher plow.Still no cab.Still have this tractor.Another 15 yrs or so,got into the Wheel Horse world.Had a 416H with a 2 stage blower and cab. Loved it.Wish I still had it.Last year I finally bit the bullet and bought a brand new brand X tractor with a 54 in blower and heated cab.Like dying and going to heaven.
  2. Snow is not always about blades and blowers!

    This is what I thought you were going to show.Maybe we waste out time with plows and snow blowers????? Haha.
  3. CL something different

    It's like Aretha Franklin sang about.R-E-S-P-E-C-T.Any fuel not used properly is dangerous as hell.Not much around that's as bad as gasoline.Of course,with all the added ethanol now a days,gasoline hardly wants to ignite with a match.Just gotta be careful.Safety first.
  4. CL something different

    I like the idea of propane fuel.Started converting an early 70's Ford F-600 w/330 gas burner,years ago.Got most of the parts.Then gave up.Now I'm too old.
  5. Kohler Block Heaters, Any good Ideas?

    Ya know........for years,I've wondered why people go south for the Winter.I'm starting to figure it out.Minus 12 here right now this AM.High temp of 10 all day yesterday with minus 20 to 25 wind chill.Is the government still worried about global warming?Oil fired boiler roaring away.2 pellet stoves running.I'm ready for Spring.
  6. C195 new tires and seat ordered today

    Nice Super C.I like the " big tractor "feel and also the power.
  7. Horses on the ready, Friday's snow fight

    Looks like you're more than ready.You'll wonder how you ever blew snow without a cab.Lights are all working too,I see.Safety first.Upstate NY has 2 to 4 in.starting this AM.I think we're right on the edge of the big storm.
  8. snowy days in the UK - time to play

    Nice.......I thought you guys only had fog...........and fish and chips.Great pics.
  9. Pair of Horses- new to me

    Nice pair of Horses.Keep them separated............they're known to multiply.What model Bolens do you have?I still have the 1968 1250 that my late father bought brand new.Still runs great.I still use it once in a while. fWelcome to the forum.
  10. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all members,their families,and friends.Another year gone and in the history books. God Bless all of you.
  11. Looking at a 312-8

    Hmmmmm,I've never seen a 312-8 with ohv Kohler.Must be too new for me to look at.I know the old 312-8's with K series or Magnums are great tractors.I'm sure someone with knowledge of the OHV will chime in.
  12. 1100 Special

    Nice.Originally Briggs and Stratton.Right?Got one like it in my barn.
  13. Lake affect Snow Storms

    Now that's when Ariens made a good snow blower.Had a 7-24 that was a 1971 or 72.Seven horse Tecumseh was getting a little tired.Bought a new Ariens Deluxe 24 late last Winter.Last year used it 2 or 3 times.Old man like me likes the electric start.Go to use it last week......electric starter sounded like it had gravel in it.Had to use the Armstrong starter.Took the electric starter off when we finished blowing out the dog pen.Starter was full of rust and the brushes were hanging up.Cleaned it out and lubed things up.Put a bead of silicone sealer on the starter halves when it went back together.I knew it was a mistake to get rid of the old Ariens.And........you guys can have all that white crap.
  14. More snow this year again

    VERY nice D-250........VERY nice loader.Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow.
  15. Wheel Horse snowmobile

    Better be REAL nice for that price.Seen one here in upstate NY less than a year ago.It was like 300 bucks.I'm sure parts are like hens teeth.