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  1. My Saturday haul

    Nice C-101.They're a great tractor.I have one myself.It's one of my favorite to mow with.Have fun with your new toy.
  2. Solar power

    I have a solar powered battery charger.
  3. 414-8 Delivered

    WOW...…..That's some big rig to deliver a little ol horse.
  4. GT Graveyard

    Last I checked,most of the parts you mentioned are still available at Parts Tree.You may pay a little more for new versus used,but you'll be getting brand new parts.Not ones that might be as worn out as yours already are.Just a thought.
  5. Wheel horse tractors

    All of mine that run take turns too.Last couple years only doing lawn mowing duty.My favorite is a 414-8.Then a 520-H.Then a 312-8.Last is a C-101.Keeps the batteries charged and fresh fuel running through them.Bought a brandX tractor couple yrs ago for snow removal.Winter time,the Horses rest.
  6. Wheel horse tractors

    I never thought of any hobby as a money maker.Like others have said,we're in this for fun,not to make money.Breaking even is good.Usually lose when I sell anything.Only Horse I ever made money on was a little verticle shaft one that was given to me.
  7. 520-H

    520-H.Not sure of the year.Model/serial decal is gone.Probably 1988 or 1989.Pre-Toro.No swept axle.No gear reduction steering.Battery is weak,Starts and runs great with a jump.Hydro seems very strong.Has the normal rust scabs.I've addressed the scabs on the floor boards and belt cover with POR-15 paint to slow down the rust.Tires all hold air.I want $650.00 for this one.I got $450 for the one last week.I just think this one is 200 bucks nicer than that one.Please don't make me an offer through e-mail.At least have the nerve to insult me in person.No delivery.No shipping.Ya gotta come to Stillwater,NY to pick it up.Mind your manners when you come here and after buying this tractor, you may just go home with something else for free.I have been known to give free Horses away.That is,if I like you.
  8. 520-H

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. 520-H

  10. So...Who got this deal???

    Good for you Chris T.I guess you're a buyer...…...not a shopper.Great deal for the tractor.Have fun with your new toy.
  11. Busy day

    Nice...….love the exhaust stack.One tough looking Horse.
  12. Dragged home yet another 416

    Nice 416.I had one with a 2 stage blower and cab,but let it go a couple years ago.Your spindle housings look like most of mine after being bead blasted.I can't believe how corrosive grass is...….you'd think we were mowing in a salt pile the way they disintegrate.Have fun with your new toy.
  13. D-250 And B-100 Automatic

    The B-100 Automatic with plow has been sold.
  14. When to pull the plug?

    Thank you for your opinion.
  15. When to pull the plug?

    Like me,it looks as though you live in the land of non-buyers.Check out the classifieds here and take a look at the couple Horses I'm trying to sell.I thinkI'm asking fair prices for running,useable tractors.Zero interest.Before snow flies,I'm going to have one hell of a dump truck load of red machines to go to the scrap yard.BTW,I'll have several sets of tires and wheels to sell at that time.I'm sure no one will want to buy them.Good luck with selling your tractor.I'm sure once you get rid of it you'll get several " Gee.....I would have bought it "