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  1. You'll be real easy to see.........just look for the dust cloud.Nice power broom.Make sure you have a good air filter on that C-175.Maybe a dust mask for you too.
  2. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    I'd use 3/8 in. fine thread bolts with red Loc-tite.You'll still get them out when you need to remove a wheel.If they did happen to loosen up,the fine threaded bolt takes more turns to actually fall out.
  3. D-250's

    Where do you find engine parts so easily? I need mostly tune-up parts like points,condenser,dist cap and rotor.I had to buy used ones last time I needed them.Old time NAPA store can't even identify them.If you could provide part numbers,It would be greatly appreciated.
  4. D-250's

    I've got two of them.One runs.One for parts.Damn big Horse.All other WH,even D-160,D-180,and D-200 seem tiny next to a 250.Tough to find parts for,but that's part of the fun being in this hobby.
  5. C101 New to me Question?

    Don't tell OSHA,but I've been known to make a jumper wire and connect the wires on that switch that EBINMAINE is referring to.I'm the only Horse rider here,so I'm careful and most times remember to have the tractor in neutral when I'm starting it.
  6. Funny green and yellow tractor

    Whoever painted that Horse should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.
  7. Almost had one

    Come get my 1054 for $350.00 I Only use it as a flower planter.Pretty much complete.Don't know anything else about it.
  8. D200 PTO and belts? Manuals?

    Nice pair of D's.Love the D series.Once you sit on one of those,all the other Horses feel like little pony's.Have fun with your new toys.I have a D-160,a D-180,a D-200,and two D-250's.
  9. Another one followed me home

    Nice.I like the little cultivator.Have fun with your new toy.
  10. New Horse in the stable

    VERY nice C-120.Plus automatic.That 12 horse Kohler will work like........well,a horse.
  11. I keep a few of those pulleys and mounting hardware in my spare parts box.Seems like a common part to wear out.
  12. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    That's how I remember many events that have happened in my life...........by what I was driving at the time.
  13. Camo A-90

    What A-90? I don't see a tractor????
  14. Front Wheel Beadings D160

    A lot easier to find front wheel bearings for a D series than for a C-195.Scarce as hens teeth.
  15. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    Sign me up to get paid to haul it away.That'd be the only thing better than a free Horse.Woowoo.......