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  1. Junk yard save!

    Why did he pull the engine off a perfectly good C-160?I'm sure he could have gotten more for a complete running tractor rather than just a 16 horse Kohler??
  2. Parts for 310-8 Wheel Horse Tractor???

    And how much did the banditos quote you on a price for parts and labor for what all of us on this site do as a hobby?
  3. My B-80

    Nice little B-80.I have one for mowing at my other house.Has a rear discharge deck.Can't believe the power of the stock 8 horse Kohler.
  4. Front bar on frame for 314-8

    Hmmmmm.....I've seen a lot of used,abused,re-used and mis-treated Wheel Horse tractors,but I have never seen one break there.Like Sarge just said,have a pipe welder stick it back together.You'll never have a problem there again.
  5. Whats your Winter Project

    Sarge,I've got an old Walker-Turner floor model that's in about as many pieces as yours.Been that way for about 15 yrs now.Hope none of my parts walked away.The quality and workmanship of these old machines is incredible. Nice looking Flattie.What's it in?Looks like something older than mine judging by the location of the thermostat housings.Mine are more up toward the front of the heads.Looked at your pic again.I see the distributor on the front too.
  6. Whats your Winter Project

    Got the flathead V-8 out of my 1952 Ford F-6 on my engine stand for a valve job and some other freshening up.I think it's going to be a long,cold Winter here in up-state NY.
  7. Veterans Day

    I want to take a minute to thank all the veterans here and all over the world for their unselfish service and sacrifices. God bless all of you.
  8. Finally got a 520H

    VERY nice 520H.But you're selling all the good stuff that came with it.Like others here have said," Change just one tire that had slime in it and you'll NEVER use it".Have fun with your new toy.
  9. Let it snow !!

    VERY nice set-up.Bought a red brand X last Winter with a cab and front mounted 54 in.snow blower.Have fun with your new toy.
  10. The latest purchase...

    VERY nice 854.I have one sitting behind my barn.Wish it looked half as good as yours.Have fun with your new toy.
  11. wheeelhorse special tools

    That's using your noggin.I've got one of those ball joint tools from way back when cars and trucks had ball joints.Great ideas.
  12. loader wh on the mass pike

    You'd be surprised at how many young whipper-snappers have never even heard of a Wheel Horse tractor.I know,I know......hard to believe.
  13. Found some rear lights for my D160

    Nice lights.I've been buying similar looking LED's on that popular inter-net auction site.
  14. A Hello & Some Background

    Welcome to the WH addiction support group.Have fun with your new toy.
  15. My 3 Horse’s

    Nice trio there.Especially fond of the 312-8.I have several of them.They're one of my favorite working tractors.