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  1. D160 - First start

    Nice...….lots of folks here don't care for Onans.I happen to like them.You probably will grow fond of them too.Congrats on the start-up.
  2. A Work Horse Project

    Nice.I kinda like those gray Horses.I don't have one.Maybe someday.Have fun with your new toy.
  3. Tobacco Road GT14

    Great job.Real nice GT-14.Goes to show ya.Almost any Horse can be saved.
  4. Wheel-Horse Tractor Covers

    Craig oh my God,delete those pics.Knew I was fat,but never thought I looked THAT bad.Gonna go on a diet...….tomorrow.
  5. Is a C111 worth fixing up?

    Great deal.I would never pass up a Horse for 65 bucks.Like others have said,lots of parts available for Briggs and Stratton.Good luck with your new toy.
  6. Wheel-Horse Tractor Covers

    Really nice covers,but……..with something like 80 tractors,I'd have to buy way too many.Thinking about putting up another building dedicated to tractors only.
  7. Today’s project

    Nice Horse.Neat fire pit.Where did you buy the pit?
  8. Front tire replacement.

    Those front tires are a bear to change.The 8 inch are bad.The 6 inch are worse.I change my own,but swear all the while.If you don't plan on doing too many tire changes,do like the others have said.Take them to a shop.
  9. battery hold down

    VERY nice battery hold downs.I've made many myself out of mild steel.I've bought many Horses that had them missing.I just can't believe battery acid ate them all.Must be,when some people change a battery,they toss the hardware???
  10. a simple idea that turned into a project

    Funny how small simple projects turn into big jobs.But……...that is the fun part of this hobby.And,when you're done with these,you'll be looking for something else to do.Right??
  11. Nice little diesel....... 512-D

    Nice.Have never seen or heard of a factory diesel Wheel Horse..Now I want one.
  12. Red Line Tires

    Four brand new BF Goodrich Silvertown radial red line tires.Size P215/70R/14.Never mounted on wheels.I bought these from Coker tire for $916.00 then had a change of plans for my car.My loss.....your gain.I want $700.00 for all four tires. .Real nice finishing touch for a mid to late 60's muscle car. Might trade for Wheel Horse stuff.Whatcha got???Located in Stillwater,NY 12170.No shipping.Ya gotta come get them.
  13. Finally found a C195

    VERY nice Super C.Very capable tractor.Have fun with your new toy.
  14. NEED HELP 416-8 won’t shift into gear

    Duh.....did this just this past Saturday on my 414-8.Mowed about 10 feet and the tractor stopped moving.Pushed it back to my shop,pulled of the right foot rest and drive belt cover.Belt was real loose,but not bad enough to make the tractor not move at all.Thought something broke in the tranny.Standing there looking and feeling stupid,I glanced at the hi lo shifter.It was in neutral.What a relief.Installed a new #7473 belt that I already had.Goes like new now.Belt should last another 30 yrs.Good luck with your problem.
  15. Spring Clean-up

    Three VERY nice looking Horses there Craig.