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  1. $$ Why so high ?

    Its a good old points sytem. Why do you ask? Get a load of this: after a conversation with the old man the other day, he told me that he let the charging system go south and never worried about it becuase he discuvered that he could get his whole yard cut with just a fully charged battery. he suggested that I do the same, but certainly I'd rather have it right. Do any of you think that there is additional damage done as a result of that? Beers, Poopy
  2. $$ Why so high ?

    Yea, I tend to spread myself a little too thin sometimes!
  3. $$ Why so high ?

    Thanks everyone, for the replies and welcomes. You all have made good points with regards to sources. Buying locally, has its benefits as well as internet buying. Do you guys have any favorite websites? I see that there is one listed here, "mowparts". Are there other favorites? I once had a guy tell me that the electrical system reduces to 10V somewhere along the line. Does that sound right to you guys? Or is it a typical 12V system through out? Hey Bob, New Windsor? Nice neighborhood!
  4. $$ Why so high ?

    Hi everyone- I am new here, so I though tthat I'd introduce myself. I'm Poopy. My old man bought a '68 Electro12 w/ hydrualics a few months before I was born. My brother and I both learned how to drive and learned a lot about a hard day's work thanks to my old man, and that tractor. Now, the old man is, well, old. Consequently, the tractor now has a home in my shed, and I'm looking to get it back up to snuff. It runs well, still works like a mule...that is before the electrical system crapped out. I recently also got running, a '73 Gravely 8122. As I was buying parts for the Gravely, I was also pricing parts for the pending WH project. Can anyone give me an explaination for why the parts for the WH are so damned expensive? The rectifier for the WH was about $40 more than the one I got for the Gravely! Is this a standard 12V system? Thanks everyone. Beers, Poopy