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  1. Both engines were bought with them blown up. I have never blown one up. I rebuilt them with a new used block from ebay.
  2. I added my spacer below the seat stand which raised the fuel tank. This does cause a mod being made to the front tank mount also, but easy to take the cap off. The tires and rims look great!! I want some now!
  3. I'm down to just 1 1/2 gallons and 6 spray cans left of the valspar. When they put in on clearance, I went to 5 different stores and bought everything I could. 6 gallon and 24 cans. I'm going to miss it when its all gone.
  4. Next time she complains about the # of tractors, tell her that would be fine as long as she gets rid of some of her shoes. As for the KT series twins. Leave the oil filter kit on. It will double the life of the oil and will make the engine last longer. I have 2 417A's and a 520 with a repower of a 18hp magnum engine and 2 of them have this kit on them. I have rebuilt 2 KT17's and both of them failed due to junk in the oil pump locking it up and braking the plastic gear. The filter helps to prevent this. If you don't like its location you can make a bracket to fit it further inside. Or in a different spot will work also. If you blow up the pic below you can see mine are further in. And last thing. Put on a Kohler filter avalible at any tsc or small engine shop. From filters are about the cheapest made filters made. If you don't believe me cut one open and cut open a good brand an you will see what I mean.
  5. Looks good! There's that kind of proud fealing you get when you able to make something work for what you need from something that is junk. I have done this so many times and the fealing never goes away. Great Job!!
  6. I have a 74 C160 I know will out last any box store tractor! And its already 43 years old!
  7. If the tractor condition is in as good as you say, it sounds like it was well taken care of. So maintenance was most likely done when needed and the owner took pride in his stuff! These are the tractors that bring more money and are sought after in my opinion. You could make your money back no problem in you don't like it.
  8. Sounds like a dream come true. With what you described what are you waiting for?
  9. Most every time I have done this the pipe does deform about 1/2 way before it starts to move. Looks like it wound move then it will brake loose. Only one I had to use the punch to fold the pipe to get it out. Not as bad as a broken head bolt flush in the block next to the exhaust port. That can be fun to get out
  10. Use a paint scrapper and try and scrape it away from the inside of the housing. Also you could cover the inside parts with rags and lightly sand the area. Then clean that area up an you should be good to go. Add a light layer is silicon sealer to the new gasket in that area would be wise.
  11. Another tip tie to pull one of the seat pan bolts that hold the seat pan to the axle. This will allow you to be able to fill the trans much faster. It will take around 4-5 quarts depending on how much comes out of the pump. Most times its 4 quarts in my experience.
  12. Pull the large suction tube off the bottom of the trans to drain the oil. Its on the right side just infrot of the axle tube. Had to do it for the same reason in the past. When I'm changing oil from conventional oil to Mobil 1 I remove the filter, mount a long funnel to the housing to a drain pan and with the tractor on jack stands. The oil will come out of the filter housing with the engine running. I run it tell it stops moving the tires and the lift wouldn't work. Then add 2 quarts of Mobil 1 and start it back up and run it tell it stops again. Install a new filter and top off with Mobil 1. Many people freak out by running this out of oil will damage the pump, no it will not for this short time. These are hydraulic systems, not engines. This is just a way to flush the system to get all the fluid changed out. Common practice in small systems like this. Anyway it works great and the Mobil 1 works great in every one i have done it to. 7 Eaton's and 3 sundstrands.
  13. I was thinking of a turbo charged diesel would be a nice fit for the beast.
  14. Rebuilt a magnum 16 for a friend of mine last spring and he payed the expense of new gears, bearings and new pins with shims to do it right. Turned out great! And ran smooth and strong afterwards. It hat 1200 hours on it and was running rough. the gears were knocking badly. He ran it for the last 15 years with a broken govener weight and that was the reason for the tare down. All new kohler parts and he was very pleased with the end result. Reason for putting the gears back in is he has one that they were removed by someone else and he hated the way it shook the tractor under load with the tiller in the garden. With both tractors side by side you could really notice the difference between the two. My c160 has around 450 hours and is all original and I have no intention of pulling them. It all comes down to how much maintenance the tractor had before you got it and how much maintenance your willing to do. Most shops around me recommend putting them back in, only one said its ok to remove them and leave them out, but it will feel different. They did make some that had them removed from the factory for compressors and generators that ran long run times between oil changes according to this shop. So if you want a cheep fix for noisy gears, remove them and keep on going. But if your doing a rebuild and spending money on quality parts, do it right and make it like new. But that's just my opinion. Take the balance shaft out of a car engine like a Buick 3800 or a Chevy 4.3 Vortech and I guaranty you will want it put back in from the vibration you will feel. Just my