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  1. Did this in my shed and hooked the rope to the hitch of the tractor to do all the lifting. It helps to have a helper to push the blower on the shelf as you back up to lower the blower. Should be able to pick one at any hardware. Blower is around 150 I believe
  2. Have you checked to see if the center spinal is moving on the deck? I have seen the 42 sd decks brake the metal around were they bolt many times. They don't have the stiffing plate the 48" decks have. I have prepared 3 of these decks for this issue in the past. Grass rots the metal around the spindle and makes a week spot. Then the deck cracks around the spinal and you can get scalp marks in the grass. Ebay sells weld plates for this issue.
  3. Build a loft and pick it a block and tackle setup and you should be fine
  4. What was your crankshaft end play measurement? If its too tight it could cause the issue. What was all done in the rebuild?
  5. I have some that will only start with full throttle and some that will only start at 1/2 to full throttle when cold. Noticed that each tractor has its own way it likes to start. Just its qwerks
  6. With the tractor off the ground on jack stands or the wheels off you can put a socket on a clutched drill ( not a impact!!!!!) and turn the pulley to charge the pump and test its operation. Once it is charged you can move the pump pulley by hand and get a reaction out of it. Put the drill in reverse for the correct direction.
  7. Done a lot of them, not fun at all. Did you get a EOM one or aftermarket. Found the EOM ones are cheaper then the aftermarket ones. Also found bad coils that test good for these to drive you nuts also. I do feel your pain on the crank sensor though.
  8. I quit watching when Earnhart passed. Now i only watch the datona 500. I went to both races in Mi for over 20 years and it got so crowded it got to be no fun anymore. Now its died to the point when I started to go in the early 80s I think they need to bring back the Winston Cup rules and name.
  9. Almost bought one last year and decided on the acreage rake instead. Now I might make one this summer after the new horse barn is built. I have been told that they take a long time to decay and that they are harmful to the grass. Not sure if its all true or not but i have noticed that the leaves are hard and stiff just like the wood. Been trying to grow grass in a new 1acer section of front yard last year that was thick woods and now i have 3 oak trees that I never had to pick up before in the fall
  10. Don't be giving away all the secrets. Been doing that for years. In the back yard only though.
  11. I have a 42" deck with a blower and it does ok. The lower you run the deck the better the pickup on leaves. Small maple leaves you have to go slow and you will be fine. I'm not a fan of grinding up too many oak leaves in the lawn luckily most of the maple leaves have fallen when the oaks fall. I leaf blow the oak leaves but its only 3 trees. So far I have had it for 7 years and its been nice to have for leaf pickup. I would like a larger set of bags as they fill up fast. This year i tried a acreage rake on the oak leaves. Was not that happy how it Doug into the grass that late in the year. But it did the beast dethatch job I have ever seen or used.
  12. Sorry Steve but not a clue on that. It was several years back and I wasn't picky on parts as every time it failed i was limtied on time and just needed parts. 2 of the trannys were from friends and the others were bought from salvage yards and used tractor parts guys from my area. If it looked close I took it apart and used what I needed. I do have today they are a greasy mess inside and I added a 1/2 quart of 80-90 to the last 2 repares and they did last longer, but they only have fabric seals and they leak every were but lasted twice as long
  13. Looks like that the engine on that C160 is a replacement kohler engine being gray. Nice score on that tractor!
  14. They do work and lots of guys say they fit just fine and have no issues with them. May be a easy fix. For you
  15. Steve, a lot of the internal parts of these transaxles do fit others as this was the stile i had in my mini ambulance before I went to a hydro unit. The first year i had that tyranny out several times replacing broken gears every weekend during the spook train. I was using used parts from craftsman to JD and many differint mtd's peerless Tran's axles are not meant for anything otherthen cutting grass. They hold up fine for that and will last a long timefor that, but add a heavy trailer oral blower and lots of weight twill give you issues. But like said earlier I was able to rob different parts from different brands of tractors to keep it going for that Halloween. Not all the parts worked, but most of them did fit. I also noticed that WH used the same design and most are the same bolt pattern or have the provisions to fit other tractors. Peerless made lots of these and im sure they didn't compeetly redisgn then for each brand they were building them for.