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  1. Horse Sitting

    701 - Princess 401- Happy Gt-14 - Beastie 657 - Peppy Custom - Triclopse Charger 12 -Remmi These are just a few...we name them if they are going to stay...
  2. New jugs for a kt17

    Hi all I have heard that you can get new jugs for the kt17, but have not been able to find them. I have a 416-A that. developed quite an oil leak and had thought before it happened that I wanted to replace the jugs, help... ot sure where to get them, just an fyi I did try ebay and they only had used Thank you in advance for your help

    I am in the flourescent yellow shirt with the pig tails (Karen) and Jim is right behind me
  4. C141

    Hello I have a C141 up for sale with a 14 hp kohler. The motor is free and has compression along with a new fuel pump, but is not running as the fuel lines need to be hooked up and needs some rewiring for the ignition. The hydro is good but needs to be adjusted as when I got it running, it had go and stop, no in between. Is a great candidate for a restoration. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. Jimt1971 and I were in it, just look for the flourescent yellow shirt
  6. Bright yellow shirt, behind Brian and next to Jim
  7. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    C141 has been loaded in the trailer for sale, is rough but the engine is free and has compression, also has a new fuel pumpthe hood is on the ground next to the tractor, let me know if you have any questions...see everyone Thursday
  8. Newsletter before the big show

    Thank you Craig, and Bruce. I am definitely going to try and include the original letter that is an amazing piece of Nostalgia. And the pictures show just how much has changed in 20 years.
  9. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I will be bringing a C141 for sale, possibly a charger 12, but not sure about that yet... I will try to get some pics this weekend, but getting ready for pulling season and this is the last weekend to finish working on everything...and they are both in the shed covered with a tarp...gotta clean up everything
  10. Hi All, now that life for me has gotten back to normal, I want to do justice for the next issue of the newsletter, and am looking for a few nostalgic pieces from the early years of the big show. pictures would be a huge plus!! I know many will look and not post but please help me to make this a great newsletter, I cannot do it without you!! Thank you, if you have a story, you can send it to me at klazarowitz@gmail.com
  11. Do you think $350 can take this engine?

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       here I just got up hope its not too late


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      We are still in NY...lol coming from SE PA

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      We just got here, big red chevy truck...

      We just got here, big red chevy truck...

  12. D250 motor update with picturea

    I sent you an email with the pics, of the engine...it is pretty complete
  13. What is the best price I can to buy that engine?

  14. Hello, I have a D250 motor in a crate that I am selling for a friend. This motor is used, but is in working condition from what I have been told. It is in an engine crate and will be in there for transport. Please feel free to contact me with any questions

    Ok I was trying to be subtle about that, I should have said the stainless steel mug filled with his precious brew...and knowing steveasaurus he brought his own