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  1. Wiring Harness 414-8

    Is this harness still available?
  2. My "Horse Hauler" is a single axel trailer with 3500# axel. I noticed recently that the tires are wearing bad on the inner half of the tread leading me to believe that I have a bent axel, perhaps from hauling firewood last fall. Does anyone have any experience with correcting the issue or should I be shopping for a new axel?
  3. Happy Birthday Ed Kennell

    Happy birthday Ed and thanks for all your input here in the Square!
  4. Vintage Trucks

    If I had an old girl like that I would love her too
  5. 60" deck

    Wow, that's amazing. I saw two 520's with decks sell at an auction a couple of months ago. I have a few too many projects now and they were pretty rough; I just stood there and watched as the one that ran sold for $375 and the other one that didn't run went for $75. I sure wished I would have bid on them, if nothing else a parts tractor for someone.
  6. 60" deck

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I didn't think it would work either. There is a guy wanting to swap a 60" for a 48" and seeing that I have a couple 48's I thought I would ask the question. As far as seat time, my wife does most of the mowing with her Dixie Chopper, but I get a fair amount of seat time at my farm with a C160 hydro. It really does an amazing job on the fringe areas and even opening up deer trails.
  7. 60" deck

    Will. 60" deck fit on a 416 tractor?
  8. newbie

    Welcome Josh. You will be able to do anything you want with your 520 and the guys here will help you with any issue or question that you have.
  9. My "saved" 520 Hydro WH

    Nice find for you and it sounds like you will take good care of "441". Makes one wonder about the history of this machine. I too would think they would be pretty rare in Europe.
  10. Eagle Watchers

    Great video.....amazing that they are starting the nest as winter is beginning. When do they lay the eggs? I remember seeing the cam last year when they were laying on the nest and covered with snow and ice.
  11. Lost my buddy yesterday

    Sad story with the seizures and knowing that his time was coming to an end. One of the saddest days of my life was having to put our Abigail down three years ago. I would love to have another dog but I can't bear to think of having to go through the pain of losing another one. RIP to Rosco and know that many of us share in your pain Richie.
  12. Mentioning a homemade gift

    Great work. Is it painted or burnt?
  13. Snow blower flat idler

    Thanks for the reply. I just returned from Rural King and I am good to go. I did need a sleeve to match the 3/8" bore. Both pieces made in USA which is kind of hard to believe.
  14. Five to six inches of fresh snow in Michigan and my first trip down the driveway I smell rubber burning. Looks like my flat idler pulley is not turning and chewing up my belt fast. Would Rural King or Tractor Supply carry this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. Awesome gift for Emory and probably more exciting for mom and dad! That is a gift to last a lifetime. Great job on the restore. The Predator sounds incredible! Merry Christmas to all!