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  1. yard sale find

    Nice heavy duty disk. Definitely looks good on the back of your . I would love to run into something like that!
  2. Auction Day

    Amazing to hear about land going for that kind of money. I was visiting my wife's family in southern Indiana recently and was told 15 to 20k an acre was not uncommon. There are lots of Amish in Daviss county (Indiana) and apparently not enough land. They will take good care of the land but with crop prices where they are at, they can't make any money farming it.
  3. New Shoes

    Look great and you can't beat that price. Were they hard to install on the rims?
  4. black rat snake

    That is a big one. I had one hanging around my farm, maybe 4 ft or so a few years back.
  5. Fuel LIne parts!

    I have found the grommets at certain hardware stores.
  6. Love the grill and headlights on that old girl. Look forward to seeing pics of the finished restore.
  7. Prayers needed

    So sorry to hear about your father, but know that eternal life awaits those who love and trust in Jesus! And bless are those who mourn, for you will be comforted. My prayers are with you and your family. Vivat Jesus!
  8. Transmission

    I went to a show a few years back at the fair grounds in Charlotte MI. I didn't have much time to spend there but recall there being 6 or 8 guys there with WH but mostly farm tractors.
  9. Awesome pictures! That Springfield is a cool looking tractor. Can't say that I have seen one of those before?
  10. C100-8

  11. Nice looking D and a good price for what you have. Probably a good thing I didn't run into your deal as my stable is a bit cramped these days. If we were closer I would swap you some turfs for your ags.
  12. Loaded and ready to head out

    Wish I could join you guys but it's a long trip from Michigan. Maybe next year??🙏
  13. 1991 WH 520h Breaking ground [Plow and Tiller]- Video

    Nice size garden and it's not too late. It will do fine.
  14. New member from Michigan

    I live in Howell but I have land near Tekonsha, which is not too far from Battle Creek.
  15. New member from Michigan

    Welcome to Red Square!! The guys here will help you address any and all issues that you may encounter with these wonderful machines. It is good to have another Michigander active to share thoughts and ideals. Where in Michigan are you located?