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  1. Wish I could join you guys but it's a long trip from Michigan. Maybe next year??🙏
  2. Nice size garden and it's not too late. It will do fine.
  3. I live in Howell but I have land near Tekonsha, which is not too far from Battle Creek.
  4. Welcome to Red Square!! The guys here will help you address any and all issues that you may encounter with these wonderful machines. It is good to have another Michigander active to share thoughts and ideals. Where in Michigan are you located?
  5. Very nice looking machine! Welcome to Red Square👌
  6. That is nice! I have been thinking of a similar setup for a sprayer.
  7. Reading your post about two failed rebuilds on your 417, what would you recommend to avoid the issues you had? I have a 417 that will need a rebuild. Should one plan on replacing the oil pump too? This post is an eye opener with the oil filter. Sounds like the way to go for sure.
  8. Looks like an awesome start to me!
  9. Yea I hear ya. I would rather have been ice fishing today instead of watching the ice melting. Fruit trees will be budding and we know that shouldn't be happening just yet.
  10. I saw wasps buzzing today too. Also heard bluebirds singing and watched the ice literally turn to open water at my brothers cottage in Hillsdale MI. Geese and Sandhills cranes flying all over the place. What will March bring?
  11. Nice!! Always fun to see the snow fly. Even your goats were checking it out. Heard you might be in for some more this evening.
  12. Nice work! I wish I had your welding skills. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Praying for a successful surgery and rapid recovery!
  14. Sorry to hear about your loss. Every day is a gift and we do not know when our time is over. Praying for you to have strength to support the family in this great time of need.
  15. Maybe the previous owner turned off the gas?